N6_Theme for Car Launcher app

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Developed By : AG_apps


Feb 14, 2021
Current Version:
Новая тема оформления только для приложения Car Launcher app v.3.x.
Убедитесь в том, что приложение Car Launcher app от apps lab studio установлено на Ваше устройство. Без установленного приложения CL тема оформления не функционирует.

Дополнительная информация:
Данное приложение является ТОЛЬКО темой - графическим оформлением с нестандартной разметкой для приложения CarLauncher app. Оно НЕ влияет на работоспособность виджетов приложения Car Launcher app (а так же системных виджетов, вынесенных на рабочий стол в приложении Car Launcher), таких как: температура процессора, прогноз погоды, количество спутников GPS/позиционирование в виджете карты, уведомления от других приложений и проч.
Если Вы столкнетесь с подобными проблемами, то я рекомендую Вам обращаться к разработчикам CarLauncher app на следующий e-mail: Большая часть подобных проблем связана с некорректно настроенным лаунчером, отсутствием/неработоспособностью датчиков в устройствах, а также с использованием взломанной(пиратской) версии CL.
В случае обнаружения Вами проблем, связанных непосредственно с графикой в теме оформления, или если у вас есть какие-либо пожелания в части дизайна, прошу писать мне на e-mail:
Во избежание получения негативного опыта и необоснованного ухудшения репутации приложения, прошу внимательно отнестись к описанию данного приложения перед возможной установкой.
С уважением, AG_apps

Brand new themе is suggested only for Car Launcher app v.3.x.
Make sure Car Launcher app by apps lab studio has been installed on your device. The theme can't be used without the Car Launcher app.

Additional Information:
This application is ONLY a theme - graphic design with non-standard markup for the CarLauncher app. It does NOT affect the performance of the Car Launcher app widgets (as well as system widgets placed on the desktop in the Car Launcher app), such as: processor temperature, weather forecast, number of GPS satellites / positioning of map widgets, notifications from other applications, etc. ...
If you encounter similar problems, then I recommend that you contact the CarLauncher app developers at the following e-mail: Most of these problems are associated with an incorrectly configured launcher, the absence / inoperability of sensors in devices, the use of a jailbroken (pirated) version of CL.
If you find any problems related directly to graphics in the design theme or with any wishes in terms of design, please write to me by e-mail:
In order to avoid negative experience and an unreasonable deterioration in the reputation of the application, please carefully read the description of this application before a possible installation.
Regards, AG_apps


TezLab Is A Companion App For Electric Vehicles (EV). Track Every Trip You Take In Your Car, Compete Against Your Friends On Various Metrics Like Distance Traveled Or Efficiency. Control Your Car's Climate, Max Charge Level, And More Within The App.

It's The App Your EV Deserves.

A Qualified Electric Vehicle Is Required To Use TezLab.

Terms Of Use: Https://
Privacy Policy: Https://

Disclaimer: This Software And Documentation Are Not Provided Or Endorsed By The Makers Of The Electric Vehicles. Use TezLab At Your Own Risk. TezLab Uses Some Of The Same Interfaces Used By The Official EV Apps, However, Those Interfaces Are Undocumented And Unsupported By The EV Makers And HappyFunCorp Cannot Guarantee Proper Operation Of TezLab. You Are Responsible For Any Changes To Your Car By Using TezLab (car Controls) As TezLab Can Unlock The Car, And Perform Other Functions On The Car. HappyFunCorp Is Not Liable For Any Damages To You, Your Car Or Any Other Object In Conjunction With The Use Of This App.
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Easy-To-Use Features:

- Find My Car
- Fast FM Radio Frequency Tuner
- Instantly Pair With Smart Car Charger F2

What Is Roav Smart Car Charger F2?

F2 Is A Bluetooth FM Transmitter With Built-in Charging Capabilities. F2 Pairs With Your Smartphone To Broadcast Calls, Music, And Navigation Directions To Your Car's FM Radio So You Can Hear Everything Using Your Car's Speakers.

How The Find My Car Feature Works

1. After You Have Paired F2 With The Roav App, When You Stop Your Engine, The Roav App Will Lock Onto Your F2's GPS Location Automatically.
2. When You Can't Remember Where You Parked, Use This App To Find Your Way Back To Your Car.
3. Walk In The Direction The Arrow Points.
4. When You Are Close To Your Car, The Roav App Will Display "Nearby".

If You Have Any Questions Regarding The Roav App, Please Contact Us At
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The Ultimate Car Audio App Is Designed To Bring You The Most Accurate Tools, Calculators And Information, Right To Your Phone. It Is Currently The Number 1 Car Audio Tool, Car Audio Calculator And Box Building App On Both IOS And Android App Stores! This App Is Designed To Do The Following:

Single/Double Subwoofer Voice Coil Wiring.
Subwoofer Cone Area.
Amplifier Power Suggestions.
Car Electrical System Suggestions.
Subwoofer Box Calculators
Kerf Calculator
Ohms Law Calculator
Tone Generator
Sweep Generator
Probably More, I'm Bad At Documenting

Ideas? Email:
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Get The Skinny On Your Next Car With Bumper's VIN Lookup, Or License Plate Or Vehicle Model Search. Take Advantage Of All Of Bumper's Features, Including:

? ACCIDENT AND SALVAGE RECORDS—If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Might Be. Find Out If The Great Deal You Found Is Really A Lemon In Disguise.

? MARKET VALUES—We Analyze Millions Of Vehicle Sales Records To Help Make Sure You're Getting A Good Ride, Not Being Taken For One.

? THEFT REPORTS—Not Only Can Theft Bring Down A Vehicle's Value, Purchasing Stolen Goods Can Also Get You In Hot Water With The Fuzz.

? WEB AND APP INTEGRATION—Bumper Is More Than An App. It's More Than A Website. It's An App AND A Website. Get The Same Great Report Features Whether You're At Home Or On The Go.

⚠ RECALLS—Unresolved Factory Recalls Can Put You And Your Family In Danger. We'll Try To Help Ensure There's Nothing Hiding Beneath The Surface.

? EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS—Need A Certain Amount Of Cargo Space? Is A Sunroof On Your Bucket List? Dig Into The Nitty Gritty Of A Vehicle To Make Sure It Meets Your Needs.

? OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION—Life Moves Fast, But Cars Move Even Faster. Instead Of Hurrying To Jot Down The Vehicleplate Number Of A Vehicle, Use The App's OCR To Initiate A Search With Your Phone's Camera.

And So Much More. Whether You're Buying, Selling Or Researching A Car You Already Own, Bumper Has Something For You. The Days Of Paying For Individual Vehicle Reports Are In The Rearview Mirror.

The Bumper Difference
At Bumper, We Are On A Mission To Bring Vehicle History Reports And Ownership Up To Speed With Modern Times. A Vehicle Is One Of The Most Expensive Purchases You'll Likely Make, And You Deserve To Have Access To The Same Tools And Information The Pros Use To Make The Right Decisions.

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ACCURATE DATA—Our Vehicle Records Come From Government Agencies, Insurance Providers, Car Industry Sources And More. From Accidents And Salvage Records To Vehicle Specifications And Market Value, If A Record Exists, We'll Do Our Best To Find It So You Have Reliable, Up-to-date Information.

AHEAD OF THE CURVE—Until Now, Running A Vehicle History Report Was Not Easy. Introducing: Bumper. Go Ahead, Set Up Alerts And Be The First To Know When Something Changes With A Vehicle You're Monitoring. Or Check Vehicle Reports On Mobile Or Desktop—it's The Same Great Intuitive Experience.
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