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Apr 10, 2021
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Welcome to a fun and super real world of baseball. Ours is the most realistic mobile baseball game with motion captured animations & real 3D graphics. More than 50 animations allows you to play in all possible directions - swing the baseball bat and smash the ball into the wall or launch it into orbit. Play matches against all top baseball playing nations, beat them all and lift the world baseball championship cups.

Wish to know more why this is the best baseball game? Here is a list of features:

Unbelievably real looking batter, pitcher and fielder 3D models. We have made an effort to deliver top notch graphics quality to your mobile devices. Play the game on a big screen tablet to see the mesmerizing graphics in full glory.

You can enjoy the entire game without being connected to the internet. However, with an active internet connection, you may progress faster by watching rewarded ads.

Our proprietary algorithm for bat-ball collision detection & response allows us to achieve very realistic feel for all the hits. Realistic physics along with motion captured animations, makes you feel as if you are part of a real baseball game.

Watch your hits in mesmerizing super slow motion. See closeups of the ball hitting the bat. Capture and share screenshots of the batter in various photogenic poses.

Ours is the only Mobile Baseball Game that achieves flawless bat-ball contact. We are so confident about our collision detection technology that we now allow you to watch replays in extreme super slow motion (more than 1000 times slower). Choose from many camera angles and see closeups of the ball hitting the bat at extremely low replay speeds. Unbelievable? See for yourself!

Choose your home country from an exhaustive list of 30+ baseball playing nations. Doesn't matter whether you pick a top country like United States, Japan, Australia, South Korea or whether you pick an upcoming country like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia, you still need to perform well to reach the top. Beat all countries to win the 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9 innings baseball world championships (worldcups). More than 500 games to beat, are you up for it?

Intuitive controls. Play on your phone with ease with a single hand. Strike the ball with millisecond accuracy - see how good your hand-eye coordination is. The unique quantized home rect control allows you to quickly & effortlessly pitch the baseball wherever you like.

When you use Google or Facebook login, your progress is periodically backed up on our server such that even you if change your device, your progress is not lost and can be restored.

See your friend's score, even if they are playing on a different platform. Share your stats with your friends or on your Facebook wall. Compare yourself with other players from your friends list or from your country or globally.

Progress through the game without having to spend any real money.

This game can be played by all sports games lovers. If you like cricket, tennis, football or basketball, you will also like this baseball game.



Enjoy Fast-paced, Realistic Baseball Game, Featuring Compact Gameplay And Informative Stats.

Play BASEBALL NINE To Become The Legend League Champion!

★ Game Features
- Lean And Fast Gameplay!
- Casual Characters And Serious Game Mechanics!
- Pitching And Fielding As Fun As Batting!
- You Can Play Base Running Manually!
- Comprehensive Player Stats!
- Improved Autoplay With Selective Automation Of Player, Inning, Watching, And Quick Result.
- Rename, Gear Up, And Customize Your Players!
- Offline Mode Available!

★ Fast, Compact Gameplay!
- Enjoy A Speedy, Streamlined Playing Experience.
- Hit Massive Dingers And Get Thrilling Strikeouts.
- Specialized Auto Functions By Game, By Inning, And By Player Are A Given!

★ Enjoy Realistic Baseball!
- Experience Gameplay With Realistic Baseball Rules.
- Simulated Results Based On Actual Game Stats.

★ Recruit And Develop Your Roster!
- Recruit Players And Develop Them By Raising Stats Of Your Choice
- Equip And Upgrade Skills To Develop Them Into Specialists.
- Raise The Player Tiers To Turn Them Into Hall Of Famers.

★ Customize Your Players!
- Rename Them And Set Them As Left-handed Or Right-handed Batters Or Pitchers.
- Change Their Faces, Pick Body Types, And Choose Different Batting And Pitching Motions.
- Try Equipping A Range Of Bats, Gloves, And Glasses To Customize Your Players In Unique Ways.

★ Manage Your Team And Get Promoted To Higher Leagues!
- Rename Your Team And Change Its Emblem And Uniform.
- Expand Into New Stadiums And Manage The Team’s Cumulative Stats.
- Advance To The Postseason And Win For Promotion To A Higher League.

★ Supports Tablets.
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Can You Lead Your High School Baseball Team To Ultimate Victory? It Might Be A Small After-school Club Now, But With The Right Training, Even The Sky Isn't The Limit For This Team!

Train Players By Assigning Them Practice Drills. You Choose What They Need To Focus On, Such As Batting Or Pitching.

Install Batting Cages, Showers, Or Other Facilities To Make Life Better For The Team. A Good Environment Makes For More Effective Training! School Life Is Not All About Sports, Though. Studying Is Just As Important, So Make Sure To Construct Educational Facilities To Upgrade The School.

House Students In A Dorm And They'll Have More Time For Both Studying And Baseball Practice! Pick Your Best Players For The Team And Test Their Skill At Tournaments.

*This Game Only Supports Landscape Mode.

* All Game Progress Is Stored On Your Device. Save Data Cannot Be Transferred Between Devices, Nor Can It Be Restored After Deleting Or Reinstalling The App.
* Should The Screen Go Dark And Freeze, Try To Power Your Device Down And Relaunch The Game.
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A New Enjoyable Multiplayer Baseball Game!
Enjoy Thrilling Mind Games Against Your Opponent!

▶ Fast Matchmaking & Quick Games!
Single Tap For Multiplayer Matchmaking And Start The Game!
Don't Wait To Finish All 9 Innings. Play Only 1 Inning Of Fierce Competition!

▶ Simple Controls!
Choose Your Location, Select Your Pitch, And Throw!
Wait For The Throw And Tap To Hit!
Wow! Didn't Know Multiplayer Baseball Was This Easy!

▶ Easy & Solid Gameplay!
Takes Less Than 1 Minute To Learn To Play!
Remains Challenging Even After A Full Day Of Gameplay!
Practice Makes Perfect. Get The Perfect Timing And Master The Mental Game Of Baseball!

▶ Enter Higher Leagues!
Collect Trophies And Join Higher Leagues!
Better Players Await At Higher Levels Of Play!
Maybe You'll Enter The MLB Or Even The WBC Someday!

▶ Unique & Charming Players!
Burrito Shop Owner? Insurance Salesman?
Remarkable Skills Presented By Players Of Diverse Backgrounds!
Collect Unique Players To Create Your Very Own Dream Team!

▶ Convenient & Fun Baseball For All!
You Like Baseball? I Like Baseball Too!
Experience A Baseball Game Enjoyable For Everyone!

**Notice Regarting Service Transfer**
Neowiz, Inc. Has Decided To Transfer Baseball Clash Service To Miniclip SA. For Providing Better Service And Improving Customer Service. Please Refer Our Facebook Page( For Details.

** Notice Regarding Real-time Matchmaking **
League Play Matches Players Of The Same League Together In Real-time.
However, If Real-time Players Aren't Available To Match, Players Will Be Matched With A Player-like Computer Instead.
Such Computers Play At A Similar Level To Players Of Each League.
We Are Doing Our Best To Make Sure They Are Well Balanced In Regards To Difficulty, Making Sure Games Are Not Too Easy Nor Too Difficult.
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Welcome To Tower Clash An Exciting And Addictive Strategy Game, Start Your Journey!

Welcome To The Tower Clash! It Is A Novice-friendly Addictive Game, That Changes Constantly During The Game OR (as The Game Progresses), Ensuring That You Never Get Bored. You Can Only Win If Your Mind Is Clear And Your Logic Is Strong. Fight For The Highest Glory!

Form Your Strategies, Take Your Troops, Choose The Best Marching Route And Defeat Every Opponent!

Main Features:
✔Commanders From All Over The World Are Here For 1v1 Real-time Battles.
✔Smooth Animation And Splendid Graphic Design
✔Lots Of Maps Waiting For You To Discover
✔A Rich Variety Of Troops And Skills.
✔Progress Through Multiple Arenas All The Way To The Top.

Contact Us:
We Would Be Happy If You Tell Us Any Advice And Suggestion About Our Game.
Our Email Address:
Follow Us:

Our Goal Is To Deliver You A Great Gaming Experience, So We Will Constantly Work On Making Tower Clash More Interesting And Positive.
( 3.81 )
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Welcome To Baseball Heroes!
- Tap The Right Time And Throw Baseball Faster
- Tap The Right Time And Hit Baseball Faster
- Drag Left Or Right And Collect Coins
- Go Long And Reach High Scores
( 3.41 )
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