Magic Bingo

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Mar 9, 2021
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Calling all bingo lovers!

Magic Bingo is a new, exciting bingo experience. Play bingo across hundreds of worlds, each with their own unique levels. Use powerups to help you get as many bingos as possible and play a range of fun minigames to win amazing prizes!

Play bingo your way! Enjoy between 1 and 36 card bingo and adjust the caller speed to suit you. Prefer to sit back, relax and let the game do the hard work? Just enable the auto daub setting (perfect for those multi card games). Bonus bingo provides levels with unique challenging and extra rewards!

Collect various tokens to spend at the mini games to get incredible prizes. From the board game to scratch cards, there’s so much to do in Magic Bingo there is one guarantee – you’ll never be bored!

Magic Bingo – Features
• 100s of different worlds, each with their own unique levels
• Collect BINGOs to unlock more levels
• Adjust the caller speed
• Auto dauber setting
• Use powerful boosters to help you get more bingos
• Collect badges for competing achievements
• Win chests full of rewards!
• Play with 1-36 bingo cards
• Use bonus tokens to play special games with unique challenges and prizes
• Collect scratchcards to scratch & win prizes
• Use roll tokens to play the board game to collect items, bonuses and the super jackpot

Download Magic Bingo today!


Do You Want To Take A Break And Play Something Straight From Your Childhood? Or Maybe Just Play Games Online With Your Friends? Now You Can Download The Classic Free Board Game To Your Smartphone Or Tablet! With The Game "Dominoes Online" You Can Have Fun For Hours, Training Your Brain Playing With Friends In Classic Dominoes Online.

Play Online With Your Friends, Or Join The Game With The Whole World! Or Play Without The Internet!

The Game Of Dominoes, Which Appeared In China In The 12th Century, Became World-famous As A Board Game. Now You Can Play Dominoes For Free On Your Phone! Our Domino Online Is A Strategy Game. It Develops Logical Thinking And Improves Memory. In Our Domino Game You Can Choose 3 Game Modes:

Classic Domino [Draw Dominoes]: The Most Common Version Of The Game. Place The Knuckles So That The Numbers On The Joints Match. Forward To Victory!

Block Dominoes: A Similar Version, In Which You Will Have To Use Your Brain. There Are No Spare Attempts Here, So If The Next Move Does Not Occur To You, You Will Have To Skip It.

Domino- All Fives Dominoes: If You Like More Difficult, Then Domino- All Fives – The Mode For You. In It, You Need To Think Quickly And Count: All Your Knuckles Must Be Multiples Of Five.


- You Can Play Online With Your Friends Or THE Whole World

- Nice Graphics, Intuitive Interface

- 4 Levels Of Difficulty

- 3 Domino Modes: All Fives, Block Dominoes And Draw Dominoes

Just Download Domino And Enjoy!
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Board Games
Challenge Your Friends To Play 2 Player Games And Check Who's The First One To Get Hot Hands! Ready? Gooo!!!

Red Hands – 2-Player Games Is Based On One Of The Coolest Clapping Games. It Belongs To Funny Reaction Games, But Anyone Who's Competitive Can Play This Funny Game. If You Like To Play Two Player Games, This Is A Perfect Choice For You!

How To Play Red Hands – 2-Player Games:

- A Player Stands On Each Side Of The Device
- Once The Game Starts, One Player Is The Attacker And The Other Is The Defender
- The Attacker Slaps By Tapping Once And The Defender Retreats By Tapping At The Right Time
- If The Defender Chickens Out Three Times, There Will Be A Free Hit Granted
- The First Player To Reach 10 Points Wins The Game

Because It Is Simple And Easy To Play, Red Hands – 2-Player Games Belongs To Fun Games For People Of All Ages. The Game Tests Your Reflexes And Speed So If You Don't Pay Attention, You Will Get Red Hands!

Do You Think Games For Two Have Just Become More Interesting? Then You'll Be Happy To Know This Is Not All! While Playing The Game, You Can Choose Different Hands, Such As Animal Hand Or Hulk's Hand Or Even A Skeleton Hand. Choose A Tattooed Hand And Play Funny Reaction Games Until Your Hands Get Tired!

You Can Now Play This Two Player Game Without Really Feeling The Pain. So, What Are You Waiting For? Download Red Hands – 2-Player Games And Play Best Games For Two!

This Free Game Is An Intellectual Property Of PeakselGames.
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Board Games
Play Live Chess For Free!

In This Chess App You Can Play Against People From All Over The World! This Is A Fast And Modern Version Of The Classic Board Game With User Friendly & Simple Graphics. The Perfect Chess Game If You Have Some Time Over, And It's Free!

Play Online:
- Find Match Vs Random Opponent (matchmaking, Real-time)
- Play With Friends! (real-time)
- Chat With Your Friends/opponents
- Ranking System.

Play Local:
- Play Local Multiplayer Against A Friend.

- As You Play, You Can Complete Missions
- Missions Grants You Rewards, Based On How Difficult They Are
- Separate Ranking System For Missions.

Level & Coins:
- Every Win Grants You Coins
- The Higher Level You Are, The More Coins You Can Earn!
- Trade Coins For Awesome Avatars!

- Collect All The Avatars!
- Can Be Bought With Coins That You Earn From Playing

How To Play:
All You Have To Do Is Select A Piece On The Board. If You Have Multiple Options, A Green Dot Will Appear To Help You Choose. The Objective Is To Eliminate Your Opponents Pieces By Capturing Them And Eventually Check Mate The King. The Objective Of The Game Is To Checkmate The Opponent: This Occurs When The Opponent's King Is In Check, And There Is No Legal Way To Remove It From Attack. It Is Never Legal For A Player To Make A Move That Puts Or Leaves The Player's Own King In Check.

Why Not Challenge A Friend? Learn Chess And Become Better At The Game While Training Your Brain Aswell

I Hope You Like The Game! Feel Free To Leave Your Feedback If You Like It Or If You Feel Like Something Is Missing!
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Board Games
The Definitive Zombie Shooter Returns, Reborn With Stunning New Graphics, Gameplay And More!

This Sequel Is Jam Packed With Content And Features. Take Command Of Your Favorite Character, Customize Them With A Spectrum Of Weapons And Skills, And Do Battle With The Living Dead - Either Alone, Or With Your Friends!

- Features -
• Simple, Pick-up-and-play Arcade Action. Fight Hordes Of Enemies, Make The Most Of Your Ammo, And Go For Your High Score!
• Tons Of Unlockable Content, Including Dozens Of Weapons, Skills, Playable Characters And Upgrades.
• Incredibly Fluid, Stylish Animation
• Full Google Play Games Integration, Including Achievements Leader Boards And Saved Games
• Co-op Multiplayer Via Dedicated Servers. Cross Platform Too, So You Can Play With Anyone!

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Board Games
A New World Of Gaming Is Here With Netboom. Have You Ever Imagined Playing Cyberpunk, Fall Guys, Or LOL On Your MOBILE Device? Well Lucky For You, That’s Now Possible!

Netboom Is A Cloud Gaming Platform You Can Actually Play On, PC Games Are Hosted And Streamed By Netboom. They’re Playable Instantly, On Mobile And Web, With No Downloads Required.

? With The Netboom App, PLAY YOUR FAVORITE PC GAMES ON MOBILE. No Need To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On A Gaming PC!


Full Access To All Of The Hottest PC Games

Popular Games On Steam/Origin/Epic And Even Independent PC Games! No Need To Wait For A Mobile Version Of Your Favorite Games. A Whole New World Of Gaming With NetBoom With New Games Added Weekly!


Don’t Own A Game? No Problem! Members Can Play Any Game For FREE!

If You Haven’t Previously Purchased A Game, Don’t Worry About It! With Just A Monthly Subscription, Play Games You Haven’t Purchased With Our Membership Accounts!


Play Instantly

No Downloads, No Installation. Just Sign In > Click > Play. Netboom Makes Sure The Games Are Ready For You. If Something Isn’t Updated, Let Us Know And We Will Help You Out!


No New Rigs. No Expensive Maintenance.

Play With The Android Device You Already Own! No Need To Buy New, Expensive Hardware. No Need For An Expensive Gaming PC Or New Console To Enjoy Even The Most Demanding Of Games. Just Download The 15 MB App - NetBoom, And Let Us Take Care Of The Rest.


Low-latency, High-performance Gaming

Netboom Makes Your Games Come To Life With Beautiful Graphics And Little To No Lag. The Specific Resolution, Framerate, Latency, And Overall Gameplay Experience Will Depend On Your Individual Device Capabilities, Connection, And Games.


Play Anywhere! Gaming On The Go!

High-end Gaming Computer On The Go! The Phone You Already Own Can Function As An Entire Game PC. Gaming Has Never Been So Accessible. Take Your Gaming Wherever You Want!

Please Be Aware That Streaming Games On Your Phone’s Mobile Data Plan May Use Up Data Quickly. We Recommend That You Connect To A 5GHz WiFi Network As Well As Connecting Gaming Peripherals Such As A Bluetooth Controller, Gaming Mouse, And/or Keyboard For The Best Gaming Experience.

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