Blocky Moto Racing ? - motorcycle rider

( 4.11 )
Developed By : Mobadu


Mar 22, 2021
Current Version:
Welcome to new Blocky Moto Racing game!
Ride motorcycles and get more driving experience.

You can play in three game modes. Choose your favourite one and hit the road!
Realistic bike physics will guarantee you a lot of fun. Especially during often crashes!
That's why you need to watch out for other road users. They often change lane without looking in the mirror! Get more skill and avoid explosions!
Funny crash? Share your GIF to your friends on social networks or to us! The most funny GIFs we'll be publishing on our Facebook fanpage!

- Survive as long and drive as fast as you can
- Try to get the highest score and achieve the best distance.
- Avoid cars and obstacles like police, fire brigade blockades or road repairs
- Enjoy endless race
- Get caught by speed trap camera for speeding and receive bonus points!

- smash as many cars as you can in 2 minutes!
- hit other cars to make them explode!

- freerun. Relax and enjoy ride in city full of streets, traffic and airport with planes!

- Third and unique first person camera view
- 3 types of motorbikes to choose from. Ride motocross, speeder or police motorbike
- GIF sharing. Send GIF of funny crashes to your friends!
- Realistic motor sounds
- Blocky styled buildings and vehicles
- Three game modes: endless Race, Demolition and freerun City
- Police motorcycle with siren and light effects
- Rich types of NPC traffic including cars, buses, trams and trucks
- Wheelie stunt and Handbrake feature
- Realistic motorbike physics
- Leaderboards and achievements

- The faster you ride, the better score you get
- Collect golden coins to get more score
- Wheelie unlocks after 2 km and handbrake after 5 kilometers
- To unlock Superbike or Police motorcycle - play the game for 60 or 120 minutes
- Purchase anything to unlock all motorcycles and remove ads
- In Demolition mode try to smash the side of the cars. This way you will not decrease much speed. Avoid direct hits.
- Slow down when you see the train. It's hard to jump over the railway with high speed without a crash.
- If you want to test motorcycles or check their max speed, do it on Demolition or City mode. These are crashless modes.
- If you have internet connection you can recover from crash one time by watching short video.
- Publish your crash GIF to us to get promoted on our Facebook page! Share funny moments with your friends!

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Realistic Graphic
Two Challenging Racing Mode
Real In-game Sound
Stunning Location
( 4.21 )
Race Around The Track
Over 100 000 000 Fans Around The World Have Already Downloaded CarX Series Games. It’s Your Time To Join!

BEWARE The Danger Of Addiction! You May Not Want To Quit & Play For Hours. Taking A Quick Break Every 40 Minutes Is Strongly Advised.

- You Will Be Racing Twice. The First Time You Will Race As The Leader In A Tandem Drift, The Second Time You Will Be Racing As The Follower, Actually Following Yourself.
- For The First Time In The World Of Video Games Tandem Drifting Is Evaluated Based On The CarX XDS Evaluation System Which Consists Of 100 Score Points. The CarX XDS Evaluation System Is Designed Entirely On The Professional Evaluation System Used In Real Life Drift Competitions.
- The XDS Mode Is A Perfect Opportunity To Practice Tandem Drifting Because It Allows For Quick Swapping Of Cars For Both The Leader And The Follower, Experiment With Tire Pressure, Try Different Driving Trajectories For The Leader And Go Straight To Practicing The Follower’s Role Right After.
- XDS Is Your Chance To Prepare To Compete Against Real Racers.

- Replace Mirrors, Lights, Running Boards, Bumpers And Many Other Parts;
- Create A Unique Image Of Your Car With Body Kits, Rims, Etc.;
- Use Vinyls To Stick Out With Your Final Result Limited Only By Your Imagination.

- Adjust Your Suspension, Springs, Choose The Right Tyre Air Pressure, Wheel Angle And More;
- Tune The Engine, Turbine Pressure, Gear Box, Brakes, Locking Differential. You Can Show Some Quality Drift Only If You Have Your Car Fine Tuned To Your Needs.

- Check Out The All Improved Steering Control Perfect For Quick Side Changing, Backwards And Drift Donuts. We Have Put In Over 1000 Work Hours To Bring In The Improvements;
- See How Tyre Pressure Affects Driving Physics. We Ran A Number Of Field Tests With Real Drift Cars To Collect And Analyze Telemetric Data To Offer Improved Gaming;
- Obtain Muscle Car Driving Experience Prepared For Drift Tasks;
- Check Out How Realistic The Steering And The Car Control Are On Different Surfaces: Asphalt, Sand, Grass, Snow;
- Enjoy True To Life Driving On Detailed Tracks

Compete Against Real People In Online Championships;
Take The First Place In Available League;
Race In Tandems And Get Access To Premium Vehicles.

Create Your Own Club Or Join Available Clubs;
Prove It To Your Mates You’re The Best In Car Drifting;
Communicate With Other Players And Club Members & Share Game News.

- Win Race Cups And Earn Play-cash;
- Get Access To Over 65 Sports Cars And New Tracks;
- Run The “Ghost” Mode To Polish Your Skills.

CarX Drift Racing 2 Offers An Unprecedented And Realistic Experience Of Driving Real Sports Cars On One Of Many Race Tracks Available Throughout The Game. If You Enjoy Side Drifting, Prepare To Dive Into The Game And Enjoy It For Hours;
Pull The Handbrake To Skid;
Draw Ornaments On The Asphalt With Your Burning Tires;
Get The Most Out Of Your Car And Fill The Air With Smoke

- All Earned Play-cash, Purchased Cars And Tracks Are Saved Under Your Profile. Make Sure You Have Internet Connection For Stable Gaming Experience!
- If You Would Like To Share Your Impressions And Learn The Latest News About The Game, Join Us On Facebook: Https://
( 4.52 )
Race Around The Track
Welcome To The Ghetto Gangster Real Life Simulator. The Criminal World Will Always Exist, These Are The Rules Of The Game. In This Free Game You Have To Try To Go A Long And Thorny Path To The Pinnacle Of Success. The Price Of Success In This Underground World Is Very High, Few Can Reach The Top. Try Your Skills In An Exciting 3D Third-person Shooter With RPG Elements And Plunge Into The Atmosphere Of Street Life In An Open 3D World. You Are Waiting For Daily Action Throughout The Big City. A Dangerous And Fascinating World In Which Harsh Laws Apply Will Appear Before You In All Its Glory. If You Are Ready To Test Yourself - Then Go Ahead, Show Everyone Who Is A Real Gangster In This City, Eliminate All Fake Competitors And Call A Big Underground Empire Yourself.

The Plot Of The Game Takes Place In A Large Modern City Surrounded By Ghetto Areas. Tall Skyscrapers And Luxurious Life Make This City An Oasis In The Desert. This Sinful City Never Sleeps And Attracts With Its Lights All Who Dare To Challenge The Stone Jungle. Try Your Hand At This Exciting Adventure To Success And Glory.

Exciting Assignments Are Waiting For You To Get The Necessary Game Resources That Will Be Useful To You For More Serious Tasks. You Will Encounter A Harsh Street Life Where Everyone Is For Himself. The Streets Of The City Constantly Require Concentration, As Crazy Bullets Can Fly Here Or Gangs Wage War With Large-scale Shootings. Passing Interesting Quests You Better Know Who And How Rules This City.

At Your Disposal Will Be A Rich Arsenal With Which You Will Not Get Bored. Cool And Pumped Things Will Help You Through The Game. Improve Your Skills In Agility, Stamina, Control Equipment And Weapons. In The Weapons Store You Will Find A Wide Selection. There Are Things For Every Taste. Starting From The Smallest Knife To A Powerful Machine Gun With Which You Need To Be Able To Handle. You Can Arm Yourself To The Maximum, No One Will Stop You.

Customize Your Character, Making His Image Unique Because This Is Your Virtual Warrior And He Should Look Stylish. You Can Constantly Change The Image Of Your Hero. At Your Service A Large Clothing Store For The Character. In The Store You Will Find Hats, Baseball Caps, Masks, Glasses, Funny Costumes, Wigs, Stylish Shoes, Shirts And Much More. Various Items Of Clothing Increase Your Hero's Health, Agility, Or Stamina. Some Things Open Up Extra Superpowers.

In The Store You Can Buy A First-aid Kit And Body Armor. Also, These Useful Things Can Be Found On The Streets Of The City Or Taken Away From Enemies. Stock Up On Protection And Restoration Of Health In Advance, This Will Help You Withstand The Battle.

The Game Has A Large Number Of Different Cars. Ordinary City Cars, Sports Cars, SUVs, Unique Tuned Cars, SCI-FI Car. In The Store You Will Find Powerful Motorcycles, They Will Allow You To Easily Get Away From The Pursuit. A Powerful And Heavily Armed Tank Is Waiting For You, The Tank Is The Most Effective Tool In The Game, No One Will Stop You With It. A Combat Helicopter Will Allow You To Attack Any Targets, Covert Movement And Sudden Attacks - This Is A Small Part Of How You Can Use A Helicopter.

On The City Map In Large Numbers Are Free Game Resources Such As A First Aid Kit, Ammo, Weapons, Money, All You Need Is To Find Them.

This Free Game Offers A Whole Amusement Park, Explore The City And Find Interesting Activities. You Can Also Just Drive Around The City By Car And Listen To Music.
Go Ahead For The Adventure!
( 4.13 )
Race Around The Track
City Runner Brought To A Whole New Level. Racing Game That Makes You Glued To Your Phone. ??

Grab Your Bike And Drive Ahead! ?‍♂️ Your Goal Is To Deliver Papers? All Over The City While Driving Through The Obstacle Course. ?

In This Papers Delivery Game, You Are Not Just A Paperboy, But A Skilled Motorbike Driver ? And Stunter. Race As Fast As You Can, Dodging Trains? And Jumping Over The Cars ? On Your Motorcycle! Reach The End Of The Level And Don’t Get Smashed!

Rush Through The Cities At Top Speed! ? Do Stunts And Earn Coins To Buy New Bikes And Cool Outfits. Try This Traffic Driver Game, And We Promise You’ll Become Hooked On It For Hours. ??️

⭐Fast-paced Delivery Game ?
⭐Extreme Race ? Through An Obstacle Course
⭐Lots Of Unique Levels ✨
⭐Fun Race 3d Gameplay
⭐Daily Missions For A Reckless Speed Racer ?
⭐Various Vehicles: From An Agile Skateboard To A Powerful Motorcycle ?️

Get Ready To Take Up A Risky Moto Challenge. Download This Driving Game Now And Be The First Bike Rider To Beat All The Levels. ?
( 4.15 )
Race Around The Track
New Dragonfly Robot Game In Era Of Robot Transforming Games Is Here For All The Lover’s Robot Car Games 2020. If You Love To Play Flying Robot Games, This Robot Wala Game Will Give You The Real Fun Of The Robot Car Transformation Where You Can Enjoy Formula Car Games Along With Robot Wars. Unlike Other Robot Shooting Games This Dragonfly Robot Car Game Combines All The Fun Elements That You Want To Play In Formula Car Robot Games 2020. Let’s Get Ready For Car Transform In Futuristic Dragonfly Robot Game And Shoot The Enemy Robots Who Have Invaded The City. Multiple Enemies Are Going To Give You Tough Time In Robot Battle Of Dragonfly Games I.e. Shooting Cars, Flying Drones, Monster Trucks And Many Evil Robots. If You Are The Champion Of Robot Car Shooting Games, Prove Your Robot Shooting Skills In Transforming Robot Games And Win The Survival War In This Formula Car Robot Game. Are You Ready For Robot Wars? Let’s Get Into This Robot Wali Game That Is Going To Challenge You With Daring Robot Shooting Missions.

You Have Played Many Robot Transforming Games In Category Of Future Robots Games Where You Have To Fight With Alien Robots In The Challenging Robot Battle. This New Robot Game Would Be The Unique Experience For You To Play Robot Wars As Dragonfly Robot In One Of The Best Robot Games 2020. Exciting Thing Of Robot War Games Is, You Will Get The Chance To Drive Your Favorite Formula Car Robot In This Multi Robot Car Transformation Game While Playing Future Robot Battle. Isn’t Exciting To Play Car Robot Shooting Games In The Manner? Of Course It Is! You Will Get A Different Experience Of Dragon Fly Here. Choose Your Favorite Dragonfly Robot From The Collection Provided Inside Robot Car Games And Enjoy Transformation Of Robots And Cars In Flying Robot Games 2020.

Robot Car Transformation Games Are Now Becoming The Most Favorite Genre Of Entertainment For The Players Of Real Robot Car Games Who Wants Action-packed Features In Free Robot Games. That Is Why We Have Designed This Dragonfly Robot Game To Give You The Real Flavor Of Robot Car Shooting Games That Combines The Concept Of Dragonfly Game. This Multi Robot Car Game Contains The Powerful Player Robots To Fight Against Multiple Enemy Robots In The Robot Wars Of Dragonfly Robot Games 2020. Multiple Exciting Superpowers To Kill Enemy Robots And Formula Car Driving Experience Of Formula Car Games Will Double The Joy Of Dragonfly Robot Game. Try This Formula Car Robot Game And Make Your Time Entertaining By Playing Robot Wars In Real Robot Shooting Games.

Special Features - Dragonfly Robot Transforming Games
• Powerful Robots And Super Cars To Drive.
• Enjoy Multiple Modes In Car Robot Game.
• Challenging And Exciting Missions Robot Shooting.
• Realistic Formula Car Robot Wars.
• Experience High Quality Graphics In Dragonfly Game.
• Free To Play New Robot Car Game.

If You Are Looking For Real Robot Shooting Games That Encloses The Fun Of Best Robot Transforming Games. It’s The Best Chance For You To Become The Robot Hero And Thrill Yourself With Exciting Missions Of Robot Car Shooting Games. Don’t Forget To Try This New Robot Wala Game That Provides The Ultimate Experience Of Real Robot Shooting In Flying Robot Games. Download The New Robot Car Game And Prove Yourself A Real Warrior Of The Robot War Games.
( 4.89 )
Race Around The Track