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Mar 30, 2021
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Experience the latest word-finding fun with Puzzlescapes! Unscramble words to solve puzzles, then, share the fun with friends! So sit back, relax, and play the newest word game, Puzzlescapes!

Have a few minutes during your commute, or waiting in line? Puzzlescapes provides word-searching fun in moments. Escape the hassle of the every-day with brain games from Puzzlescapes! Have fun with crosswords on YOUR schedule!

EASY TO LEARN - With an all-new experience for beginning players, Puzzlescapes helps you dive into relaxing word puzzles right away! If you get stuck on a puzzle, there are always hints to help you along your way to solve the puzzle. No matter whether you are a seasoned pro at word games, or Puzzlescapes is your very first, you will be able to dive into the word-finding fun right away!

KEEP YOUR BRAIN ACTIVE - Puzzlescapes provides crossword puzzles to help you stay sharp. Solve thousands of word puzzles to make sure your brain is in tip-top shape! Increase your intelligence by cracking these scrambled puzzles, and practicing your spelling. After playing Puzzlescapes' word games, your mind will never be the same!

NO STRESS - In Puzzlescapes, there is no timer pressuring you to solve your word puzzles. Simply swipe and match at your own pace. These word puzzles will be waiting whenever, and wherever, you need them!

RELAXING - Lose yourself in the fun of word finding. With backgrounds that feature calming environments, you will be able to truly relax as you solve crossword puzzles. So just sit back, relax, and start solving word puzzles!

GET REWARDS - Enhance your word finding experience by collecting rewards! Visit the game every day to collect fun power-ups and coins, then solve puzzles to reach milestones! No matter what pace at which you solve puzzles, there are rewarding moments waiting for you!

FRESH CONTENT - Puzzlescapes provides exciting new word games all the time to keep your brain sharp! Solve word puzzles to collect tickets and unlock the Word Search. Unscramble letters to find words on your word search board! With Puzzlescapes, you will never run out of fun word games to play.

FAST FLOW - Don't get stuck waiting for your next word search to load. Puzzlescapes has improved the flow between word puzzles, allowing you to get to the next level more quickly, and keep on solving!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE - Puzzlescapes loves your phone as much as you do…
*teeny-tiny download size
*easy on the battery
*no internet connection required

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Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game Is A Fun & Easy, Addicting Puzzle Game.

Free To Play By MobilityWare, The ORIGINAL Maker Of The Klondike Solitaire Card Game. Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game Is A Fun, Easy To Learn, Matching Game That Will Train Your Brain With Hundreds Of Puzzles For Hours Of Endless Fun! Puzzle Boards Take Only 2-4 Minutes To Complete, Making Each Game Quick And Fun – Perfect For When You Just Need A Break.

How To Play The Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game
The Goal Of The Game Mahjong Solitaire Is To Remove All The Mahjong Tiles From The Puzzle Board By Matching Pairs Of Mahjong Tiles.

Match Mahjong Tiles With The Same Picture And They Will Disappear. You Can Only Remove Mahjong Tiles That Are Free And Not Covered.

Keep Your Brain Sharp While Having Fun, Relaxing, And Completing The Game At Your Pace. There’s No Timer Or Move Counter To Ensure The Game Is Relaxing And Stress Free.

Mahjong Solitaire Features

Easy & Fun Matching Game Mechanics
- Tap On Matching Mahjong Tiles To Remove Them From The Puzzle
- Slide Matching Mahjong Tiles Together To Remove Them From The Puzzle

Shuffle Tiles/Hints/Undos
- Game Is Intended To Be Fun, Easy & Relaxing. Utilize Unlimited Hints And Undos If You Get Stuck On Any Puzzle Board
- If There Are No Moves Available On The Puzzle, Just Shuffle The Puzzle Board And Start Matching Mahjong Tiles
- Too Easy? Remove Highlighting Tiles & Hints

Traditional/Card Tiles
- Select Between Traditional Mahjong Tiles Or Card Mahjong Tiles If You Prefer More Of Solitaire Feel

Daily Challenge Game Puzzles
- Earn Points And Unlock New Game Boards To Play
- Fun & Easy Puzzle Boards Added Each Day. Try And Complete The Daily Puzzle For The Entire Month To Earn Trophies

Stats Tracking
- Track Your Game Progress And Understand Your Style Of Play
- Earn Crowns & Trophies When You Complete Each Game Puzzle Of Mahjong Solitaire
- Game Stats Are Not Shown While You Work On The Mahjong Puzzle. This Way You Focus On Relaxing And Having Fun With Your Mahjong Game

Fun In-Game Animations
- Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game Has Fun Game Animations After Completing Each Puzzle
- Fun Winning Animations Will Have Mahjong Tiles Dancing With You

Why Play Mahjong Solitaire
- Play Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game Offline
- Play At Your Own Pace. When You Want A Quick Break, Have Fun And Play Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game. Pause Any Game Puzzle And Finish The Puzzle When You Have Time
- Train Your Brain. Complete Fun Puzzles To Keep Your Mind Sharp. The Puzzle Is Not Hard And You Have Unlimited Hints/shuffles If Don’t Can’t Find Tiles To Match In The Puzzle

Free Game: Play Mahjong Solitaire: Card Game For Free. Ads Are Served After Each Game Puzzle Is Finished.

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Puzzle Fun
The Puzzle Game For Everyone Is Here!Nonogram Will Help You To Have A Good Time No Matter Wherever You Are!

Discover The Mystery Of Nonogram! Solve The Logic Number Puzzles With Simple Rules And Challenging Solutions To Uncover The Picture! Exercise Your Logic With Nonograms And Become A Real Nonogram Master!

Are You Ready To Use A Wonderful Way To Relax Your Mind And Complete The Nonogram Puzzle? Take The Challenge, And Train Your Brain NOW!

Nonograms Are Addictive Brain Games That Combine Logic With Pixel Art. Reveal Hidden Images On The Puzzle Pages Based On The Numbers Lined Up In Both Directions! Nonogram Is A Picture Cross Sudoku Puzzle, You Just Need To Follow The Basic Rules And Logic To Reveal The Hidden Picture. Squares On The Board Must Be Filled By Number Or Left Blank. Numbers Show How Many Squares To Fill. The Numbers Above The Column Are Read From Top-to-bottom. Numbers To The Left Of The Rows Are Read From Left-to-right. According To The Numbers, Color A Square Or Mark It With An X. If You Fill In All The Right Squares In This Pic Cross Puzzle, You Will Uncover A Lovely Pixel Art Picture! This Is The Main Point Of The Nonogram Quiz.This Entertaining Mind Game Will Bring You Hours Of Fun!

In The Game, There Is Not Only Nonogram To Play, But Also Unique Jigsaw Puzzles For Players To Play! Players Will Get A Piece Of Puzzle Pieces Every Time They Pass The Nonogram Game, Which Can Be Used To Complete A Large Exquisite Picture! A Total Of Ten Beautiful Big Pictures Are Waiting For You To Explore And Collect! (P.S: The Probability Of Falling Puzzle Pieces Is Different In Different Chapters. If You Do Not Get The Puzzle Pieces After Winning A Certain Level, It Is Normal.)

It Is Also Important Never To Guess. Only Cells That Can Be Determined By Logic Should Be Filled. If Guessing, A Single Error Can Spread Over The Entire Field And Completely Ruin The Solution.However,there Is No Health Setting In The Game, Try Every Possible Combination Of Answers!At The Same Time, If You Find That You Have No Mind To Do, Don't Forget To Use The Hint Function!

●Massive Themed Puzzle Packs
●Relax With The Special Jigsaw Puzzles Game Together
●Choose The Difficulty Level From “Easy” To “Expert”
●Numbers Above The Column Are Read From Top-to-bottom And To The Left Of The Rows Are Read From Left-to-right,and Fill The Empty Square
●Easy To Learn And Quite Addictive Once You Start Playing
●Autosave Every Puzzle, If You Stuck You Can Try Another Puzzle And Come Back Later
●Relieve stress with relaxing BGM. Gentle Music Calms You Down.
● Don't Forget To Use The Hint Function!
●There Are New Challenges Every Week! Complete Tasks And Win Great Rewards!

About The Auto-renewable Subscription Of Nonogram Puzzles:
VIP Bonus Subscription For 2.99 USD That Offers A Weekly Subscription For Getting Multiple Rewards Of Coins And Diamonds, And Removing ADS.

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Privacy Policy: Http://
Terms Of Use: Http://

If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free To Contact Us At
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Puzzle Fun
Polysphere Is A Brand New Puzzle Game That Trains Your Brain. Swipe To Rotate The Puzzle Until You See A Complete Picture. Dive Into A Whole New 3D Puzzle Experience.
Relax And Enjoy The Masterpieces You Will Create.

We Love You. Enjoy.
( 3.83 )
Puzzle Fun
Jigsaw Puzzle Is Easy To Play, Fun And Relaxing!
Our Puzzle Game Includes A Large Number Of Beautiful FREE Images Of Different Difficulty Levels From Easy To Hard.Choose From Variety Of Magnificent Puzzles And Play Them With The Number Of Pieces You Want.

A Great Number Of Topics: Animals, Flowers, Landscapes,birds And So On.There Are So Many Colorful, Breathtaking Pictures That Worth To Be Assembled.

Play And Relax. Totally Free Jigsaw Puzzles. Start Right Now!

★All Pictures Are Absolutely Free.
★Weekly Updated Gallery. You'll Never Run Out Of Free Puzzles.
★Relaxing Background Music.
★Custom Backgrounds. Choose Your Favorite And Play With More Pleasure.
★Easy And Responsive Control, Smart Camera Zoom.
★Automatically Save In-progress Jigsaws To Finish Later.
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Puzzle Fun
You Won't Have To Take A Paper Booklet With Your Favorite Logic Puzzles With You Anymore. From Now On You Can Just Play It Everywhere On Your Phone Or Tablet.

LogiBrain Grids Is A Grid-based Logic Puzzles Game. Solve These Logic Puzzles To Keep Your Brain Sharp!

Decode Written Clues And Use The Grid To Mark A Relationship Between Two Items And Eliminate The Other Possibilities And Solve The Puzzle.

Optimized For Phones And Tablets Instead Of Paper, This App Has The Ability To Erase Errors Or Show The Solution When You Get Stuck. This Makes It Easier And Quicker To Focus On The Logic Puzzle.

These Logic Puzzles Are For The True Logic Problem Fanatic! Try 20 Puzzles For Free. If You Like It, More Packages Are Available For In-app Purchase, Each With 20 Unique Puzzles, For Hours Of Puzzling Fun!

The Game Features Several Puzzles Of 3, 4 Or 5 Squares Which All Have A Different Difficulty Level. This Difficulty Is Shown In The Picture Behind The Title Of The Puzzle.

If You Like Logic Puzzles Then LogiBrain Grids Is Definitely Something For You!
Can You Solve The Puzzles?

Enjoy The Game And Have Fun!

- 20 Free Logic Grid Puzzles Included To Get You Started.
- Different Difficulty Levels So That There Is A Puzzle For Everyone.
- Long Press Option Will Check "•" For The Box And Check "X" To All Boxes Vertical And Horizontal To It.
- For Each Puzzle A High Score Is Tracked So You Can See How Long It Took You To Solve The Puzzle.
- Remove Errors With The 'Erase Errors' Button.
- Made A Mistake? You Can Always Use The Undo Feature.
- Are You Stuck? Use The 'Show Solution' Option.
- Resume Your Automatically Saved Games At Any Time.
- Detailed Explanation For New Users.
- Zoom And Drag The Puzzle To Match Your Screen Size For Small Screen Devices.
- Designed For Tablet And Phones.
- Additional Packages Of 20 Puzzles Each Are Available For In-app Purchase.

If You Like LogiBrain Grids, Please Take The Time To Give Us A Nice Review. This Helps Us To Make The App Even Better, Thanks In Advance!

We Offer The Puzzles In The Following Languages:

* Game Data Is Stored On Your Device. Save Data Cannot Be Transferred Between Devices, Nor Can It Be Restored After Deleting Or Reinstalling The App.

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Puzzle Fun