Carrom Star : Multiplayer Carrom board game

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Mar 23, 2021
Current Version:
Here you are ....! best game of Carrom with different mode
Its a free Carrom multiplayer game, a best Carrom board game among all .
the best of all carrom board games.
Play an exciting version of cram . carrom pool has different modes online offline and with buddies.
so you can find carom with your choice friend. and can play carm with online players in crumble game.its a karim game a game of karambit and

amazing carrrom board games and carrom games with features suitable for for all ages.

Features of Carrom Star : Multiplayer Carrom Board game.

1.Multiplayer feature: You can Online with people from different countries.
2.Player Online With Your friends and you buddies.
3.You can Play offline
4. Location Selection: You can Play and choose competent from different
Carrom free game for you. so what are you waiting for .just go and download it.


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Board Games
***It Looks Like Days Of Wonder Has Come Up With A Solution To My Problem With The Introduction Of Ticket To Ride: First Journey.*** -Game Trending
***A Fantastic New Direction For A Hugely Popular Series Of Games.*** -The Gaming Review
***The Answer To A Lot Of Parents' Dreams.*** -Daily Worker Placement    
Ticket To Ride: First Journey Is Part Of The Famous Ticket To Ride Board Game Series. In This Version, Players Can Embark On Their Very First Ride And Visit Major European And American Cities. The Game Is Easy For The Whole Family To Play Together. The Youngest Players Can Now Challenge The Most Experienced In Ticket To Ride First Journey.                                                                                        

Collect Train Cards, Claim Routes On The Map And Try To Connect The Cities Shown On Tickets. Each Player Starts With Four Colored Train Cards And Two Tickets. Each Ticket Shows Two Cities, And The Aim Is To Connect Those Two Cities With A Contiguous Path Of Your Trains In Order To Complete The Ticket.
On A Turn, You Either Draw Two Train Cards From The Deck Or Discard Train Cards Of Matching Color To Claim A Route Between Two Cities. Once You Complete A Route, You Will Be Given A New One. The First Player To Complete The Six Tickets Wins. It Takes A Little Risk But It's Lots Of Fun!                                                                                                                                                                                      

ENJOY AN IMMERSIVE JOURNEY                                                              
Have Fun Through Original Illustrations And Funny Animations Once You Connect The Cities. Learn More About The Different Cities And Their Iconic Monuments.
Share This Adventure Until 4 Players On The Same Device Thanks To The Pass And Play Mode. If You Want To Play In Solo, You Can Just Play Versus The AI.
GET EXCLUSIVE REWARDS TO BUILD A COLLECTION OF CITY PICTURES                               Receive A Golden Ticket When Winning The Game And Add Your Reward Picture To Your Collection. In This Digital Adaptation, Challenge Yourself Against The AI Or Play With Your Friends, Thanks To The Pass And Play Mode! With Its Easy Rules, Beautiful Animations And Illustrations, It Is An Ideal Game For The Whole Family When They Are Ready For An Adventure!

- Family Friendly Game Play
- Solo Mode                                                        
- Pass & Play Mode To Play On The Same Device With Family And Friends (4 Players Max)
- Unlock Rewards And Build Your Collection Of City Pictures  
- Rediscover The Famous Ticket To Ride Board Game With This Simplified Version  

Languages Available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean

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The Puzzle Adventure Game QV, Which Has Been Receiving Many Favorable Comments, Has Been Launched!

- Famitsu Cross Review The Hall Of Silver

- 2020 Google Indie Game TOP 10

- 2020 BIC Festival Finalist Of Excellence In Casual

"QV Is An Enjoyable Puzzler Packed Full Of Content"

"An Action Adventure With The Harmony Of Familiarity And Novelty"

⦁ Able To Respond To Various Languages – Provide A Total Of Seven Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, And French

⦁ A Game That Can Be Played By Anyone – Consisted Of Four Levels Per Each Stage, And A Total Of 172 Levels. No Matter How Bad You Are At Playing The Game, You Can Enjoy This Game With No Problem.

⦁ Unique Journey – There Are Various Adventures Prepared For You, Such As Crossing The Water By Spreading The Ink Of Dimension Or Passing The Road By Connecting Two Walls With Portals.

⦁ Unique Companions – Enjoy Your Adventure With Many Characters Such As Varon The Big Bird From A Different Dimension, An Unknown Shadow, Violent Birds, And A Golem That Protects The Fire.

⦁ Various Costumes – Find The Fairies Hidden Here And There In The Ruins And Get Cool Outfits And Hairstyles By Achieving The Missions.

⦁ Perfect Controller Reaction – By Using The Game Pad, Enjoy A More Lively And Immersive Play

⦁ Beautiful Music – Enjoy Playing QV With The Background Music Suitable For Each Region
( 4.61 )
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Once Again, Your Newest Addiction Comes In 3D!

Very Easy To Play, Too Hard To Master

Clear The Board & Do Not Pull Other Colors In, That Is It!

100+ Levels Of Limitless Fun!
( 4.09 )
Board Games
Detail Description
Mahjong Oriental Is A Free Solitaire Matching Game That Using Mahjong Tiles.
Simple Rules And Engaging Game Play.

Easy To Play, Tap & Tap To Match Two Tiles, Make Them Crush.
Designed For All Ages, Have Fun With Your Families.
Thousands Of Levels With Challenges.
Free Hints Help You To Make Game Easier.
Complete Daily Mission, Claim Powerful Rewards.
All Styled Themes For FREE!
Optimized For Portrait Mode, Playing Game In One Hand!

How To Play
To Match Open Pairs Of Identical Tiles.
Remove Them From The Board.
Collect Stars To Unlock New Levels.
( 4.74 )
Board Games