Carcassonne: Official Board Game -Tiles & Tactics

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Developed By : Asmodee Digital


Jul 24, 2020
Current Version:
New version of the multi-awarded board game. Now in 3D. Includes improved AI, 3D landscape, new exclusive features.

*** Carcassonne fits that opening game niche that every game group needs. -Tyler Nichols, Board Game Quest
*** Carcassonne = Great game, great mechanics, great pieces, great fun! -The Board Game Family
*** Carcassonne's recent Android re-release and its fresh, new features are a joy to experience, whether you're playing against strangers online or testing friendships with existing pals - Pocket Gamer

Discover or re-discover Carcassonne, the multi-awarded tile-based game in which players draw and place their tiles to build a medieval city. Place your cities, roads, abbeys or fields to enlarge your landscape, then place your followers, the meeples. Knights, robbers or farmers... Each meeple will help you control your territory and win points.
But be careful, you will need all your best strategy and tactics to maximum your points! Place your tiles and your meeples wisely to stop your opponents and win the game.

Thanks to the mini expansions ""The River"" and ""The Abbot"", you can embellish your landscape and vary your game to enjoy new ways to play! Double or even triple your points thanks to the new buildings in the Inns & Cathedrals expansion! And with the Traders & Builders expansion, score more points with the trading commodities and build faster with the builders! Discover the city of Carcassonne covered with a blanket of white snow in the Winter Edition... and look out for the Gingerbread Man and the bonus points he'll give you! Beware of the Dragon in ""the Princess and the Dragon"" expansion! He could eat your Meeples if you're not cautious. And be kind with the Princess: she might prefer you to other Meeples and toss them out of the cities!

• Accessible and tactical gameplay adapted from the award-winning Carcassonne board game    
• Six expansions:
- The River, the Inns & Cathedrals, the Traders & Builders and the Winter Edition expansions as well as the Princess and the Dragon expansion are all available to purchase from the Shop,
- And you can unlock The Abbot for free using your Asmodee account.
• Up to 6 players! Play against the computer in solo mode, face off your friends in Pass and Play or challenge players from around the world in online mode
• There is no more 3 but 4 different behaviors you can chose before starting a game with AIs. They all propose a better challenge than the previous ones. Players who want to experiment a true challenge will play against the Conqueror AI who is the strongest AI of the game.
• Try out the aerial top view to refine your strategy!
• Additional strategic layers compared to the physical version:
- field view which allows you to see the field possession of each player
- remaining tile list: allows you to see the tiles which are remaining in the draw pile

Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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Backgammon Legends Is The Most Social Backgammon Board Game You'll Ever See. Connect With Your Friends, Meet New People And Share Strategies In Real Time As You Play. Experience The Seamless Integration Of Plentiful Social Features And Smooth Gameplay With Beautiful 3D Artwork. Use Your Wits To Become The #1 Backgammon Player In The World For Everyone To Admire!

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Tournament Mode And Rings
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Get Ready For Classic Monopoly Go Play In A Portable Way. This Mobile Grab And Go Version Of The Classic Monopoly Go Game Lets You Trade Your Way To Success While You Roll With Whatever Comes Your Way. It’s The Perfect, Compact Way To Have Monopoly Fun Anytime, Anywhere.

The Objective Of The Game Is To Become The Wealthiest Player Through Buying, Renting, And Selling Off Property.

Monopoly Go Is A Great Game For 1 - 4 Players. The Game Starts With The Player Who Rolls The Highest. Each Player In Turn Throws The Dice And Moves The Pawn In The Clockwise Direction. If You Throw A Six, You Move Your Pawn As Usual And Are Subject To Any Privileges Or Penalties Pertaining To The Space On Which You Land. Retaining The Dice, Throw Again And Move Your Pawn As Before. If You Throw Sixes Three Times In Succession, Move Your Pawn Immediately To The Space Marked "Jail".

Each Time A Player's Pawn Lands On Or Passes Over GO, Whether By Throwing The Dice Or Drawing A Card, The Banker Pays That Player A $120 Salary. Whenever You Land On An Unowned Property You May Buy That Property From The Bank At Its Printed Price. If You Do Not Wish To Buy The Property, The Bank Sells It Through An Auction To The Highest Bidder. The High Bidder Pays The Bank The Amount Of The Bid In Cash And Receives The Title Deed Card For That Property.
When You Land On A Property That Is Owned By Another Player, The Owner Collects The Rent From You In Accordance With The List Printed On Its Title Deed Card.

You Land In Jail When Your Pawn Lands On The Space Marked "Jail" And If You Throw Sixes Three Times In Succession. When A Player Owns All The Properties In A Color Group They May Buy Houses From The Bank And Erect Them On Those Properties.

Players Can Upgrade Their Owned Utilities The Next Time They Land On It. After A Number Of Turns, Spaces' Rent Will Be Randomly Increased By 2X When The Player Passes START.
The Player Receives Double The Rent When The Opponent Lands On The Property That Has A Multiplier.

Unimproved Properties, Railroads, And Utilities (but Not Buildings) May Be Sold To Any Player As A Private Transaction For Any Amount The Owner Can Get. Unimproved Properties Can Be Mortgaged Through The Bank At Any Time.
You Are Declared Bankrupt If You Owe More Than You Can Pay Either To Another Player Or To The Bank. If Your Debt Is To Another Player, You Must Turn Over To That Player All That You Have Of Value And Retire From The Game.

Proceed With Your Deals And Transactions With The Help Of Title Deed Cards That Guide Your Way Through The Game.

Play Offline Or With Millions Of Monopoly Go Players Around The World In Online Mode.

You Can Also Create Private Rooms And Invite Your Friends To Play In Play With Friends Mode.

Buy, Sell, Dream, And Scheme Your Way To Riches In This Fun Monopoly Go Board Game.

Experience The Classic Board Game Monopoly Go In A Completely New Way.

The More You Play, The More Easily You Can Win The Game.

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◆◆◆◆ Monopoly Go Features ◆◆◆◆

✔ 1, 2, 3, Or 4 Player Modes.
✔ Adaptable Intelligence With Smart AI When Playing In Offline Mode.
✔ Play With Millions Of Players Around The World In Online Mode
✔ Invite Your Friends To Play In Play With Friends Mode.
✔ Daily Rewards To Earn More Coins.
✔ Earn Free Coins By Watching A Video.
✔ Spin And Win Coins.
✔ Earn More Cash By Building Houses/Hotels.
✔ The Classic Feel Of Monopoly.

If You’re Enjoying The Board Game Monopoly Go, Please Take A Few Seconds To Give Us A Review!

We Will Be Grateful To Hear Your Opinions And Improve - Whenever Needed - In Future Versions.

Enjoy Playing Monopoly Go!
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Mini World Is A 3D Free-to-play Sandbox Game About Adventure, Exploration, And Creating Your Dream Worlds. There Is No Grinding Or Leveling Up. No IAP Gate That Locks Features From Free To Play Players. Everyone Can Enjoy The Game’s Full Features With Great Freedom

Survival Mode
Collect Resources, Build Tools And Shelters To Survive. Keep Crafting And Upgrading And You Eventually Will Have A Chance To Challenge Epic Monsters In The Dungeon, Alone Or With Friends

Creation Mode
Players Are Given All The Sources From The Start. By Placing Or Removing Blocks, You Can Build A Floating Castle, A Mechanism That Harvest Automatically Or A Map That Plays Music. Sky's The Limit

Play Games Made By The Community
Want To Play Something Quick? Just Hop On Some Fun Mini-games Made My Our Players. The Featured Mini-games Are Field Tested Maps Hand-picked By Our Hardcore Fans. Mini-games Come In Different Genres: Parkour, Puzzle, FPS, Or Strategy. They Are Lots Of Fun And It’s A Great Way To Make Some Friends Online

♦ Updates - New Contents And Events Update Every Month
♦ Offline Single Player And Online Multiplayer - The Player Can Choose To Play Solo Without Wifi Or Hop Online And Play With Friends
♦ Enormous Sandbox World - Explore An Expansive Sandbox World With A Variety Of Unique Monsters, Blocks, Materials, And Mines.
♦ Powerful Game-editor - There Are Various Types Of Mini-games, Spanning From Parkour, To Puzzle, To FPS,to Strategy, Etc... All Can Be Created In The Ingame-editor
♦ Gallery - You Can Upload Or Download Games Or Maps You Made To The Gallery For Others To Download And Play, Or Have A Look At The Hottest Maps By Other Players
♦ Game Mode - Survival Mode, Creation Mode Or Mini Games Created By Other Players
♦ Localization Support - The Game Now Supports Up To 14 Languages: English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Italian, German, Indonesian And Chinese.

Contact Us:
Facebook: Https://
Twitter: @miniwantech
Discord: Https://
Developer Email:
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Mahjong Titan Is A Free Mahjong Matching Game. This Premium Quality Game Is Your Perfect Match For Playing Some Relaxing Mahjong.

Mahjong Solitaire Is One Of The Most Popular Board Games In The World. The Simple Rules And Relaxing Game Play Means That Anyone Can Enjoy A Round Of Mahjong Titan.

This Free Board Game Is Also Known As Mah Jong, Majong And Top Mahjong. In Mahjong Solitaire Titan You Match Pairs Of Identical Mahjongg Tiles.


• Over 1600 Boards!
• A New Free Mahjong Board Every Day!
• 8 Large, High Quality Tile Sets.
• 12 Backgrounds.
• Optimized For Portrait Mode.
• Fun Goals To Master.
• 1080p HD Graphics.
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