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Apr 15, 2021
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Wind, waves, weather and tides anywhere in the world for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, and paragliders

Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts that let you always find the spot with the best wind, waves, and weather conditions for your sport. It also displays the current wind measurements and weather observations, so that you can make your own weather predictions!


• Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts for over 40,000 spots
• Displays current wind measurements and weather measurements in real-time from over 20,000 weather stations
• Tide forecasts for high and low tides for over 8,000 locations around the world
• - Superforecast, our hourly high-resolution forecasting model for most parts of Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt, and the Canary Islands. See for details.
• Weather widgets available for your home screen: the current conditions and the 10-day forecast (Windpreview) are always in sight
• Windpreview: for a quick overview of the wind forecast in the next ten days
• Beautifully animated wind forecast maps, temperature forecast maps, precipitation maps, satellite images and topographic map
• Configure favorites – save nearby locations and monitor travel weather for your vacation destinations
• Measurements listed in knots, Beaufort, km/h, m/s, and mph
• Parameters displayed: Wind strength & direction, gusts, air temperature and "feels like" temperature, clouds, precipitation, air pressure, relative humidity, wave height, wave period, and wave direction
• Optimized display of forecasts and measurements for optimal readability on the go from any mobile device
• Optimized data transfer – which enables a quicker load speed and is ideal for data usage restrictions
• Ad free!


• Kitesurfers and windsurfers – find that next hurricane or windy conditions either right next door or at your next vacation destination
• Sailors – plan that next sailing trip, or ensure safe passage by avoiding bad weather at sea
• Dinghy sailors and regatta racers – allows for careful preparation for the next regatta
• Surfers and wave riders – find the perfect waves and high swell
• Fishermen – help ensure a good catch
• Paragliders – find a good wind right from the start
• Cyclists – are there headwinds or tailwinds?
• Boat owners or captains – keep a constant eye on the current weather conditions and tides
• ...and anyone who requires exact wind and weather predictions!


Subscribe to Windfinder Plus to get access to our newest services to help you to catch the best wind, anywhere, anytime! Windfinder Plus includes (among other features):

• Wind alerts: Specify your ideal wind conditions, get notified as soon as these show up in forecasts.
• Wind report map: Real-time wind measurements from over 21.000 stations directly on our wind map.
• Wind barbs: A new display mode suited for sailors

Windfinder Plus is available as an In App Purchase. Don't worry, you’ll be able to use Windfinder Pro just like you’re used to, nothing will be taken away. Pro stays Pro!


Weather Radar Map: Waves, Rain & Hurricane Tracker Keeps You Informed About All Major Changes. Check Hurricane Forecast, Snow Report Or Marine Traffic And Plan Your Activities Smartly. 

Weather Radar:
This Live Radar Satellite Map Serves As Your Accurate Current And Forecasts Radar For Everyday Live Weather Tracking And Tracking Of Severe Storms, Hurricanes, Tornados. Clear, Crisp, And Easy To Use, The Map Radar Is Based On Your Location And Gives You Great Zooming And Control Options.
Set Emergency Alerts & Weather Notifications And Get Informed With Our Radar Live Weather App.
Helpful To Use As Your Rain Tracker, Storm Radar, Tornado Tracker, Or Weather Radar.


✔ Wind Report, Forecast And Statistics: Accurate Wind Compass, Wind Map, Wind Speed Meter, Wind Gusts And Wind Directions. It’s Very Useful For Extreme Wind Sports.
✔ Storm And Hurricane Tracker: A Map Of Tropical Cyclones (tropical Storms, Hurricanes, Typhoons) Around The Globe
✔ Local Forecast From NOAA: Temperature In Celsius, Fahrenheit And Kelvin, Humidity, Wind Speed, Precipitation (rain And Snow). Forecast For 10 Days With 3 Hours Step In Metric Or Imperial Units: M/s (mps), Mph, Km/h, Knt (knout), Bft (beaufort), M, Ft, Mm, Cm, In, HPa, InHg. NOAA Is A National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration / National Weather Service (nws).
✔ Wave Forecast: Ocean Or Sea Conditions, Ocean Waves And Sea Swell, Fishing Forecast
✔ Animated Wind Tracker: Weather Radar For Sailing, Yachting And Kiting In Light Wind
✔ Beautiful Weather Widget on Home Screen
✔ Wind Alerts: Set Up Wind/weather Alerts And Be Aware Of Wind, Storm And Tornado Warning Via Push-notifications
✔ Free Nautical Charts Map: View Water Depth, Ocean Tides And Currents, Buoy Data
✔ Cloud Base/Dew Point Data: Necessary Weather Information For Pleasant Paragliding 
✔ Locations: Over 30.000 Spots Sorted And Located By The Type And Area. Add Your Spots To Favorites.

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Expect The Unexpected With This Beautiful And Easy-to-use Weather App

Accurate Minute To Minute Rainfall Forecast - When Will The Rain Start And When Is It Going To Stop? Know The Weather In Advance And Plan Your Day Out Properly!

Street-level Accuracy: Exclusive Weather Forecast For Every Block In The Neighborhood.

Rainfall Map - We Use The National Meteorological Radar To Produce Our Weather Forecast. Just Take A Glimpse To Know Exactly Where And How Heavy The Rain Will Be!

Air Pollution Map - Is Pollution Growing Stronger Or Fading Away? Where Is It Heading To? Take A Look At This Map And Get The Answer To All Of Your Questions!

Weather Feedback - If You Ever Feel That Our Forecast Failed To Meet Your Expectations, Please Tap The Feedback Button To Help Us Get Better!

A Big Thank You To The "Swarma Club" And Our Partners For Their Long-term And Unfailing Support!
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Pro Version Of Weather Forecast App Without Ads

Weather, Weather Channel, Weather Forecast App Forecasts Weather Daily & Hourly
Weather Forecast App Is A Weather Channel Which Has Accurate Weather Information.

Weather Forecast Is Very Helpful With Everybody. If You Know Weather Information, You Can Prepare Your Plan Carefully, You Will Be Sucessful At Work And Have Better Life.
Please Download Our Weather Forecast App. You Will See That Weather Today Is Updated Hourly. Weather Forecast App Also Has A Weather Report On Weather Tomorrow, Weather For Today, Also 10 Day Weather Forecast
Weather Forecast App Is A Weather Channel Let You Manage Weather Of Many Locations. On Home Screen, Users See Weather Of Their Locations. Then Users Can Go To Other Screens For Location Management. Users Can Add London Weather, Paris Weather, San Francisco Weather, Houston Weather

Weather App Detects Weather Forecasts In Your Current Location Automatically. There Are Many Information In Weather Forcasts Which Includes Atmospheric Pressure, Weather Condition, Visibility Distance, Relative Humidity, Precipitation In Different Unites, Dew Point, Wind Speed And Direction, In Addition To Ten Days Future Forecast, Also Hourly Weather Forecast.
Realtime Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind Force And Wind Direction Are All In This Weather App Based.

Weather App Has A Lot Of Features:
- Free. It Is A Free Weather Channel, Weather Network.
- Global. You Can See Weather In Any Places You Like, Ex: London Weather, Paris Weather, San Francisco Weather, Houston Weather
- Full Report. Displays All Information Of Weather: Location Time, Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Weather Condition, Visibility Distance, Relative Humidity, Precipitation In Different Unites, Dew Point, Wind Speed And Direction
- Live Weather Forecast For Free: This Weather And Climate App Offers Daily Weather, Hourly Weather Forecasts And Monthly Weather Forecasts. Meanwhile, It Also Provides Interstate Travel Weather Forecasts And Forecast Weather And Wind.
- Today, Tomorrow, 3 Days Later, 7 Days Later. Weather For Today, Tomorrow’s Weather, … Hourly Weather In Each Hour.
- Detect Your Location By Network Or GPS.
- Manage The Weather Reports In Multiple Locations
- Has Weather Notifications. If You Don't Like You Can Turn Off This Feature
- Weather Forecast Is Very Accurate And Reliable

This Is Second Version Of Weather And Weather Forecast App. We Will Try Our My Best To Make This Daily Weather Forecast App Better And Better.
please Download Weather Forecast App And Use As A Weather Channel To Get Weather Information Hourly And Daily
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The FOX28 Columbus News App Delivers News, Weather And Sports In An Instant. With The New And Fully Redesigned App You Can Watch Live Newscasts, Get Up-to-the Minute Local And National News, Weather And Traffic Conditions And Stay Informed Via Notifications Alerting You To Breaking News And Local Events.

• Breaking News Alerts And Stories
• Live Streaming
• New Weather Section With Hourly And Daily Forecasts
• Live Weather Radar And Traffic Information
• Completely Overhauled App That Is Faster And Easier To Use
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Watching The Weather Channel On The National News Is Not As Effective As Using RainViewer App. Don't Just Look At The Dark Sky Wondering What The Forecast Will Be Like, Instead Use Our Live Radar Map As A Tracker For Rain, Snow, Or Storms. The Forecast Feature Can Act As A Storm Radar And Show You Where The Storm Is Moving In The Next 90 Minutes. Add Your Favorite Places To The Dashboard, Receive Rain Alerts And Updates About Local Weather. RainViewer Will Definitely Become The Best Assistant For You.

Benefits Of RainViewer:

-Weather Radar Map. Use It As A Storm Tracker And Hurricane Tracker. Find Out When It's Going To Get Windy. Check The Forecast And An Overview Of The Past 48 Hours, Along With Live Updates, To Track The Storm.

-Future Radar Forecast. Watch Weather Live Updates And Plan Your Day Accordingly. Find Out What The Weather Will Be Like In The Next 90 Minutes.

-Precipitation Chart. Check The Intensity Of Precipitation In The Next Hour. Figure Out If You Need To Find A Storm Shield In Case You Want To Travel!

-Favorite Places. Select Some Places You Want To Keep Tabs On, Such As Your Home, Office, Local Coffeeshop, Or Holiday Destination. Receive Regular Weather Reports.

-Weather Forecast. Receive A 24-hour And 7-day Weather Forecast With Only The Most Important Information: Temperature And Weather Conditions.

-Rain Notifications. Get Alerted When Rainfall, Storms, Or Severe Snowfalls Are Approaching Your Location. Let The App Predict Wind, Snow, And Rain.

-Homescreen Widget. Display The Weather Conditions At Any Location On Your Home Screen With Weather Widgets, So You Can See What The Weather Is Like Right Now.

-Share Radar Animation. Have You Ever Thought, “I Want To Let My Friends Know About The Weather!” Whether There Is Rain, Snow, Or Storm Coming Up, You Can Share This Information In .gif Or .mp4 Format On Many Social Media Platforms.

RainViewer Is Available In 90 Countries.
The App Supports 32 Languages.
Over 1000 Radars Are Covered.


-Rain Data Archive. Follow The Movement Of Rain Or Snow In The Past 6 Hours. Go Back 48 Hours With Premium Membership.

-Single Radar Map. How Many Maps Do You Need To View All The Radars? Just One! Tap On A Specific Radar To Check Its Details.

-HD Radar. Get HD Information Right From The Radar.


-Get Instant Alerts If Rain Or Snow Is Approaching Your Location.

-Specify The Radius That You Want To Be Alerted About With The Rain Alerts Service.


-Color Scheme. The App Offers 16 Different Color Schemes. Use The Color Scheme Of Your Choosing For The Precipitation Layer.

-Snowfall. Turn On A Snow Display To Know When Snow Is Coming Your Way.

-Measurement Units. Select The Measurement Units You Prefer: Fahrenheit (°F) Or Celsius (°C), Miles (mi) Or Kilometers (km).

-Night Mode. Use Dark Mode At Night.

-Time Intervals. View A Precipitation Map Of The Last 1-6 Hours. Premium Subscription Allows You To Go Back 48 Hours.

-Map Type. Choose Between Standard, Hybrid, Or Terrain.


-Enjoy The App With No Ads.
-Pick Up To 10 Favorite Locations.
-Receive Aster Map Updates Every 5 Minutes.
-View Rain Radar Forecast For The Next 90 Minutes In 5-minute Increments.
-Enjoy Your 48-hour And 14-day Weather Forecast.
-Use The Home Widget Tool To Select A Favorite Place.
-Get Notified About Upcoming Rain In Any Favorite Location.
-View A Weather Map Archive For The Past 48 Hours.
-Enjoy Radar Animation With No Watermarks.
-Enjoy Longer Time Ranges For Shared Animation.
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