MasterGear - MasterSystem & GameGear Emulator

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Mar 31, 2021
Current Version:
MasterGear emulates MasterSystem, GameGear, and other classic 8bit consoles made by Sega. It runs MasterSystem and GameGear games right on your Android phone or tablet. Save game progress at any time and share it with friends, or play games together on the network. MasterGear also runs Mark2, Mark3, SG1000, SC3000, and SF7000 games and other software.

* Specifically optimized for Android devices, using assembly language and hardware acceleration to run as fast as possible.
* Supports full screen landscape and portrait modes, with many special effect options.
* Save game play at any point and go back to that point once your character gets killed.
* Share your current position in a game with other users via State Exchange feature.
* Play with other users over local network or Internet via NetPlay feature.
* Play with your hardware keyboard, gamepad, touch screen, or accelerometer.
* Supports ARM-based GoogleTV devices, such as LG G2/G3.
* Supports Bluetooth gamepads, Xperia Play special buttons, iCade, Sixaxis, and Moga gamepads.
* Record soundtrack to MIDI files.

MasterGear package itself does not contain any games. You should place your own game files onto the SD card before running MasterGear.

Please, do not run any software you do not own with MasterGear. The author cannot and will not tell you where to find free MasterSystem or GameGear games.

Please, report any encountered problems here:


Match Pair 3D - Tile Connect & Matching Puzzle Game Is An Addictive Pair Matching Puzzle Game.
You Can Download Match Pair 3D For Free On Your Android Phone And Tablet. The Game Has Tons Of Challenging Well-designed Levels To Train Your Brain, Exercise Your Logical Thinking And Memory. It Is The Best Time Killer For You!

● The Mechanics Is Super Easy! Aim Is To REMOVE ALL 3D OBJECTS
● Easy Rule To Play: Only Need To TAP The PAIR Identical 3D OBJECTS And Connect Them!
● Use HINT Button To Auto Find A Pair. ?
● Match All The 3D Objects To Finish Game Quickly Before Time Run Out. You Win !! ?
● Pass Levels One By One To Become A Master! ?

● Well-designed Challenging Levels ?
● Easy To Play ?
● Collect More Star To Get Awesome Rewards ? ?
● Hint Boosters ?
● Freeze Time Boosters ❄️
● Revive After Fail ❤️
● Auto-save, Continue Playing Where You Left Off. ?
● Various Object Collections ? ????
● Play Games Anytime, Anywhere! ?
● Improves Memory, Focus, Attention And Concentration. ?

Play Match Pair 3D Everyday To Train Your Brain And Relieve Stress. Such A Simple And Cool Application To Relax And Pump Observation. What Else Is Needed?
Try To Download And Play Now!

● Ideas Or Suggestions? Contact Us At:

All You Need To Do Is Playing This Connection Based Game With Various 3D Levels That Separate It From All Other Games. It Is A Matching Pair Game That Is So Easy That Everyone Can Play It.
( 4.38 )
Board Games
Calling All Bingo Lovers!

Magic Bingo Is A New, Exciting Bingo Experience. Play Bingo Across Hundreds Of Worlds, Each With Their Own Unique Levels. Use Powerups To Help You Get As Many Bingos As Possible And Play A Range Of Fun Minigames To Win Amazing Prizes!

Play Bingo Your Way! Enjoy Between 1 And 36 Card Bingo And Adjust The Caller Speed To Suit You. Prefer To Sit Back, Relax And Let The Game Do The Hard Work? Just Enable The Auto Daub Setting (perfect For Those Multi Card Games). Bonus Bingo Provides Levels With Unique Challenging And Extra Rewards!

Collect Various Tokens To Spend At The Mini Games To Get Incredible Prizes. From The Board Game To Scratch Cards, There’s So Much To Do In Magic Bingo There Is One Guarantee – You’ll Never Be Bored!

Magic Bingo – Features
• 100s Of Different Worlds, Each With Their Own Unique Levels
• Collect BINGOs To Unlock More Levels
• Adjust The Caller Speed
• Auto Dauber Setting
• Use Powerful Boosters To Help You Get More Bingos
• Collect Badges For Competing Achievements
• Win Chests Full Of Rewards!
• Play With 1-36 Bingo Cards
• Use Bonus Tokens To Play Special Games With Unique Challenges And Prizes
• Collect Scratchcards To Scratch & Win Prizes
• Use Roll Tokens To Play The Board Game To Collect Items, Bonuses And The Super Jackpot

Download Magic Bingo Today!
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Board Games
***It Looks Like Days Of Wonder Has Come Up With A Solution To My Problem With The Introduction Of Ticket To Ride: First Journey.*** -Game Trending
***A Fantastic New Direction For A Hugely Popular Series Of Games.*** -The Gaming Review
***The Answer To A Lot Of Parents' Dreams.*** -Daily Worker Placement    
Ticket To Ride: First Journey Is Part Of The Famous Ticket To Ride Board Game Series. In This Version, Players Can Embark On Their Very First Ride And Visit Major European And American Cities. The Game Is Easy For The Whole Family To Play Together. The Youngest Players Can Now Challenge The Most Experienced In Ticket To Ride First Journey.                                                                                        

Collect Train Cards, Claim Routes On The Map And Try To Connect The Cities Shown On Tickets. Each Player Starts With Four Colored Train Cards And Two Tickets. Each Ticket Shows Two Cities, And The Aim Is To Connect Those Two Cities With A Contiguous Path Of Your Trains In Order To Complete The Ticket.
On A Turn, You Either Draw Two Train Cards From The Deck Or Discard Train Cards Of Matching Color To Claim A Route Between Two Cities. Once You Complete A Route, You Will Be Given A New One. The First Player To Complete The Six Tickets Wins. It Takes A Little Risk But It's Lots Of Fun!                                                                                                                                                                                      

ENJOY AN IMMERSIVE JOURNEY                                                              
Have Fun Through Original Illustrations And Funny Animations Once You Connect The Cities. Learn More About The Different Cities And Their Iconic Monuments.
Share This Adventure Until 4 Players On The Same Device Thanks To The Pass And Play Mode. If You Want To Play In Solo, You Can Just Play Versus The AI.
GET EXCLUSIVE REWARDS TO BUILD A COLLECTION OF CITY PICTURES                               Receive A Golden Ticket When Winning The Game And Add Your Reward Picture To Your Collection. In This Digital Adaptation, Challenge Yourself Against The AI Or Play With Your Friends, Thanks To The Pass And Play Mode! With Its Easy Rules, Beautiful Animations And Illustrations, It Is An Ideal Game For The Whole Family When They Are Ready For An Adventure!

- Family Friendly Game Play
- Solo Mode                                                        
- Pass & Play Mode To Play On The Same Device With Family And Friends (4 Players Max)
- Unlock Rewards And Build Your Collection Of City Pictures  
- Rediscover The Famous Ticket To Ride Board Game With This Simplified Version  

Languages Available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean

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Board Games
Dear Player!

Do You Remember This Board Game From Your Childhood?

Checkers – A Traditional And Inspiring Board Game Which Gives You A Lot Of Fun Challenging The Computer Or Playing With A Friend On Two Players Offline Mode. Relax And Play Checkers With Your Family Or Friends. Share Checkers With Kids And Show Them The Best Entertainment From Your School Years.

Are You A Board Game Enthusiast? Would You Like To Create Or Think Of A Strategy To Win? Checkers Will Help You To Learn And Practice Logical Thinking. You Can Change Game Settings And Choose Your Own Checkers App Rules E.g. To Capture Backwards Or To Choose Mandatory Capture.

And What's More, You Can Download Checkers For Free.

Checkers, Also Known As Draughts Is A Classic Board Game And In This App You Can Find Features Which Make The Game Even More Exciting.

Checkers With Levels: 5 Different Levels Of Difficulty

Let's Start From The Easiest Level And Check If You Can Win Vs The Computer. The More Experienced You Are, The More Likely You Are To Beat Our Checkers Master. Take Up The Checkers Challenge And Go Through All 5 Levels!

Different Checkers Variants And Rules

There Is Not One And Only Way To Play Checkers. Everyone Has Various Habits And Usually Prefers To Play Exactly The Same Way As Used To Play Checkers In The Past, That Is Why Decide On Your Favourite Rules Of This Game:

American Checkers ?? Or English Draughts ??

Capturing Is Mandatory, But The Pieces Cannot Capture Backwards. The King Doesn't Have Long Moves, And It Can Only Move One Square. The King Has The Ability To Move And Capture Backwards.

International Checkers ?

Capturing Is Mandatory And All The Pieces Can Capture Backwards. Also, The Queen (king) Moves Differently. It Has Long Moves Which Means That, If The Square Is Not Blocked, The Queen Can Move Any Distance Diagonally.

Spanish Checkers: Damas ??

It Is Based On The International Rules, But The Pieces Cannot Capture Backwards.

Turkish Checkers: Dama ??

Dark As Well As Light Squares Of The Checkers Board Are Used. Pieces Start On The Second And Third Rows Of A Game Board, They Do Not Move Diagonally But Forward And Sideways. The Way That The Kings (queens) Move Are Similar To The Chess Queens.

Play Checkers The Way You Like The Most

Have You Found The Best Checkers Rules For Yourself? If Not, Choose Your Own Rules. It's Really Easy, Just Enter Settings And Choose The Options That You Prefer, I.e. Mandatory Capture, flying Kings.

You Can Choose Any Of 5 Levels And Play Vs Computer Or Select 2 Players Mode Offline And Play Checkers With Friends Or Family.

Play Checkers For Free

Our Checkers Are Completely FREE Of Charge! There Is Also No Need To Be Online To Use Our App.

Have A Good Game!

Best Regards,
Chess & Checkers Team

Facebook: Https://
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Board Games
The Definitive Zombie Shooter Returns, Reborn With Stunning New Graphics, Gameplay And More!

This Sequel Is Jam Packed With Content And Features. Take Command Of Your Favorite Character, Customize Them With A Spectrum Of Weapons And Skills, And Do Battle With The Living Dead - Either Alone, Or With Your Friends!

- Features -
• Simple, Pick-up-and-play Arcade Action. Fight Hordes Of Enemies, Make The Most Of Your Ammo, And Go For Your High Score!
• Tons Of Unlockable Content, Including Dozens Of Weapons, Skills, Playable Characters And Upgrades.
• Incredibly Fluid, Stylish Animation
• Full Google Play Games Integration, Including Achievements Leader Boards And Saved Games
• Co-op Multiplayer Via Dedicated Servers. Cross Platform Too, So You Can Play With Anyone!

Follow Us On Twitter @MikaMobile To Keep Up To Date On All Of Our Games!
( 4.54 )
Board Games