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Dec 19, 2020
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You can use the old, free app "Soul EV Spy Lite", if you want to test your dongle before purchasing, or if you do not want to pay for this app. Less data values from the car is read by the free "Lite" version, and it does not save data in .csv-files.

Check battery health, monitor temperatures, extract energy use, read error codes, and much more.

Soul EV Spy lets the owner of a Kia or Hyundai electric car view detailed information about their electric car's main battery, by plugging an inexpensive KW902 ELM-327 v1.5 Bluetooth OBDII adapter into the standard OBDII port of the car. The app cannot modify any settings in the car. The app only reads data from the car, via the OBD-II dongle, displaying and saving data files. It does not write settings to the car.

A short users' guide and FAQ is available here:

Konnwei KW902 ELM-327 v1.5 Bluetooth adapters are available for around $10-$30, and you need one for Soul EV Spy to fetch data from your car.

NOTE: None of the many ELM-327 v2.1 adapters I have tested with the app works properly! Many ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapters do not work with the app, regardless of price. The only recommended dongle is the Bluetooth Konnwei KW902, because it supports all the needed ELM commands to communicate with the car systems, and it is the OBD-adapter that works most reliably, of all the adapters I have tested. It is not an expensive dongle.

This app is communicating with systems in the car, which potentially can cause the car to behave different from its normal behaviour. This app is not endorsed or approved by Kia or the companies that produce the systems in the car. If you choose to use this app, you alone are responsible for any and all consequences of doing so.

The app requests access to the device file system. If you grant access, the app will store data in files in the Download catalog on the device, for later replay in the app, or for the user to use in other apps, e.g. a spreadsheet, for data analysis, graphs etc.

This app requests access to location, in order to request locations of nearby DC-chargers, to calculate car speed, and to record the location for each reading of car data in the .csv data-file.

The app texts are displayed in english, or in the prioritized system language of the phone, if one of these:

The set of data values that are read differs by make, model and year of the electric vehicle. Battery SOH and BMS cell voltages and temperatures are displayed for all supported Kia and Hyundai electric vehicles (EV's and possibly also PHEV's and HEV's - let me know your findings:

Supported car models:
Kia e-Soul 2020-
Kia e-Niro
Hyundai Kona EV
Hyundai Ioniq EV
Kia Soul EV 2014-2019
Hyundai BlueOn EV
Kia Ray EV

And possibly some data from:
- Kia Optima PHEV
- Hyundai Porter II EV
- other Kia or Hyndai EV's
Let me know your findings if you try any of the above:

Privacy policy:


★★★★★ "Best App To Track All Your Car Maintenance Record And Your Vehicle Expenses. I Bought The Pro Version Of This App. It Gives Me Access To Add Multiple Vehicles And Sync Data With Multiple Drivers. Cloud Back -up & Tax-deduction Is The Best Feature Of This App." - Utkarsh Singh

★★★★★ "Very Useful Car Cost Tracker. It Is Easy To Use And Customizable. I Am Able To Look Back In My Logs And Forecast Upcoming Car Maintenance That May Be Due To Prepare For Them. Love It." - Thadya Virginia

★★★★★ "I'm Still Using This Application. I Just Use It For A Mileage Tracker Although It Has More Features. It Was Easy To Transfer Data From One Phone To Another As Well." - Richard Anderson

Simply Auto Is A Complete Car Management Tool That Helps You Track Your Vehicle's Data For Multiple Vehicles And Drivers. It Is A Simple Yet Effective Logbook For Your Car.

Simply Auto Is Also A Mileage Tracker App That Also Provides Accurate Trip Logs Using Bluetooth Or GPS. It Keeps Business Miles Separate From Personal Ones, Which Lets You Keep Track Of Your Mileage. And Lets You Maintain A Mileage Log Which Can Be Utilised For Business Tax Deductions. Pro Users Can Also Access Their Data On Our Website.

Keeping A Log Of Your Mileage, Fill-ups, Trips And Services Will Help You Save Money And Also Help You Optimise Your Fuel Economy And Overall Vehicle Cost.

Who Can Use Simply Auto?
- Car Lovers Or Enthusiast, Who Record, Track And Set Reminders For Their Services.
- Those Who Want To Monitor Their Mileage Log, Fuel Consumption, Etc.
- Small Or Medium Fleet Owners.
- A Family Who Wants To Keep Track Of Their Vehicle's Maintenance, Fuel Consumption And Expenses Record.
- Rideshare Drivers.
- Self Employed Individuals.
- Electric Car/vehicle Owners

How Can Simply Auto Help You Manage Your Car Expenses?
- This Car Maintenance Tracker Also Helps You Save Money By Keeping Track Of Your - Mileage, Services, Reminders, Trips And Expenses.
- Capture And Upload Multiple Receipts For Fill-ups, Services, And Expenses At The Time Or Later.
- Various Stats And Graphs Are Also Provided To Help You Look For Warning Signs In Case Something's Wrong With Your Vehicle.

How Can Simply Auto Help Me With Mileage Tax Deductions?
- Simply Auto Can Work As A Fully Automatic Mileage Tracking App Which Works On Both GPS And Bluetooth (pro Feature)
- Trips Can Be Categorised As A Business, Personal Or Any Other Categories
- Business Trips Are Recorded With Distance And Mileage Deductions To Help You During Tax Season

Can Simply Auto Share And Sync Data With Multiple Drivers?
- Share Data Instantly With Multiple Drivers Sharing Vehicles
- Ability To Sync With IOS Devices.

How Can I Be Sure That My Data Will Not Be Lost?
- Instant Backup On The Cloud
- Manual Data Backups To Google Drive.
- All Your Can Be Exported And Imported As CSV Files To Phone Memory Or Google Drive.

Besides This Simply Auto Has A Host Of Other Features Like:
- Schedule Automated Week/monthly Reports. (pro Feature)
- Import Directly From Fuelly (aCar) And Use Our Import Guide To Import From Other Apps Like Drivvo, Fuelio, MileIQ, Etc.
- Access All Your Data On The Web At (pro Feature)

Download Simply Auto Now For Free Today!

Want To Pass On Your Suggestions Or Help Us With Translations?
Please Send Us An Email At

By Installing This Car Maintenance App, You Agree To The Following Privacy Policy: Http://
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Do You Want To Drive Easily ? Do You Wanna Full Mirror Link Mobile With Your Car Screen

Now With Mirror Link Car Screen You Can Connect Your Phone To Your Car Screen Without Using Any Cable This App Help You To Mirror Your Phone With Home Tv And Car Tv And All Other Device So You Can Drive Safely !

We Use Screen Mirroring Option In Your Android Devices !

A Simple Automation Application Wherein You Can Automate Playing And Pausing Of Music When Your Device Connects To Your Car's Screen. Now No More Fiddling With Your Device When Getting Into And Out Of Your Car. It's All Managed For You So You Can Concentrate On More Important Things Like Wearing A Seat Belt, Adjusting The Rear View Mirrors, And Set Your Hair.
1. Make Sure You Read The User Manual In Mirror Link App.
2. Tap "connect" Button To Connect The App With Your Car Or Any Other Device.
3. Drive Easily
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Scout GPS Link Is A Free Mobile Navigation App With MapStream™ Mode, A Full Navigation Experience With Interactive, Moving Maps Powered By Real-time Cloud Information And Designed Exclusively For Your Car’s Multimedia Screen. Whether You’re Commuting Home, Searching For A Place To Get Gas, Or Want To Beat Traffic, Get All The Information You Need At A Glance On Your Personalized Home Screen. Wherever You’re Going, Scout GPS Link Makes Navigating There A Lot Easier.

Designed For Your Car’s Screen*
•Full Navigation On Your Car’s Multimedia Display And Push-to-Talk Features When You Connect Your IPhone To Your Car Via USB And Bluetooth®
•Select Lexus And Toyota Vehicles With MapStream Mode, A Live Map View That Moves With You In 2D/3D Modes
•Seamless Connection With Your Car To Automatically Access Your Routes, Recent Destinations, And Favorite Places From Your Phone
•One-tap Access To Navigation In Third Party Apps, Such As Yelp And Fuel
•Every Feature Is Optimized For Driving, Such As Simple Visual Directions, Easy-to-access Search By Touch Or Voice, And Automatic Day And Night Modes To Reduce Glare
•Split Screen Views Allow You To Multitask With Other Apps On Your Display—listen To Music Or Take Calls—while Navigating

Dependable Navigation With Real-time Traffic And Intelligent Search
•Convenient Home Screen With Easy Access To Key Features, Like One-touch Navigation To Your Home And Work
•The Best Routes For A Quicker Commute Based On Real-time Traffic Conditions And ETA
•Easily Enter Addresses Or Places With One-Box Search And Get Suggestions While You’re Typing
•Avoid Upcoming Traffic Congestion And Road Hazards With Automatic Reroute Notifications
•Discover Places To Dine, Shop, Get Gas, And More, With Voice Commands And Popular Search Categories
•Resume Canceled Routes And Repeat Voice Guidance
Contact Us
Do You Have Questions Or Suggestions You’d Like To Share With Us? Contact Us At Or Select “Give Feedback” In The Mobile App Menu And Let Us Know What You Think.

•Selecting Lexus Vehicles With Lexus App Or Toyota Vehicles With Toyota App With Display Audio Requires USB And Bluetooth Connection To View MapStream Mode Moving Maps On Multimedia Display. The Multimedia View Will Be TurnStream™ Mode, Turn-by-turn Directions Only Without A Moving Map
•MapStream Mode NOT Available For 2017 And Earlier Lexus And Toyota Vehicles
•Scout GPS Link In-car Features And Experience May Vary Based On Vehicle Manufacturer And Model
•Continued Use Of GPS Running In The Background Can Decrease Battery Life
Telenav Website –
Scout GPS Link Support –
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Новая тема оформления только для приложения Car Launcher App V.3.x.
Убедитесь в том, что приложение Car Launcher App от Apps Lab Studio установлено на Ваше устройство. Без установленного приложения CL тема оформления не функционирует.

Дополнительная информация:
Данное приложение является ТОЛЬКО темой - графическим оформлением с нестандартной разметкой для приложения CarLauncher App. Оно НЕ влияет на работоспособность виджетов приложения Car Launcher App (а так же системных виджетов, вынесенных на рабочий стол в приложении Car Launcher), таких как: температура процессора, прогноз погоды, количество спутников GPS/позиционирование в виджете карты, уведомления от других приложений и проч.
Если Вы столкнетесь с подобными проблемами, то я рекомендую Вам обращаться к разработчикам CarLauncher App на следующий E-mail: Большая часть подобных проблем связана с некорректно настроенным лаунчером, отсутствием/неработоспособностью датчиков в устройствах, а также с использованием взломанной(пиратской) версии CL.
В случае обнаружения Вами проблем, связанных непосредственно с графикой в теме оформления, или если у вас есть какие-либо пожелания в части дизайна, прошу писать мне на E-mail:
Во избежание получения негативного опыта и необоснованного ухудшения репутации приложения, прошу внимательно отнестись к описанию данного приложения перед возможной установкой.
С уважением, AG_apps

Brand New Themе Is Suggested Only For Car Launcher App V.3.x.
Make Sure Car Launcher App By apps Lab Studio Has Been Installed On Your Device. The Theme Can't Be Used Without The Car Launcher App.

Additional Information:
This Application Is ONLY A Theme - Graphic Design With Non-standard Markup For The CarLauncher App. It Does NOT Affect The Performance Of The Car Launcher App Widgets (as Well As System Widgets Placed On The Desktop In The Car Launcher App), Such As: Processor Temperature, Weather Forecast, Number Of GPS Satellites / Positioning Of Map Widgets, Notifications From Other Applications, Etc. ...
If You Encounter Similar Problems, Then I Recommend That You Contact The CarLauncher App Developers At The Following E-mail: Most Of These Problems Are Associated With An Incorrectly Configured Launcher, The Absence / Inoperability Of Sensors In Devices, The Use Of A Jailbroken (pirated) Version Of CL.
If You Find Any Problems Related Directly To Graphics In The Design Theme Or With Any Wishes In Terms Of Design, Please Write To Me By E-mail:
In Order To Avoid Negative Experience And An Unreasonable Deterioration In The Reputation Of The Application, Please Carefully Read The Description Of This Application Before A Possible Installation.
Regards, AG_apps
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