Uphill Rush 2 USA Racing

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Developed By : Spil Games


Apr 21, 2021
Current Version:

Try the newest addition to Uphill Rush, the world’s most addictive, visually stunning, and critically acclaimed racing game series.

Prepare yourself for unforgettable rides and real racing madness.

This isn't yet another time killer that's easy to play and difficult to master. It’s a true unicorn among stunt, racing, and sliding games. This is the ultimate bike blasting, hovercraft sliding, car crashing, and skateboard flipping experience that will kill time like no other game.

Are you a fan of extreme competition? If so, the multiplayer mode will allow you to battle and blitz your opponents in the world's most vivid and exciting racing game. How quick can you conquer the leaderboard? Try the PvP mode and find out today.

Do you want to work on your skills and test your reflexes? Then our new single player mode is the right choice for you. Pick a challenge and keep practicing until you master the entire game. It will never get boring! Crash through obstacles, flip while you perform stunts, and catch bonuses as you fly through the air. Discover new adventures along the way, and you'll become a true legend in Uphill Rush Racing.

Explore completely new tracks that will take you to some of the most exciting areas in the USA. You'll get to visit Santa Monica Bay and New York City.

Immerse yourself in these beautiful surroundings while you enjoy state of the art graphics that are a true roller coaster for your senses. This simple mini racing game will impress you with its beautiful 3D style.

Pimp your car, bike, skateboard, tank, unicorn, and so much more while you try to become a legend on the Uphill Rush leaderboard.
Upgrade both the style and abilities of your bike, hovercraft, motorbike, and whatever else you've always dreamed of competing as. A superhero? A unicorn? If you can name it, we have it!


?Discover two brand new and very beautiful worlds: New York City and Santa Monica Bay.
?Battle , blitz and, bash your opponents in the PvP (multiplayer) mode.
?Ghost racing enabled.
?Challenge yourself in the single player mode. Test your reflexes, agility, and speed in this addictive mini racing game.
?Upgrade your bike, motorbike, FR, jet, car, skateboard, tank, hovercraft, and more.
?Strategize by optimizing your vehicle. Choose between speed, strength, and acceleration before you begin the racing madness.
?Customize your look and show off your style.
?Master crazy stunts and unlock new bonuses.

Don’t wait! Discover this brand new mini racing game from the creators of the legendary Uphill Rush: Water Park Racing and Thrill Rush: Roller Coaster Racing.

Uphill Rush: USA Racing is a combination of everything you love about racing games. Whether it’s FR, bike, skateboard, or jet car stunts, the madness never ends in this versatile and exciting mini racing game.

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Welcome To The Ghetto Gangster Real Life Simulator. The Criminal World Will Always Exist, These Are The Rules Of The Game. In This Free Game You Have To Try To Go A Long And Thorny Path To The Pinnacle Of Success. The Price Of Success In This Underground World Is Very High, Few Can Reach The Top. Try Your Skills In An Exciting 3D Third-person Shooter With RPG Elements And Plunge Into The Atmosphere Of Street Life In An Open 3D World. You Are Waiting For Daily Action Throughout The Big City. A Dangerous And Fascinating World In Which Harsh Laws Apply Will Appear Before You In All Its Glory. If You Are Ready To Test Yourself - Then Go Ahead, Show Everyone Who Is A Real Gangster In This City, Eliminate All Fake Competitors And Call A Big Underground Empire Yourself.

The Plot Of The Game Takes Place In A Large Modern City Surrounded By Ghetto Areas. Tall Skyscrapers And Luxurious Life Make This City An Oasis In The Desert. This Sinful City Never Sleeps And Attracts With Its Lights All Who Dare To Challenge The Stone Jungle. Try Your Hand At This Exciting Adventure To Success And Glory.

Exciting Assignments Are Waiting For You To Get The Necessary Game Resources That Will Be Useful To You For More Serious Tasks. You Will Encounter A Harsh Street Life Where Everyone Is For Himself. The Streets Of The City Constantly Require Concentration, As Crazy Bullets Can Fly Here Or Gangs Wage War With Large-scale Shootings. Passing Interesting Quests You Better Know Who And How Rules This City.

At Your Disposal Will Be A Rich Arsenal With Which You Will Not Get Bored. Cool And Pumped Things Will Help You Through The Game. Improve Your Skills In Agility, Stamina, Control Equipment And Weapons. In The Weapons Store You Will Find A Wide Selection. There Are Things For Every Taste. Starting From The Smallest Knife To A Powerful Machine Gun With Which You Need To Be Able To Handle. You Can Arm Yourself To The Maximum, No One Will Stop You.

Customize Your Character, Making His Image Unique Because This Is Your Virtual Warrior And He Should Look Stylish. You Can Constantly Change The Image Of Your Hero. At Your Service A Large Clothing Store For The Character. In The Store You Will Find Hats, Baseball Caps, Masks, Glasses, Funny Costumes, Wigs, Stylish Shoes, Shirts And Much More. Various Items Of Clothing Increase Your Hero's Health, Agility, Or Stamina. Some Things Open Up Extra Superpowers.

In The Store You Can Buy A First-aid Kit And Body Armor. Also, These Useful Things Can Be Found On The Streets Of The City Or Taken Away From Enemies. Stock Up On Protection And Restoration Of Health In Advance, This Will Help You Withstand The Battle.

The Game Has A Large Number Of Different Cars. Ordinary City Cars, Sports Cars, SUVs, Unique Tuned Cars, SCI-FI Car. In The Store You Will Find Powerful Motorcycles, They Will Allow You To Easily Get Away From The Pursuit. A Powerful And Heavily Armed Tank Is Waiting For You, The Tank Is The Most Effective Tool In The Game, No One Will Stop You With It. A Combat Helicopter Will Allow You To Attack Any Targets, Covert Movement And Sudden Attacks - This Is A Small Part Of How You Can Use A Helicopter.

On The City Map In Large Numbers Are Free Game Resources Such As A First Aid Kit, Ammo, Weapons, Money, All You Need Is To Find Them.

This Free Game Offers A Whole Amusement Park, Explore The City And Find Interesting Activities. You Can Also Just Drive Around The City By Car And Listen To Music.
Go Ahead For The Adventure!
( 4.13 )
Race Around The Track
Welcome To The New Experience Of Horse Run Fun Race With Different Horses. Start The Race And Run Fast To Beat The Opponents With Your Favorite Unicorn In This Horse Run Fun Games. A Thrilling Experience Of Unicorn Race Adventure In Racing Tracks Where You Have To Avoid Obstacles And Be Fast To Get The Victory With Your Horse. A Sensational Gameplay Where You Will Enjoy Unicorn Race Fun Game Run On Different Environments. Compete With Others With Your Favorite Unicorn 3d And Get Real Enjoyment Of Horse Running In This Racing Games. Jump Over The Hurdles In This Running Games And Increase Your Ranking In The Racing World. Go And Enjoy Horse Games In This Fun Race To Become A Professional Runner. A Fantastic Horse Game Where You Will Explore Your Skill On Multiple Maps With The Selective Unicorn To Compete The Others. Compatible Racing Game For All Age Users Which Will Attract The Players With Its Astonishing Gameplay And Features In This Unicorn Games.
Come Towards Challenges Of This Unicorn Fun Race Games 3d And Understand The Level's Objectives. Select Your Favorite Horse And Start The Race. Jump Over Hurdles And Save From Different Obstacles To Clear The Race. Enjoy Horse Race Game With A Joystick And Tapping The Screen. This Unicorn Run Game Is The Most Addictive Racing Game With Multiple Missions. Collect Coins By Running Within Tracks In The Horse Race Game. Very Interesting Racing Game Where You Will Get Amusement With Unicorn Games Fun Racing. Go And Unlock Stages Of The Running Game To Amuse In Your Free Time.
Smooth And Easy Gameplay Of Horse Racing Within Multiple Challenging Paths Will Attract The Users Towards Its Exciting Interface. Rush Towards Unicorn Racing In This Fun Race Horse Adventure And Become Master Of This Horse Racing Game.
Compete With Other Friends In This Fun Race Horse Game. Best Of Luck For The Players.
- Multiple Exciting Levels And Stages
- Different Horses Selections
- Coins Bundles In Horse Games
- Different Environments And Tracks
- Thrilling Racing Gameplay And Run Adventure
( 3.81 )
Race Around The Track
Play The Original Classic Hill Climb Racing! Race Your Way Up Hill In This Physics Based Driving Game! Play For Free And Also Playable Offline!

Meet Newton Bill, The Young Aspiring Uphill Racer. He Is About To Embark On A Journey That Takes Him To Where No Ride Has Ever Been Before. From Ragnarok To A Nuclear Plant, All Places Are A Racing Track To Bill. With Little Respect To The Laws Of Physics, Bill Will Not Rest Until He Has Conquered The Highest Hills Up On The Moon!

Face The Challenges Of Unique Hill Climbing Environments With Many Different Cars. Gain Bonuses From Daring Tricks And Collect Coins To Upgrade Your Car And Reach Even Higher Distances. Watch Out Though - Bill's Stout Neck Is Not What It Used To Be When He Was A Kid! And His Good Old Gasoline Crematorium Will Easily Run Out Of Fuel.

• ⚡ Offline Play - Play Offline Whenever & Wherever!
• ? Vehicles - Unlock 29+ Vehicles And Choose The Best One For Your Playstyle
• ? Upgrade - Improve The Engine, Suspension, Tires & 4WD Of Your Vehicles
• ⛰️ Drive - 28+ Stages That Are Literally Endless
• ? Optimized - Plays Well On High And Low Resolution Devices With Very Little Memory Requirements
• ? Garage Mode - Build And Drive Your Dream Vehicle With Custom Parts!

Vehicles: Hill Climber, Motocross Bike, Monster Truck, Tractor, Hippie Van, Onewheeler, Quad Bike, Tourist Bus, Race Car, Police Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Snow Mobile, Super Offroad, And Many More!

Hill Climb Racing Is Free To Play And Offline But There Are Optional In-app Purchases Available.

Remember That We're Always Reading Your Feedback And Are Hard At Work Creating New Vehicles, Levels, Features And Of Course Fixing Any Issues You May Find. So We'd Really Appreciate If You'd Report What You Like Or Dislike And Any Issues You May Have With The Game To And Please Include Your Device Make And Model.

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Hill Climb Racing Is A Registered Trademark Of Fingersoft Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
( 4.26 )
Race Around The Track
Now You Can Get Entertained For Hours By Playing This Car Driving Academy. In This Car Simulator Game You Can Master Your Driving Skills And Parking Skills. You Will Drive Multiple Luxury, Turbo And Sports Cars To Get Your Driver’s Licence. Driving School Simulator Will Help You Learn Car Steering, Braking, Traffic Signals And Signs.

You Can Pick Between Multiple Car Steering Options, Manual Transmission Or Auto Transmission, Left Or Right Controls Layout. You Can Mod Your Vehicle, Change Its Colour, Wheels And Add Custom Registration Plates. Pick And Tune Cars To Your Liking.

This Driving Simulator Offers You Several Game Modes.

Start The Engine, Wear The Seat Belt And Go To The Road. Watch Out For Traffic Signals, Traffic Lanes And Rules. Follow Instructions, Learn And Become A Professional Driver. In The Rush Hour, Roads Will Be Populated With Other Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, And People Walking, So Be Careful And Watch Out For The Police. When You Reach The Finish Of Each Level, There Will Be A Marked Parking Slot. Use Your Steering Skills And Complete The Parking Simulator Game Part. It Is Even Greater Challenge Than The Driving Itself.

Join The Competition Online In A Multiplayer Mode. Play The Driving Simulator Game Against Players From All Over The World, Reach The Finish Before They Do And Park The Car. You Select Maps You Want To Compete In.

Start A Car Simulator Game On The Foot. Enter The Car And Go. You Can Free Roam And Drive The Best Sports Cars Around The City Or Country. Watch The Fuel Level Gauge And Refill Car If Needed At Gas Stations. Find Hidden Coins, Enter The Buildings At Several Locations In This Real Life Simulation. You Vehicle Will Simulate Damage If You Crash. Watch Out For Pedestrians And Drive Safely.

Driving School Features:
• Amazing 3D City Environment With AI Traffic Cars And AI Pedestrians,
• Exciting Missions,
• Great Realistic Physics,
• Car Customizations, Mods And Tuning,
• 4 Detailed Open World Maps With More Than 80 Levels,
• Free Roam Drive,
• Exit Out Of The Car And Move Around On Foot. If You Run Out Of The Gas, You Can Go On Foot To The Nearest Gas Station To Refill Your Gas Can
• Realistic Driving Mechanics, Physics And Damage System,
• Different Camera Views
• Multiplayer Driving Challenge Mode

VISIT US: Https://
LIKE US: Https://
( 4.14 )
Race Around The Track
Drag Racing Is The Original Nitro Fuelled Racing Game Which Fascinated Over 100 000 000 Fans Around The Globe. Race, Tune, Upgrade And Customize Over 50 Different Car Styles From JDM, Europe Or The US.

We Added Limitless Car Customization Options Which Will Make Your Garage Unique And Standing Out. Challenge Other Players Online: Race 1 On 1, Drive Your Opponent’s Car, Or Participate In Real-time 10-player Races In Pro League.

Collect Unique Stickers And Livery Designed By Our Friends From CIAY Studio And Sumo Fish. Turn Your Beloved Cars Into Racing Masterpieces.
Your Imagination Knows No Boundaries - Combine All Customization Options To Make Your Own State Of The Art Car Livery Design.

Do You Think Racing In A Straight Line Is Easy? Try To Find The Right Balance Between Power And Grip While Staying In Your Class. Tune Your Car And Accelerate Your Way To Victory, Add Nitrous Oxide For More Fun, But Don't Hit The Button Too Early! Go Deeper And Adjust Gear Ratios To Shave Off Precious Milliseconds Through 10 Levels Of Cars And Race Categories.

Racing On Your Own May Be Fun Enough, But The Ultimate Challenge Is In The "Online" Section. Go Head-to-head Against Your Friends Or Random Racers, Beat Them While Driving Their Own Cars, Or Race Against 9 Players At Once In Real-time Competitions. Join A Team To Exchange Tunes, Discuss Strategy And Share Your Achievements.

It's All About The Players! Connect With Other Car Game Fanatics And Enjoy Drag Racing Together:

Drag Racing Website: Https://
Facebook: Https://
Twitter: Http://
Instagram: Http://

CIAY Studio: Https://
Sumo Fish: Https://

- If The Game Doesn't Start Up, Runs Slowly Or Crashes, Please Get In Touch And We'll Do Our Best To Help.
If You Have Any Questions, Make Sure You Check Out Our FAQ At Https://
...or Use One Of The Two Ways To Contact Us Through Our Support System: Https:// Or Via E-mail At
( 4.4 )
Race Around The Track