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Mar 24, 2021
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Royaldice is the dice game that redefines and puts a modern twist on a classic board game! Enjoy smooth gameplay, stunning graphics, easy navigation, and an amazing player experience in this classic game. The perfect dice game for families, couples, and friends. Roll the dice and let’s play RoyalDice together!

Download Royaldice for free and play a new version of original Yatzee with your buddies anywhere and anytime. Challenge you friends or other dice game players from all over the world for endless hours of fun! RoyalDice is the perfect free-to-play game for lovers of board games, Yatzee, Scrabble, Phase 10, Farkle, and Rummy! Not only will you enjoy endless hours of fun but the multiplayer game experience means you can make friends from all over the world!

Royaldice is easy and exciting to play! Throw 6-sided dice, make good dice combinations, and outscore your opponents! Play with the official dice rules and combinations: Full House, Small Straight, Large Straight, Three, Four, and Five of a kind! Get all 5 dice to be the same and you have a ROYALDICE!
RoyalDice, multiplayer social game by GamePoint includes:

Fun, strategy, and a bit of luck ?

• In RoyalDice, you have a total of 5 dice to roll each turn in order to fill in a score card. Your goal is to mark your dice rolls on your score card with the highest score combinations. The player with the highest score is the winner.

Multiple active simultaneous games. Try multiple fun game modes! ?
• Normal: Challenge up to 3 friends or random opponents
• Triple: Play with a bigger scorecard (three columns)! Perfect for strategic players
• PartyMode ?: Compete with dozens of opponents at the same time for big rewards

Collect and Personalize Cups and Dice ?
• When you keep playing with a Cup, you can level it up and upgrade it, meaning it's appearance will improve. Upgraded Cups look awesome and make you stand out from the crowd!

• Choose the custom dice that fits you best and get lucky!
Receive mysterious treasure chests to earn special rewards! ?
• Winning a round of RoyalDice is pretty exciting and fun, but it's even sweeter because now you'll get a mysterious treasure chest as well!
• There's different kind of chests to earn, each with their own specific unlocking times and amount of special rewards and bonuses. Queue and unlock them to see the treasures they hold.
Play games with your best buddies ?
• Chat with players from all over the world! Join a community who shares the same passion for dice games as you! Battle against each other and see who wins!

All GamePoint advantages ✔
• Huge Royal Jackpots and Free Coin bonus gifts ?
• Social features, Chat, Smileys ?
• Large and friendly community ?

Compete in Tournaments ?
• Play against other players in the all new tournaments format! Roll your way through all your opponents and get to the top of the rankings for even bigger rewards!
• Choose from two available modes! Time Match and Quick Match! In Time match race against the clock and score all your points as quickly as possible! In Quick Match play with the classic Royaldice rules.
Missions & Clubs in RoyalDice ?
• Join or create a Club and claim fantastic rewards for completing missions together!
• If you join a Club in Royal Dice, you will have an extra chat channel exclusively for members of your Club!
• Play together, win together!

This social game is intended for adults.
This game does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

Love games like backgammon dice or farkle online? You'll find the perfect free game in Royal Dice!


“We've Finally Got A Great Game Of Thrones Game.”

“An Excellent Experience In Both Single And Multi-player.”
4/5 – Screen Rant

“A Must-buy For Any Game Of Thrones Gamers Or Fans. Excellent All-around.”
4.5/5 – Hey Poor Player

In This Turn-based Strategy Game Based On A Song Of Ice And Fire Novel Series By G.R.R Martin, Experience The Wars And Intrigues Of Westeros By Playing As One Of The 6 Great Houses. In A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition, The Ambitious Lannisters, The Stalwart Starks, The Cunning Martells And Other Houses Are Struggling To Seize The Crown. Lead The Greyjoys On Their Pillages Or Consolidate Your Forces As The Tyrells, The Choice Is Yours. In This War-torn Land, Where Alliances Are Made And Broken, Armies Clash And The Royal Court Is Filled With Schemes; Will You Be Able To Establish Your Dominance?
Conquer Fortresses And Castles To Solidify Your Claim To The Throne, But Beware Of Your Neighbours.
Will You Be Able To Seize The Crown For Yourself?

LEAD Your House, Muster Your Troops, Plan Your Next Move To Raid The Enemy Lines And Conquer Territories.

WIN Strategic Battles With The Help Of Well-known Characters Such As Jaime Lannister Or Eddard Stark.

MASTER Diplomacy And Deception. Forge Alliances With The Other Great Houses But Be Ready For The Inevitable Betrayal. You Cannot Survive Alone In The Game Of Thrones, But Only One Will Be Crowned Ruler Of Westeros.

Gather INFLUENCE To Claim Key Positions In The Royal Court And Take The Initiative, Crush Your Enemies, Or Cunningly Outsmart Your Opponents.

UNITE Against The Wildlings North Of The Wall Or Face The Consequences Of Your Failures…

Adapted From The Acclaimed Board Game And Built For A Great Mobile Experience.

Face Up To 5 Other Players Online With A Cross-platform Elo Ranking And Leaderboard Or Play Offline Against AIs.

Asymmetric Gameplay With Unique Start And Combat Cards For Each House.

Experience 10 Unique Solo Story Challenges To Master The Game And Delve Deeper Into The Universe Of A Song Of Ice And Fire

Play Asynchronously Online And Conquer Westeros, One Order At A Time.

Multiple Variants, Such As The Vassal System From The Mother Of Dragons Board Game Expansion, To Drastically Change The Strategy For 5-players Or Smaller Games, Or The Tides Of Battles Which Introduce A Random Factor In Fights.

5 Languages Available: English, German, French, Spanish, And Italian.

A Dance With Dragons DLC Is Available In-game Now!

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Board Games
Dear Player!

Do You Remember This Board Game From Your Childhood?

Checkers – A Traditional And Inspiring Board Game Which Gives You A Lot Of Fun Challenging The Computer Or Playing With A Friend On Two Players Offline Mode. Relax And Play Checkers With Your Family Or Friends. Share Checkers With Kids And Show Them The Best Entertainment From Your School Years.

Are You A Board Game Enthusiast? Would You Like To Create Or Think Of A Strategy To Win? Checkers Will Help You To Learn And Practice Logical Thinking. You Can Change Game Settings And Choose Your Own Checkers App Rules E.g. To Capture Backwards Or To Choose Mandatory Capture.

And What's More, You Can Download Checkers For Free.

Checkers, Also Known As Draughts Is A Classic Board Game And In This App You Can Find Features Which Make The Game Even More Exciting.

Checkers With Levels: 5 Different Levels Of Difficulty

Let's Start From The Easiest Level And Check If You Can Win Vs The Computer. The More Experienced You Are, The More Likely You Are To Beat Our Checkers Master. Take Up The Checkers Challenge And Go Through All 5 Levels!

Different Checkers Variants And Rules

There Is Not One And Only Way To Play Checkers. Everyone Has Various Habits And Usually Prefers To Play Exactly The Same Way As Used To Play Checkers In The Past, That Is Why Decide On Your Favourite Rules Of This Game:

American Checkers ?? Or English Draughts ??

Capturing Is Mandatory, But The Pieces Cannot Capture Backwards. The King Doesn't Have Long Moves, And It Can Only Move One Square. The King Has The Ability To Move And Capture Backwards.

International Checkers ?

Capturing Is Mandatory And All The Pieces Can Capture Backwards. Also, The Queen (king) Moves Differently. It Has Long Moves Which Means That, If The Square Is Not Blocked, The Queen Can Move Any Distance Diagonally.

Spanish Checkers: Damas ??

It Is Based On The International Rules, But The Pieces Cannot Capture Backwards.

Turkish Checkers: Dama ??

Dark As Well As Light Squares Of The Checkers Board Are Used. Pieces Start On The Second And Third Rows Of A Game Board, They Do Not Move Diagonally But Forward And Sideways. The Way That The Kings (queens) Move Are Similar To The Chess Queens.

Play Checkers The Way You Like The Most

Have You Found The Best Checkers Rules For Yourself? If Not, Choose Your Own Rules. It's Really Easy, Just Enter Settings And Choose The Options That You Prefer, I.e. Mandatory Capture, flying Kings.

You Can Choose Any Of 5 Levels And Play Vs Computer Or Select 2 Players Mode Offline And Play Checkers With Friends Or Family.

Play Checkers For Free

Our Checkers Are Completely FREE Of Charge! There Is Also No Need To Be Online To Use Our App.

Have A Good Game!

Best Regards,
Chess & Checkers Team

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Board Games
Love To Play Classic Domino? Install Dominoes Now And Let Us Entertain You With This Free Board Game Online Anytime, Anywhere! It's Time To Master The Tile-based Fun, Classic Board Game!

With Millions Of Players Worldwide, The Game Of Domino Is One Of The Most Popular And Cherished 2 Player Board Games In The World. All Because It Is More Than Just A Free Classic Board Game, It’s In Fact One Of The Best Mind Games That Tests Your Playing Skills And Exercises Your Memory.

Install Dominoes App Today And Get Ready For The Fun Game Challenge! Start Placing Your Best Tiles Against Our Upgraded AI Opponents Or Real Domino Players And Improve Your Strategy Skills Because What You Get Is:
? 100% Free To Play Classic Dominos
? 3 Versions Of Dominoes: All Fives, Block Or Classic Domino
? Play The Board Game Online Or Offline (no Internet, No Wifi)
? Cool Selection Of Boards Design And Domino Tiles Themes
? The Ability To Play With Friends Or Random Opponents

No Matter The Type Of Dominos You Like Best - Be It Straight Domino, Mexican Train, Chicken Foot Or Fives, You’re Invited To Enjoy The Authentic Gameplay With Our Free, Classic Dominoes Game Variants: All Fives, Draw Or Block Dominoes:

Dominoes All Fives: All Fives Is The Free, Easy, Relaxing Domino Game Variant You Should Go For. Count The Number Of Pips On The Tiles At Each End Of Your Board. If It Is A Multiple Of Five, You Score Points. Beginner Players Will Surely Enjoy The Useful Hints Available In Our Dominoes App, Meant To Enhance Their Game Experience And Make Learning Domino Fun And Fast!

Draw Dominoes: It's So Easy To Play Your Tiles And Doubles - Simply Match Your Domino Tile With One Of The 2 Ends Already On The Board. The Winner Of A Round Scores The Total Number Of Pips On The Other Player' Dominoes!

Block Dominoes: "The Block Domino Game" Will Put Your Mind To Work – There Are No Extra Tries Here – If You Can’t Figure Out Your Next Domino Move, You Will Have To Skip Your Turn.
The More Challenging This Addictive Online Game, The More Fun You’ll Have!

Tactics And Strategy, Simplicity, Interaction - This Board Game Has It All, And NewPub's Dominoes Offers You The Complete Gameplay Experience Through A Clean & Clear, Intuitive Interface Design, Online Game Options And Easy To Change Settings.

You Can Play All These Variants With The Help Of A User-friendly Interface That Allows You To Play One-handed, Plus Will Offer You All The Tools You Need To Learn This Deceptively Difficult 2 Players Board Game. What Are You Waiting For? Take A Break, Install This Addictive Game And Start Placing Those Tiles.
Dominoes Is All About High Quality Entertainment, Online, Offline, Anytime, From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Or Anywhere In The World You May Be!

Love Dominoes? Install, Play And Don’t Forget To Rate Us! We Aim At Offering You A One-of-a-kind Game Experience - Your Feedback Is Always Welcome And Appreciated!
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Board Games
Get Ready For A Deadly Combat In Immortal's World.

Fight Against These Walking Dead Creatures With Medieval Weapons In Scary Arenas. You Need Only Your Weapon And Shield.

You Will Feel Yourself As A Real Hero In This Game Decorated With Stunning Graphics And Effects. With Fantastic Lethal Weapons And Magics, You Will Play This Game Fondly And Never Stop Playing.

Game Controls And Flows Are Kept So Simple In Order To Keep The Action Always On Top Without Interruption. The Only Need Of You Is Focusing On Cutting Zombies Head's From Their Bodies.

You Can Play The Game Against Computer Or Real Players.

Come On! Let's Send Back These Under Earth Creatures To Where They Came From.
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Board Games
Mahjong Solitaire Is One Of The Most Interesting Puzzle Games That You’ll Ever Play. It’s Also Very Challenging.

As A Player, You’re At Liberty To Tap On Any Of The Large And Beautiful Tiles. It Is Specially Designed To Allow You Pause In The Middle Or At Any Point Of The Game, And Then Resume Playing At That Particular Point. Therefore, If Are Playing It And Then Something Comes Up That Needs Your Attention (such As Work), You Can Simply Pause And Then Get Back To Playing Once You’re Through With Whatever Grabbed Your Attention. Pause By Pressing On P.

When You Download It, You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised To Learn That It Can Be Played In Either Sideways Game-screen Mode Or Vertical Game-screen Mode. This Feature Enables You To Derive Enjoyment Regardless Of The Screen Size Of Your Device.

Developers Of The Game Designed It With The Classic Mahjong Pieces That Give Players Like You A Completely New Gaming Experience. Enjoy The Pleasant Experience By Matching The Pairs Together Before Time Runs Out.

It Consists Of 12 Different Levels In Ascending Levels Of Complexity. The Higher You Go, The More Challenging The Game Becomes. If You Are A Novice, Start By Playing On The Low Levels. With Consistent Practice, Your Expertise Will Gradually Increase, Thus Allowing You To Play At Higher Levels Such As Levels 9, 10, 11 Or 12.

How Can You Play Mahjong Solitaire

After Downloading It, Go To The Main Screen And Choose The Play Option.

As A Player, Your Main Objective Should Be To Match Identical Pairs So As To Make The Board Completely Clear.

It’s Quite Different From The Normal Mahjong Solitaire. When Playing, You Have The Freedom Of Matching Together Two Pieces In Any Of The Following Two Cases;

1. When The Tiles Are Adjacent To Each Other.

2. When There Are No Tiles Between The Two.

In The Second Case, You Can Choose To Draw One Straight Line In Between The Two Pieces. Alternatively, You Can Draw Multiple Straight Lines (two Or Three) In Between.

There Are Several Features That Make The Game Interesting And Challenging To Play. Firstly, You Must Achieve Your Objective Within Limited Time. Secondly, You’re Rewarded With Bonus Time For Playing If You Manage To Match Together Two Tiles.


It’s Important To Note That Mahjong Solitaire Is An Extremely Addictive Game. Once You Download And Start Playing It, The Possibility Of Losing Interest In Other Games Is Very High. This Clearly Demonstrates How Interesting And Addictive The Game Is. However, It Shouldn’t Distract You From Engaging In Other Productive Activities Such As Working.
( 4.61 )
Board Games