Ludo King™

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Mar 26, 2021
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500+ Million Downloads!

Voice Chat available!

Most popular Ludo game. A first Ludo game of its kind available on mobile since 2016!

Ludo King™ is a classic board game played between friends and family. Play the Parchisi dice game of kings! Recall your childhood!

Ludo King is a cross platform multiplayer game that supports Desktop, Android, iOS and Windows mobile platform at same time. This game also support offline mode, where player can play with Computer or, Local multiplayer (pass and play mode). Ludo King is also a favorite game of Bollywood superstars and Indian cricket stars. Play this dice game Ludo King. Best casual game in board games.

New Game Themes available:
Nature Theme
Egypt Theme
Disco / Night mode Theme
Pinball Theme
Candy Theme
Christmas Theme
Penguin Theme
Battle Theme
Diwali Theme

What's new:
* Voice Chat available
* New Awesome LIVE THEMES !!!
* Real chat with friends and buddies
* Make buddies worldwide
* Challenge Facebook friends/buddies
* Save/Load Ludo game option
* Player statistics with XP and level up system
* More user-friendly UI
* Support extended to low end devices

Ludo King is the modern version of the royal game of Parchisi. A Ludo game which was played between Indian kings and queens in ancient times. Roll the Ludo dice and move your tokens to reach the center of the Ludo board. Beat other players, become the Ludo King.

Ludo King follows the traditional rules and the old school look of the Ludo game. Just like the kings and queens of India's golden age, your fate depends on the roll of the Ludo's dice and your strategy of moving the tokens effectively.

Features of Ludo King:
* No internet connection required! Play against the computer.
* Play with your family and friends through Local and Online Multiplayer.
* Play 2 to 6 Player Local Multiplayer Mode.
* Invite and challenge your Facebook Friends in a private game room and beat them to become Ludo King.
* Play with world players and make them your buddies.
* Private chat with your Facebook friends & Buddies.
* Express yourself by sending emojis to your opponents.
* Play Snake and Ladders on 7 different gameboard variations.
* Graphics with a classic look and the feel of a dice game.

Ludo King is a friends and family game that was once played by kings and now it can be enjoyed by you and your family and friends. You'll be playing this Ludo for hours and its fun for the whole family.

Ludo King is a perfect time pass game of Ludo board game. You played Ludo in your childhood, now play on your phone and tablet.

Another nostalgic game similar in structure is Snakes and Ladders. Like Ludo, you may have played this board game when you were young. Ludo King now incorporates this classic game as a whole new level. The objective of the game is simple: you start on 1 and you have to be the first one to make it to 100. However, you can only move the same number of tiles as the number you roll on a die. If you land on the same tile as the beginning of a ladder, then you can take the ladder as a shortcut and move on up. A game of ups and down, Snakes and Ladders has been a favorite for generations; and now you can play it too, with Ludo King.

Ludo has different names in different regions and countries like Fia, Fia-spel (Fia the game), Le Jeu de Dada (The Game of Dada), Non t'arrabbiare, Fia med knuff (Fia with push), Cờ cá ngựa, Uckers, Griniaris, Petits Chevaux (Little Horses), Ki nevet a végén, برسي (Barjis/Barjees). People also misspell Ludo as Loodo, Chakka, Lido, Lado, Ledo, Leedo, Laado, or Lodo.

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Carrom King™ Is A Classic Board Game Played Between Friends, Family & Kids. Pot Coins In The Pockets.

Carrom Or Karrom, An Indian Version Of Pool Or Billiards, Play The Cross Platform Easy-to-play Multiplayer Board Game Pot All The Coins Before Your Opponent To Win! Carrom King™ Features Two Challenging Game Play Modes Freestyle & Black & White.

Carrom King™ Is From The Creators Of Ludo King™, The #1 Game Of All Time! The Game That Rules The Hearts Of Mobile Board Gamer's Around The Globe!
Same As Ludo King™, Carrom King™ Too Gives Priority To Originality Of The Game With User Friendly Controls,amazing Realistic 3D Graphics And Great Physics Giving You All The Feel And Thrill Which You Get When You Play Carrom With Your Family And Friends!

Multiplayer Game Modes
★ Compete With World Players In Online Freestyle & Black & White Mode
★ Join Millions Of Players Worldwide
★ Interact With Other Players By Sending Emojis And Messages
★ Challenge The Opponent Again For A Rematch
★ Game Resume Functionality
★ Progress Through Multiple Lobbies All The Way To The Top
★ Watch Your Opponent Statistics

Play With Friends
★ Connect With Your Facebook Friends And Challenge Them Online Or Invite Your Friends To Play In A Private Room By Sharing Room Code.

Single Player Offline Mode
★ Play Vs Computer And Challenge The AI
★ Play Trick Shots A Time Bound Amazing Mode With Various Levels To Challenge Your Skills.The Trick Shots Mode Help You To Perfect Your Carrom Moves With Some Really Tricky Levels Testing Your Skills And Reflexes
★ Play With Your Family And Friends In Pass And Play Mode

Equipments And Rewards
★Start A Carrom King Journey With Exclusive Frames & Pucks And Show Off Your Style.
★Cover Queen To Unlock The Brand New Chest And Get Rewards. An Incomparable Takeaway For Carrom Fans !

Looking For Hours Of Non-stop Enjoyment On Your Phone? Install Carrom King™ Now And Play India’s Favorite Board Game From The Developers Of Ludo King™.
PLEASE NOTE! Carrom King™ Is Free To Download And Play On Devices With In-app Purchases.
( 4.15 )
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Welcome To New India Vs Pakistan Ludo Board Game. One Of The Best Trend For Ludo Lovers. Ludo Game Is The Evergreen Game For People Of All Ages. In The Era Of Mughals Ludo Consider As The Best Board Game.
A Beautiful Board Game That Unite People, Friends And Family Members. Fun Gameplay Boost Your Logistic Strength. Be The Kings Of Ludo.
Ludo 3d Star Game Is Free To Play. Multiplayer Users Can Be Played At Same Time In This Pakistan Vs India Ludo Multiplayer Games. The Best Ludo Game Have More Interesting And Amazing Feature And Functions. India Vs Pakistan Ludo 3d Master Have Different Online And Offline Themes In Live Themes Section. New Ludo Indo Pak Game With Multiple Players Have Different Colors Of Tokens And Boards. Ludo Free Online Game Comes With The Different Ludo Dices. Your Friends And Family Will Be The King Of Ludo Multiple Players Ludo 3d Game. Play Ludo Online With Friends And Family During Quarantine. The Best Way Or Game To Pass Your Time Of Quarantine. One Of The Best Classic Games With 4 Player Board. Best Family Game Ever With Online Mode.
Online Mode:
Best Game Of Ludo Have Online Mode To Play With Different Players All Over The World. Beat Your Opponents By Play Tournament In Best Free Multiplayer Online Game. If Your Device Don’t Have Internet Connection Then It Goes Into The Auto Play Mode.
Chopat Best Games Have Different Board And Dice To Show Your Best Gaming Look.
Introducing New Vs Mode In Ludo Battle Online Game. Beating Online Players In World Of Battle Royal Games. Challenge Your Opponent And Show You Are The King Of Board Game In Indian Ludo. One Of The Hit Board Game Pak Vs Ind Games Free Multiplayer Offline Ludo And Online Ludo Game. Ludo And India Star Game Have Different Dices With Different County Flags In Ludo Dice Indian Kings. India Vs Pakistan Is The Perfect Ludo Board Game With Ludo Multiplayer 2019. Super Ludo Ind Vs Pak Is King Of Royal Games. New Online Ludo Games Have Online Private Multiplayer Mode. Play Lodo Star Online With Strangers And Enjoy Regular And Arabic Themes. Enjoy The Free Gold Gameplay With Classic Indian Ludo Board Games.
The Best Game Is Played Between 2 To 4 Players And You Have The Option Of Playing The Favorite Game Against The Computer, Against Your Friends, Or Even Against People From Around The World With Fun Games Online Free.
Indian Kings New Ludo Game With Plenty Of Features, 4 Colors Ludo Game Brings You A Really Unique 4 Player Board Gaming Experience.
The Game And Its Variants Are Popular In Many Countries And Under Various Names.
Some Rules Of Game:
Each Player Chooses One Of The 4 Colors (green, Yellow, Red Or Blue) In Best Board Game Online And Places The 4 Pieces Of That Color In The Corresponding Starting Circle With Classic Board Game. A Single Die Is Thrown To Determine Movement In Best 3d Ludo Game.
Classic Indian Ludo Board Games Modern Version Of The Royal Game Of Pachisi. Best Casual Game In Board Games Ludo Which Was Played Between Indian Kings And Queens In Ancient Times. Roll The Ludo Dice And Move Your Tokens To Reach The Center Of The Ludo Board In Hit Board Games Ludo. Beat Other Players, Become The King Of Ludo Game 2020.

Board And Dice Game Follows The Traditional Rules And The Old School Look Of The Boys And Girls Ludo Game. Just Like The Kings And Queens Of India's Golden Age, The Beautiful Dice Game Of Kings Will Boost Your Logical Gaming Strategy. Play Ludo Multiplayer Online Game Free With One Star Game App. Super Ludo 2k19 India Vs Pakistan Star Winner Competition In Super Ludo Real Star Game.
( 4.32 )
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Escape A Ruined City And Stop A Hurricane That Threatens The World In Dark Ruins! A Team Of Archaeologists Crash-land In The Jungle And Rediscover A Forgotten, Cursed City. They’re Quickly Swept Into A 500-year-old Mystery That Threatens To Flood The World Again. Can Our Heroes Outlast The Night And Save The World? Will They Go Mad When Science And Magic Collide? What -- Or Who -- Must They Sacrifice To Survive?

Use Your Observation Skills, Deductive Reasoning, And Cunning To Solve Our Puzzles. Collect Treasures And Tools In Your Inventory, Find Clues, And Enjoy A Brilliant Escape Room Experience From The Comfort Of Your Mobile Device.

Play Our Entire Game For Free! You Can Support Haiku By Purchasing A Hint If You’re Stuck, But You’re Never Forced To. And No - We Don’t Create Impossible Puzzles So You’re Forced To Pay. Better Yet, We Never Show Ads While You're Immersed In The Game World.

Adventure Escape Has Been Played By Tens Of Millions Of Players And Has A >4.5 Star Average Rating. Game Critics Like AppPicker, TechWiser, AndroidAuthority, And AppUnwrapper Have Picked Adventure Escape Games As The Best Escape Room Game.

We're An Indie Game Studio That Loves Making Games And Puzzles. In Fact, Our Team Has Been To Over A Hundred Escape Rooms. At Haiku, We Have A Game Design Philosophy We Call “satisfying Challenge.” We Think Puzzles Should Be Tough But Solvable, So We Spend A Lot Of Time Designing Unique Puzzles That We Think You'll Love!



- Play The Entire Game For FREE!
- The Most Ingenious Escape Room Gameplay. Investigate The Environment And Interpret Clues To Solve The Puzzles!
- Explore 100+ Beautifully Illustrated Scenes
- Play Unique Puzzles That Delight The Mind
- Save Your Progress So You Can Play On Multiple Devices!
- More Stories To Come!
( 4.52 )
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Octodad: Dadliest Catch Is A Game About Destruction, Deception, And Fatherhood. The Player Controls Octodad, A Dapper Octopus Masquerading As A Human, As He Goes About His Life. Octodad's Existence Is A Constant Struggle, As He Must Master Mundane Tasks With His Unwieldy Boneless Tentacles While Simultaneously Keeping His Cephalopodan Nature A Secret From His Human Family.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Higher Is Required For Best Performance, Although Game May Run Acceptably With Older Devices. 1GB RAM Or Higher Required. Android TV Devices Require A Gamepad To Play.

• Octodad’s Wacky Physics Create Hilarious Moments That Are Different Every Time. Be Surprised By The Randomness Of Octodad’s Flailing Or Express Your Own Sense Of Humor By Making Octodad Do Silly Things.
• An All-new Adventure That Explores Octodad’s World, Relationships And Backstory.
• Complete Octodad’s Sartorial Style By Collecting And Wearing A Variety Of Hidden Neckties.
• Enjoy Additional NVIDIA PhysX Features Through Playing On NVIDIA SHIELD As Featured In SHIELD Hub.

• If You Find Your Device Is Incompatible Or Need A Refund For Other Reasons, Please Feel Free To Contact Us At
• Android Marshmallow Requires Explicit Read/write Access In Order To Save And Access Additional Game Files.
• Please Ensure Google Play Games Is Up To Date, Which You Can Search For On The Google Play Store.
• Try Restarting Your Device Or Reinstalling The App If You Are Having Issues Opening The Game.
• If The Game Does Not Reach The Main Menu, Please Try Reinstalling From The Play Store. The Game May Not Have Finished Downloading The Entirety Of The Content.
• Closing Other Applications Could Improve Performance And Stability.
( 4.23 )
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Play Parcheesi And Ludo Multiplayer Classic Board Game Online! Play And Compete With Our Community, Invite Your Friends And Family To Join You And Beat The Highest Scores Of This Awesome Free Ludo Dice Game! The Game That Defined Your Childhood Now For Free!

Parcheesi Or Ludo Classic Is An Adaptation Of Pachisi, A Classic Board Game Originated In India Around The 6th Century. The Concept Of This Funny Parcheesi Board Game Is Clear: There Are Four Players With Four Tokens Of The Same Colour With A Goal... Play And Beat The Opponents By Moving All Of Your Ludo Classic Tokens To Your Goal Box Before Everyone Else And Take The Honor To Be The King In This Free Multiplayer Game! The Parcheesi Board Has 68 Boxes: Start In Your Corresponding Nest And Move Forward By Rolling Your Dices With The Help Of A Dice Cup Until You Arrive With Your Token To The Goal Box. Think Of A Strategy To Beat The Opponents. Do Not Get Upset! These Free Parcheesi Star Board Games Are Easy To Play But Hard To Master! Learn Your Own Player Tactics And Achieve The Necessary Skills To Be At The Top Of Our Parcheesi USA Game Ranking!

Enjoy Your Childhood Favourite Board Game Now Online And Multiplayer! Chat With Other Players While You Challenge Them Or One Of The Other Thousands Of Players Who Make Up Our Ludo Community! Become The King In This Best Free Parcheesi USA Online Game!


- Have Fun Playing This Free Parcheesi Multiplayer Game! Upgrade Your Tokens With Amazing Emoticons And Emojis!
- Multiplayer Board Games: Chat, Compete And Invite And Play With Your Family And Friends!
- Easy Rules And Intuitive Gameplay: Challenge Your Family Members In These Parcheesi Five-star Family Games!
- Play Special Games: Choose Between Making A Ludo Party Team With A Partner Or Playing Turbo Mode Or Private
- Compete To Become The Best Player In Our Parcheesi Board Game Ranking: Every Match Counts!
- Get Double Coins When You Win Your Games With The "Double Or Nothing" In This Multiplayer Game! The Modern Variation Of Pachisi!
- Unlock Ludo Classic Board Game Achievements, Progress Getting Gifts And Coins And Climb The Leaderboard Until You Become The King!
- This Free Multiplayer Parcheesi By Playspace Is Appropriate To Play In Teams With Your Family Or Friends!

Recall Your Childhood Star Memories In This Free Ludo Game, A Variation Of The Ancient Pachisi Game, Also Also Known As Sorry Game Or Trouble Game!

Enjoy The Best Board Game For Kids With This Parcheesi Online In Playspace! Be The King Of The Dice And Start Playing A Free Ludo Match Now! Have Fun With Your Family In This Star Popular Ludo Online!
( 4.04 )
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