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Apr 19, 2021
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★★★ More than 10 million players★★★

Welcome to one of the best racing car games.

We hope you will enjoy the new car games 2021.

If you loved our car game ?2020, then I am sure that you will go gaga over this Mind-blowing Car Games ?2021- Asphalt Car Racing Game.

This is one of the best car games available today and probably among the best new games, 2021 has to offer. This is the new favorite car game among boys’ games of 2021, which everyone is talking about.

This Car Games ?2021 has a lot of features and unique offerings that not many car games can claim. This Super Car game has a bunch of new cars and offers awesome thrills, which no other four-wheeler game can offer.

This new steering car game has a lot of new tracks and car game modes to offer too. Let us take a look at the unique features of this car race game.

6 Racing Tracks

→ This car racing game has 2 day and night modes in 3 different tracks which makes it a total of 6 types of tracks.
→ The three-car racing tracks in this new game 2021 is:
→ Modern City Car Racing Track
→ Landscape Car Racing Track
→ Classical City Car Racing Game Track

This Car game ?2021 is undoubtedly the best among the new boys games 2021. Just wait until you read further to know more about this exciting new racing car game. The number of cars in this driving new games 2021 is 25, which is more than most car games in the new 2021 games.

★ You can choose from these 25 cars in the Garage Menu.
★ All the super cars have different handling, speed, and controls.
★ Apart from the 6 tracks that this awesome car steering game provides, it has 6 different Racing Modes too which are:

1-Circuit Racing: Normal Car Racing with different cars. You need to race to get to the first position to clear this level of four-wheeler game.
2- Lap Knockout: The Last Player will be knocked out after lap completion in this Level.
3- Speed Traps: Speeds of cars will be determined on checkpoints. Ranks will be determined based on top speed in this level.
4- Check Points: Player will get bonus time at checkpoints; reach checkpoints before time runs out.
5- Drifting: Make Longer Drifts using your car to get more score.
6- Elimination: The player in the last position will be eliminated from the race after a fixed time.

This is an amazingly stunning car racing game 2021 ? created for those who love fast car games, 3d car games 2021, or racing cars in the night and any type of car games. Use your car racing skills to win all the six different modes of the super car game 2021.

This is the steering game where you can test and prove your racing skills. This CAR GAME 2021 new game is better than Car Racing Game 2020 genre.

You can choose between 25 different super-fast cars in this driving games. The exciting and challenging game modes, playing it around in day and night modes and the strong competition will keep your adrenaline rushing. Boys, get ready for hours of thrill, speed, entertainment and action and come out a real car-racing champion in the fastest car racing game and the best cars game of car racing 2021 new game, better than new car driving games 2020.

Smartly drive your car in these six different racing modes via the six types of racing tracks in racing car games in this new car game 2021.

So are you ready to burn the asphalt and become the driving champion in this car games 2021 new games 3D? Do you have it in you to become a race car-driving champion?

Then download this free car game of new car games 2021 real driving and become a master of racing car games 2021, The best of all car games racing and driving in 2021 .

What are you waiting for? Download CAR GAMES 2021 Asphalt Car Racing Game now.


Petrol-heads, Motor-heads, Turn To Top Drives, The High Octane Driving Challenge - Test Your Skills And Knowledge To The Limit. Think You Know Cars? Top Drives Is A New Card Collecting Game With Over 1900 Real Life Cars To Collect, Compare And Compete In Racing Battles With Other Players.

Build A Garage Of The Best Customized Cars And Create Your Very Own Perfect Racing Deck For Supercharged Action Against Your Friends Or Other Drivers. Whether You Prefer A Tuned Up American Muscle, A Feisty Japanese Hot Rod Or Go Turbo With European And Agile, You’ll Find A Car That Gets Your Motor Running In Top Drives - The FREE Car Racing Card Collection Game.

Top Drives Is About Racing Cars Across A Variety Of Roads, Tracks And Challenges. If You Like Your Driving Fast And Furious, You’ll Love Top Drives. Hit The Gas On Asphalt Circuits, Slide Your Wheels Around Twisty Circuits, Master Drifting In The G Force Tests Or Speed To The Chequered Flag In A 1-100mph Drag Race. Choose Mustang, Camaro, Porsche Turbo, Audi TT Or Nissan GTR, Just Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Car For The Right Track. You’ll Need A Garage Of Cars Fast In The Wet, Good Off-road, Can Take Corners And Burn Rubber For Drag Races.

Why Is Top Drives The Ultimate Motorsport Experience For Every Car Enthusiast?


- Build The Perfect Car Racing Deck From Over 1900 Officially Licensed Cars
- Marques Such As McLaren, Bugatti, Pagani, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Mustang And Many More
- Real Car Stats Sourced From Evo Makes This The Ultimate Bench Racing Game
- Unleash Your Cars On 100s Of Racing Track Challenges With Our All-new Card Racing System
- Manage, Upgrade And Tune Your Stock Cars – Be The Best Motorsport Manager
- Compete Against Your Friends In Thrilling Scenarios Including Drag Strips, Race Circuits & Hill Climbs
- Compete Against Rivals To Win Exclusive Cars In Live Multiplayer Events
- Weather Effects And Multiple Surface Types, Including Dirt Tracks, Asphalt And Snow
- Stunning Car Photography From One Of The World’s Top Car Magazines
- Turbocharged, Addictive, Fun Racing Strategy Gameplay

Own The Road, Start Collecting The Coolest New Rides, Customize With Upgrades Then Sell On Your Tuned- Up Cars To Build The Perfect Garage! Top Drives Has Fast Single Player Campaigns And Multiplayer Mayhem Modes With Speed Battles To The Chequered Flag. Top Drives Is A Combination Of Strategic Card Collecting With A Motor-head Racing Theme!

Get An Edge By Fusing Your Cars And Push Your Hot Wheels To The Limit. Become Driving Champion With The Best Combination Of Performance, Handling And Grip. Start Your Engine. Hit The Road With Top Drives And Unleash Exciting Updates, Take To The Track With The Coolest, Fastest Cars Including Porsche, McLaren And Mustang, Plus Enjoy New Game Modes And New Events Themed Around Global Car Culture.

So, Buckle Up, Stop Dreaming And Start Driving.

Download Top Drives Today And Let Them Eat Your Dust.

Let Us Know What You Want To See In The Game:
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Top Drives Is FREE To Play But Offers Some Optional In-game Items That Can Be Purchased For Real Money. Top Drives Is An Online Game And Requires A Persistent Internet Connection To Play.
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Race Around The Track
This Is The Most Realistic Truck Game In Market. Deliver Heavy Cargo From One Place To Another. If You Want To Became A Truck Driver And This Is Imposibble For Some Reason For You You Have To Try This Game.

Beat Challenges To Earn Money And Upgrade Your Car. Make It Stronger, Faster, Look More Awesome!
Earn Xp To Level Up And Get Cool Rewards.
( 3.49 )
Race Around The Track
Flip And Race!

A Simple And Exciting Racing Game Like You Have Never Played Before.
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Race Around The Track
Introduction Of Spider Wheel Robot Game 2021
Welcome To Car Robot Transformation Game! We Are Going To Launch Our New Spider Robot Game 2021. Play Wheel Robot Car Transform Game With Unlimited Features Of Drone Robot Games And Shooting Robot Games. Spider Wheel Robot Game Is Perfect Robot Wars Game For The Lovers Of Robot Transforming Games. This Drone Robot Game Is Combination Of Different Shooting Robot Games Contained In Very Small Size. If You Are True Lover Of Transforming Robot Games You Have To Install Spider Wheel Robot Car Game 2021. Enjoy The Addictive Gameplay Of Car Robot Game If You Are Here For Interesting Gameplay Of Tire Robot Transformation Games.

Career Evolution
Be A Part Of Ultimate Robot Wars To Experience The Grand Battle In A Unique Way. Nominate Yourself As A Last Survivor Of Mega Robot War 2021 In This Drone Robot Game. In Spider Robot Transforming Game Play As A Hero Robot To Compete Against The Heartless Vicious Robots. This Spider Robot Transforming Game Provides You A Best Chance To Establish Your High Ranked Career To Prove Yourself Super Hero Of Mega Robot War 3D. Play One Of The Best Transforming Robot Games To Become The Best Warrior Of The Spider Robot Game.

Exciting Modes And Gameplay Of Drone Robot Game
Car Robot Transformation Game Consists Of Three Robot Fighting Modes. All These Modes And Thrilling Storylines Make A Superior Feeling For The Audience Of Robot Transform Game.
First Mode Of Wheel Robot Car Game Is Career Mode. Transform Yourself Into Different Robotic Forms To Complete The Challenging Levels Of Transforming War. Collect Gems And Coins To Get Multi Power Robots And Make Yourself Enough Stronger To Defeat All Unacceptable Powers From The Earth.

Second Mode Is Gun War Mode In This Spider Robot Game. Join Your Companions In Horrifying Ultimate Robot Wars To Finish All Ruthless Robots And Remain Unbeaten Till The Accomplish Of Your Goal. Do Not Lose Your Hope And Jump Into Mega Robot War To Be The Conqueror Of All Transforming Robot Games.

Third Mode Is Highway Car Racing In Drone Robot Transform Game 2021. We Are Presenting A Mode Of Faster Car Racing In Our Spider Robot Transforming Game. Different Types Of Interesting Maps And Feel Of Whether Change In The Racing Tracks Create An Enchanting Feel For The Lovers Of Car Racing Game. Off-road Racing Among The Heavy Traffic Vehicles Creates A Next Level Feel In The Gaming Zone. If You Want To Play Car Robot Game With Tyre Racing Game, Then You Must Go For It.

Exclusive Features Of Spider Wheel Robot Car Game
Smooth Realistic Controls Of Shooting Drones & Spider Wheel.
Multi Robot Models With Multiple Transformations.
High Quality Graphics With Beautiful 3d Environment.
Captivating Gameplay And Gratifying Storylines.
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Race Around The Track
Welcome To New Blocky Moto Racing Game!
Ride Motorcycles And Get More Driving Experience.

You Can Play In Three Game Modes. Choose Your Favourite One And Hit The Road!
Realistic Bike Physics Will Guarantee You A Lot Of Fun. Especially During Often Crashes!
That's Why You Need To Watch Out For Other Road Users. They Often Change Lane Without Looking In The Mirror! Get More Skill And Avoid Explosions!
Funny Crash? Share Your GIF To Your Friends On Social Networks Or To Us! The Most Funny GIFs We'll Be Publishing On Our Facebook Fanpage!

- Survive As Long And Drive As Fast As You Can
- Try To Get The Highest Score And Achieve The Best Distance.
- Avoid Cars And Obstacles Like Police, Fire Brigade Blockades Or Road Repairs
- Enjoy Endless Race
- Get Caught By Speed Trap Camera For Speeding And Receive Bonus Points!

- Smash As Many Cars As You Can In 2 Minutes!
- Hit Other Cars To Make Them Explode!

- Freerun. Relax And Enjoy Ride In City Full Of Streets, Traffic And Airport With Planes!

- Third And Unique First Person Camera View
- 3 Types Of Motorbikes To Choose From. Ride Motocross, Speeder Or Police Motorbike
- GIF Sharing. Send GIF Of Funny Crashes To Your Friends!
- Realistic Motor Sounds
- Blocky Styled Buildings And Vehicles
- Three Game Modes: Endless Race, Demolition And Freerun City
- Police Motorcycle With Siren And Light Effects
- Rich Types Of NPC Traffic Including Cars, Buses, Trams And Trucks
- Wheelie Stunt And Handbrake Feature
- Realistic Motorbike Physics
- Leaderboards And Achievements

- The Faster You Ride, The Better Score You Get
- Collect Golden Coins To Get More Score
- Wheelie Unlocks After 2 Km And Handbrake After 5 Kilometers
- To Unlock Superbike Or Police Motorcycle - Play The Game For 60 Or 120 Minutes
- Purchase Anything To Unlock All Motorcycles And Remove Ads
- In Demolition Mode Try To Smash The Side Of The Cars. This Way You Will Not Decrease Much Speed. Avoid Direct Hits.
- Slow Down When You See The Train. It's Hard To Jump Over The Railway With High Speed Without A Crash.
- If You Want To Test Motorcycles Or Check Their Max Speed, Do It On Demolition Or City Mode. These Are Crashless Modes.
- If You Have Internet Connection You Can Recover From Crash One Time By Watching Short Video.
- Publish Your Crash GIF To Us To Get Promoted On Our Facebook Page! Share Funny Moments With Your Friends!

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Race Around The Track