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Apr 9, 2021
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Simple Calendar has everything you need to organise your diary. Add events, set reminders and even sync other digital calendars to stay on top of your routine.

Proton Calendar is a personal calendar app that lets you take comprehensive control of your daily tasks. If you've got a device, this is a very interesting tool to jot down different plans and issues.

The interface in Calendar is quite simple, with no frills to distract you from your main aim. To add an event to the calendar just tap the day in question and then move on to add an event and its duration.

A Calendar Feature:
• Send and receive meeting invitations in Proton Calendar.
• Add a special calendar for the birthdays of people in your Contacts list.
• Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations and more are added to your calendar automatically.
• To-Do List - Use Reminders to create and view to-dos alongside your events.
• Goals - Add personal goals—like “run 3 times a week”—and Calendar will schedule time for them automatically.
• View all your calendar accounts in a single app and see all your events in List, Day, Week, or Month view (as well as Year view on iPad).
• View and manage all your appointments, events and birthdays.
• Subscribe to calendars for holidays, your favorite sports teams, and more.

Simple Calendar - Easy Schedule & Agenda Planner
• Calendar Lite - Daily Planner, Event Schedule, Agenda Management in iCal
• XP Calendar - Manage your tasks, meetings and birthdays in iCal
• Different ways to view your icalendar - see all your events in List, month, week and day view.
• Tasks - Create, manage, and view your fantastical tasks, agenda alongside your events in icalendar.
• All your calendars in one place - kalendar works with all calendars on your phone, including Exchange.

Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification
Calendar offers various options to set reminders and program alarms so you don't forget any of your tasks. This helps ensure you arrive on time for any appointment or important reunion. Plus you can always save important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Simple Calendar to schedule your next meeting
New, amazing calendar application! My Calendar is the best calendar application for Windows 10. Customizable calendar views, many Live Tile options, birthdays with photos and task management with task categories.

USA Calendar with Holidays 2021
Simple Calendar is a free calendar and easy To-Do List - Schedule Planner. Monthly Calendar is a free, professional and easy to use as bill calendar, appointment calendar and manage your business events and programs using Calendar Planner!

Appointment Calendar - Agenda, Tasks and Events
Keep track of your schedule and share it with others using Calendar. Simple Calendar is schedule planner, calendar planner, Proton Calendar and appointment calendar.

Calendars: Planner & Reminders
With Calendar you should have no problem keeping track of all the activities and events in your daily life. All you have to do is add each event to the calendar and select the time period that each activity will happen.

There's no need to keep buying a new paper calendar every year. Because your Galaxy phone's digital Calendar has everything you need to organize your daily schedule. Add events, set reminders, and even sync other digital in google classroom, so you can always stay on top of your routine.

With Calendar, you can quickly schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities, so you always know what’s next. Calendar is designed for teams, so it’s easy to share your schedule with others and create multiple calendars that you and your team can use together.

A calendar is a system of organizing days. Calendars – online and print friendly – for any year and month and including public holidays and observances for countries worldwide.


With CalenGoo You Can Manage All Your Events And Tasks. With Lots Of Configuration Options You Can Make It Look And Work The Way You Want.

✔️ Sync all Your Past And Future Events With Google Calendar (just Add Your Google Account Under "Settings > Accounts" Instead Of Syncing Via The Android Calendar).
✔️ Sync Calendars With Google Calendar, Exchange, CalDAV And ICloud (via The Android Calendar Or Directly).
✔️ Sync Tasks With Google Calendar, Exchange, CalDAV And ICloud.
✔️ Attach Photos And Files To Your Events (when Syncing Directly With Google Calendar).
✔️ Attach Evernote® Notes To Events.
✔️ Weather Forecast ("Settings > Weather").
✔️ Add Icons To Google Events (you Have To Add Your Google Account Under "Settings > Accounts", Then You Can Configure The Icons Under "Settings > Icons").
✔️ Five Types Of Calendar Views (day, Week, Month, Agenda And Year).
✔️ Four Styles Of Agenda Views ("Settings > Display And Use > Agenda View")
✔️ Use Drag&drop To Move And Copy Your Events.
✔️ Widgets To See Your Events On Your Home Screen (day, Week, Month, Agenda, Year And Task Widget).
✔️ Support For Exchange Categories (when Syncing CalenGoo Directly With Exchange Using EWS).
✔️ Share Calendars With Other People (using Google Calendar).
✔️ Search Function
✔️ Various Reminder Functions (e.g. Notifications, Pop-up Window, Spoken Reminders, Different Sounds, ...)
✔️ Birthdays And Anniversaries Of Your Contacts
✔️ Floating Events And Completable Events
✔️ Templates For Events
✔️ Print To PDF Function
✔️ Android Wear Support (watch Face And Agenda View)
✔️ Tasks In Events (add A Short List Of Tasks Into An Event)
✔️ Contacts Can Be Linked To Events
✔️ Use Keywords To Change The Color Or Icons Of Your Events ("Settings > Display And Use > General > Keywords").
✔️ Dark Theme And Light Theme ("Settings > Design")
✔️ Many Configuration Options Can Be Found Under "Settings > Display And Use".

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And You Can Find A Free 3-day Trial Version Here: Http://

If You Have Problems Just Contact The Support: Http://
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Simple Calendar Is A Hugely Customizable, Offline Calendar App, For Android Mobile Phones, Designed To Do Exactly What An Android Personal Tiny Calendar Should Do In 2021. No Complicated Features, Unnecessary Permissions, And No Ads! Agenda Planner In Your Pocket!

Take Control Of Your Time
Whether You Are Looking For A Simple Mobile Appointment Reminder With Reminders Widget, Or You’re Organizing Single And Recurring Events, Birthdays, Need To Remind Anniversaries, Schedule Business Meetings, Appointments, Or Anything Else, Simple Calendar - Unique Schedule Planner For Android Mobile Phones - Makes It easy To Stay Organized. With An Incredible Variety Of Customization Options, You Can Customize Event Reminders, Notification Appearance, Tiny Calendar Reminders Widget, And How The Calendar App Looks.

Schedule Planner
Easy To Use Personal Day Planner And Family Organizer Makes Checking Your Upcoming Agenda, Schedule Business Meetings, Events & Appointments A Breeze. Remind Yourself Of Whatever Agenda That Needs To Be Remembered With A Reminders Widget. This 2020 Calendar Widget Reminder Is Remarkably Easy To Use Schedule Planner. You Can Even View Everything As A Simple List Of Events Rather Than In Typical View, So You know Exactly What’s Coming Up In Your Life And How To Organize And Plan Your Agenda.

Simple Calendar – Features & Benefits

✔️ The Best User Experience
➕ No Ads Or Annoying Popups, Truly Great User Experience!
➕ No Internet Access Needed, Giving You More Privacy, Security, And Stability
➕ Emphasis On Beauty And Simplicity – Does What A Personal Event Manager Planner Needs To Do!

✔️ Flexibility For Your Productivity
➕ Supports Exporting & Importing Events Via .ics Files
➕ Export Settings To .txt Files To Import To Another Device
➕ Flexible Event Creation – Times, Duration, Reminders, Powerful Repetition Rules
➕ CalDAV Support For Syncing Events Via Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Nextcloud, Exchange, Etc

✔️ Personalized Just For You
➕ Customizable Schedule Planner - Change Sound, Looping, Audio Stream, Vibrations
➕ Customizable Themes - Colorful Calendar
➕ Open Source Tiny Calendar, Translated Into 30+ Languages
➕ Ability To Share Events Fast On Social Media, Emails, Etc
➕ Hasslefree Event Duplication And Family Organizer

✔️ Stay Organized
➕ Day Planner - The Agenda Planner Will Help You To Organize Your Day
➕ Weekly Planner - Staying Ahead Of Your Busy Weekly Schedule Has Never Been Easier
➕ Shared Calendar - Business Calendar Shared Between Teams At Work
➕ Appointment Scheduler - Organize And Maintain Your Agenda With Ease.
➕ Easy To Use Personal Event, Appointment Reminder, And Schedule Planner Free
➕ Manage All Your Business Agenda With This Android Schedule Planner Free, Event & Family Organizer

✔️ #1 Calendar App
➕ Ability To Easily Import Holidays Or Contact Birthdays And Anniversaries
➕ Filter Personal Events Quickly By Event Type
➕ Activity Scheduler
➕ Handy Snooze Option For Reminders Widget
➕ Support For Daily Event Location, Shown On A Map
➕ Quick Business Calendar, Or Personal Digital Agenda Manager Planner
➕ Quickly Switch Between Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly & Event Views


Check Out The Full Suite Of Simple Tools Here:



NOTE: This Version Of The Agenda Is No Longer Maintained. To Get All The Latest And Greatest Improvements Please Take A Look At The Pro Version Of Calendar Planner At Https:// . Don't Forget That If You Uninstall This Planner Within 2 Hours, You Will Automatically Be Refunded. If You Want A Refund Anytime Later, Just Contact Us At
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ICSx⁵ Allows You To Add/subscribe And Manage External (Webcal) ICalendar/.ics Files On Your Android Device. One-way Sync To Your Device.

Add High Days And Holidays, Your Sports Teams Events, Time Tables Of Your School/university Or Any Other Event Files That Come In Ics/ical Format. The App Will Import These Events For You And Displays It In Your Favorite Calendar App On Your Android – It Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Device. ICSx⁵ Uses State-of-the-art Technology For Synchronization That Provides The Ability That You Always Have The Most Up-to-date Version Of Any Added Calendar File. All Events Are Perfectly Delivered To You Devices Calendar.

* Subscribe To Webcal Feeds (= Synchronize At Regular Intervals) E.g. Shared Calendars From
* Allows To Open Webcal:// And Webcals:// URLs On Your Android Web Browser
* Seamless Integration To Other Calendar Apps
* Set A Sync Schedule
* Intelligent Update Checker To Save Bandwidth
* Authentication And HTTPS Supported
* Open Source!

We Care For Your Privacy And Have High Security Standards. Therefore We Have Made ICSdroid Completely Public And Open Source. No Data (neither Login Data, Nor Calendar Data, Nor Statistical Or Usage Data)
is Transferred To Anywhere Except The Chosen Server. No Google Calendar Or Account Required.

ICSx⁵ Is Being Developed By Open Source Enthusiasts Who Have Also Developed DAVx⁵, The Award-winning Open-source CalDAV/CardDAV Sync Adapter For Android.

Our Homepage, Including Configuration Info And FAQ: Https://
For Help And Discussion Please Visit Our Forums: Https://
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ACalendar 2 Is Available NOW!
We Improved Everything But Kept It Familiar.
For Questions Or Problems See Our New Help System At Https:// Or Contact Our Support At

aCalendar+ Is The Premium Version Of ACalendar - With All Features Unlocked And No Ads.

aCalendar+ Gives You Many Additional Calendar Features And Your Purchase Supports Further Development And Helps Protecting The Endangered Mountain Tapir.

EXTRA FEATURES (aCalendar+ Or As In-App-Purchase)
● Public Holidays (and School Holidays For Some Countries) - Configurable In The Calendar List
● More Colors (theme/UI Colors, Background Colors, Calendar Colors, Event Colors)
● Business Features (Invite Attendees, Link Contacts, Free/busy, Private, Profiles, Share As ICS)
● Tasks (manage Google Tasks Or Tasks From CalDAV/OpenTasks)
● No Ads (removes The Occasional Ad)
♥ Tapir Apps Donates 10% Of All Revenue To Rainforest Conservation Through Our Friends At World Land Trust

● Intuitive Navigation With Smooth Transitions
● Day, Week, Month And Year View
● Fullscreen Widgets
● Flexible Recurrences Like Every 3 Weeks, Every 17 Days, Or Every Mon, Wed And Fri
● Over 100 Colors To Choose From As Calendar Color
● Per-event Colors (even If Not Supported By The Event's Calendar)
● Custom Event Font Size
● Birthdays & Anniversaries With Photos From Your Addressbook And Editing
● Uses Android's Native Calendar Backend And Synchronization

● Move Forward And Backward In The Calendar By Swiping Vertically
● Switch Between Calendar Views With A Horizontal Swipe (opens The Day Or Week You Start The Swipe Gesture On) Or Double-tap For Day View
● Tap To Open A Calendar Event
● Long-press To Add New Calendar Event
● Long-press On Mini-month To Go To Today Or Jump To Date
● Configurable Actions On 3-finger-tap, Tap On Title, Volume Buttons
● Long Press An Event In Day View To Drag To A Different Time

aCalendar Only Requests Permissions Needed For App Functionality. ACalendar+ Respects Your Privacy And Will NEVER Send Any Of Your Private Data Anywhere Unless Configured By YOU. Please Contact Us If You Have Questions About Permissions.

aCalendar+ Is Translated Into More Than 30 Languages, Mostly By Volunteers - Please Let Us Know If There Is A Bad Translation Somewhere Or You Want To Add Your Language.

♥ If You Like ACalendar+, Please Show Your Support By Leaving A Good Rating And Recommending It To Your Friends ♥
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Working In The Oilfield Is Tough. Managing Your Time There Is Easy With The New Oilfield Calendar App.

Oilfield Calendar Is The Easy-to-use Calendar And Planning App That You Just Can’t Do Without If You’re An Oilfield Worker. See How Easy It Can Be To Keep Your Life Organized!

• Customize Your Oil And Natural Gas Hitch With Easy To Use Interface

• Drilling, Production, And Facility Workers, This Will Be Your Wives New Best Friend.

• Vendors, Know The DSM On Tour To Sign Your Tickets.

• See If Christmas Or Your Birthday Is On Your Days Off, Plan Ahead Using Month And Year Views.

• Create And Compare Multiple Schedules. Print And Share Them In PDF.

Oilfield Schedules Can Be Difficult. Plan Ahead With Oilfield Calendar. Keep Your Life Turning To The Right.

How To Use Oilfield Calendar

• Create And Change New Hitches In The Hitch Editor

• Holidays Are Marked With Oil Drops In Month View

You’ve Got Your Hardhat, Steal Toes, And Glasses, Now Add Oilfield Calendar To Essential Tools To Have When Working In The Patch. Now You Can Manage Your Busy Schedule At Home, And At The Rig With Oilfield Calendar App.

** Feel Free To Drop Us A Line! We’re Always Listening To Your Suggestions To Improve Oilfield Calendar! If You Have Any Input For The App, Just Contact Us At And We Will Help You! **

** Are You Happy With Oilfield Calendar? We’d Love To Hear About It! Please Take A Moment To Leave Us A Nice Review. It Really Helps! **

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