Camera Block Pro - Anti malware & Anti spyware app

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Jul 26, 2019
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• Block, disable and secure phone camera and protect your privacy from spyware.
• App will protect your phone camera from watching and spying you by privacy threats as: Viruses, surveillance, spyware and malware applications.

• Camera Block Pro - Anti malware & Anti spyware app:

✔ Protect your privacy from phone camera spies (spyware, malware, surveillance or infected apps)
✔ Monitor which apps have camera permission
✔ Setup automatic blocking periods
✔ Easy to use home screen widget for quick access
✔ Simple and clear design with 2 templates and multiple icon sets.

-- “Average android phone have installed 38 applications that have camera permission and can be anytime misused to watch you and spy on you. Each of 38 apps can take picture or recording video anytime they want. Most of the apps has internet permission and can transfer pictures and videos to the world. (Plus unknown number of security agencies watching your right now ;).” --

★ Try Free version (Camera Block Free - Anti spyware & Anti malware):

- Free protection works 22 hours per day (Blocking is turned off between 8-10PM)
- The free version contains banner ads
★ (Camera Block Free - Anti spyware & Anti malware)

• FAQ:

- Does Camera Block Pro need camera or internet permission? Is the app safe?
The app doesn't require "camera permission" or "internet permission". Our app is also blocked from watching you.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This permission allows app to denied access to the camera.


? Although The Quality Of The Camera Is Increasingly Upgraded And Improved, Though, To Get Beautiful Photos Were Taken From Smartphones Still Requires Experience And The Ability To Take Pictures Of Users. S21 Ultra Camera Will Help You Take Better Pictures With A Smartphone, Whether Just A "dreamer" In Photography ?

? It's Easy To See Someone Using Photo-taking Applications To Create Stunning Images. So What Is The Right Photo App For The Samsung Galaxy S21? That Is The S21 Ultra Camera ?

♻️ To Get A Beautiful Picture Depends On Many Factors, Such As Overall Scene, Ambient Brightness, The Direction Of Light, Sort Of Objects To Shoot ... But The Most Important Is Still The Sutras And The Ability Of The Photographer ?

? If You Are Frequent Use A Smartphone Camera To Take Photos, You Do Not Have To Have Too Much Photography Experience And Require A High-quality Camera Phone. What You Need Is The Help Of The S21 Ultra Camera Application. To Make The Picture More Beautiful ?

? Features

♪ Available For Galaxy S, Galaxy J, Galaxy A,.....
♪ 80+ Exquisite Filters
♪ The Beauty Selfie Camera, Helps You Look Your Best
♪ HD Camera, Support Full Screen, 16:9 And 4:3
♪ Funny Mask Stickers To Selfie
♪ Taking Photos By Volume Button, Easy To Selfie
♪ Pinch To Zoom In/out The Camera
♪ Touch To Focus Camera
♪ Picture Size Option For The Rear Camera And Front Camera
♪ Exposure Compensation Adjustment
♪ Auto Flash On/off Option
♪ Floating Shutter Button
♪ Shutter Sounds Disable The Option
♪ Zoom Video By Volume Key When Recording
♪ Seal Stickers, Funny
♪ Professional Mode (ISO, Scene Mode, White Balance, Filters, Exposure Compensation)
♪ Camera For Galaxy S21 Support HDR
♪ Fill Flash In Front Camera
♪ Video Resolution Adjustment
♪ Save Location Option, Support Save To SD Card
♪ Location GPS Tags Support
♪ Photo Stamp Support, You Can Stamp Photos With Date And Time
♪ Swiping Screen Up And Down To Switch The Front And Rear Camera
♪ Moving Shutter Left And Right To Adjust The Camera Focus
♪ S Camera Support Full-screen Display On 18.5: 9 Resolution
♪ Support Burst Shooting By The Long-pressing Camera Shutter
♪ You Can Set Favorite Picture In The Camera's Album
♪ Video Flash Support
♪ Camera Grid Option
♪ Mirror Camera
♪ Camera Timer Option

? S21 Ultra Uses The Photographic Principles Used By Professional Photographers To Provide The Most Reasonable Advice, Helping Users Get The Best Possible Shot.☣️

? When You Want To Capture A Photo With A Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera, You Put The Camera Of The Smartphone Towards The Scene And Subjects To Capture, Keeping The Smartphone In A Few Seconds. At This Point, The Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera App Automatically Performs Analysis Of The Overall Scene, Identifying The Faces Of The People In The Frame, Ambient Light, Reflection Of The Sun ... After The Completion. Analytical Processing, On The Interface Of The S21 Camera, Will Appear A Small Camera Icon.?

? Photos Were Taken With The S21 Ultra Camera Application Are Stored Directly In The Smartphone's Default Album, So Users Can Easily View Or Share The Captured Images At Any Time ?

? S21 Camera Is A Smart Photo-taking Application And It Is Very Useful To Help Users Get Beautiful Photos And Photos, Especially With The "fuzzy Chicken" In Photography. You Can Use The Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera To Replace The Default Photo Capture Application Available On Your Smartphone ?
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★ The Next-generation Camera For The Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Lets You Shoot Like A Pro Without Being A Pro

★ Multi-camera With Ultra Wide Camera S21+ Revolutionizes The Way You Shoot. S21 Ultra Camera Specs With Dual Aperture And Multi-frame Composition Bring Out The Light In The Dark

★ The Selfie Camera Galaxy S21 Ultra That Overperforms. The Selfie Camera Detects Faces And Focuses Quickly On Stunning Self-portraits In A Snap

★ S21 Camera Lets You Experiment With Depth Of Field And Artistic Effects To Change The Mood Of Your Selfies

⛳️ With Camera For S21 BTS Edition Is Cool Live AR Stickers, Beauty Cam, Amazing Filters And Professional Mode, You Can Turn Photos Into Artwork, You Can Share Your Nice Photos With Your Friends, You Can Show Them You Have A Cool Camera Just Like Galaxy S21 Camera+ BTS!

? Camera For S21 Ultra Provides Perfect Quality For Previewing And Recording, Intelligent Shooting Modes, Real-time Funny Effects, Picture-in-picture Functionality When Multiple Cameras Are Connected, And Quick Sharing To Popular Social Networking Sites. S21 Camera Will Help Your Instagram Photos Be Edited More Perfectly. It’s The Best Camera App You Can Get For A Phone

? Camera For S21 Ultra, Five Lenses. Multi-Camera Perspective To Revolutionize The Way You Shoot. It's A Full Kit Of Lenses In Your Pocket. Like The Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera, There’s A Telephoto Camera For Amazing Zoom Possibilities, A Wide-angle Camera For Everyday Moments, And An Ultra-Wide Camera For Panoramic Landscapes

? Features

✥ Add Amazing Filters To Photos
+ S21 Camera Photo Editor Support Crop And Rotate The Photo, Adjust Photo Size
+ S21 Camera Photo Editor Supports Many Photo Adjustments, Such As Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Tone, And Etc
✥ Galaxy S21 Camera Support Vignette Function, Support Tilt-shift Photography
✥ S21 Ultra Camera Support Photo Stamp, You Can Stamp Photos With Location And Date Tags
✥ Camera Galaxy S21 Support Blur Background
✥ Support 4K, Ultra HD Camera, HDR Mode, Help You Take Better Photos
✥ Professional Mode: ISO, Scene Modes, White Balance, Exposure Compensation Adjustment, And Etc
+100 Wonderful Filters And Also Have A Filter Store Which Has Many Advanced Filters
- S21 Camera Support Live AR Stickers, Emoji Stickers For You To Take Cool And Funny Photos Or Videos
✥ HDR – Improve Images Captured In Low-light And Backlit Scenes
✥ Real-time Filter – Preview Filter Effect Before Taking Pictures Or Shooting Videos
✥ Support Short Video, Long Press Shutter To Create Your Own Video
✥ Share Photo On Social As Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp,...

? An Unprecedented Ultra-wide Panoramic Field Of View Means Your Phone Sees What You See And Captures It How You See It. S21 Ultra Camera Specs With An Extraordinary Dual Aperture Camera That Isn't Afraid Of The Dark. Adjust For Any Light So You Get Beautiful Photos. Capture Action Shots With Precision And Clarity For In-focus Selfies That Are Well-lit, Even In Low Light. Galaxy S21 Plus Camera Super Smooth Video, No Rig Required. Super Steady Turns The Action Into Next-level Videos

? The Extraordinary Dual Aperture Camera So You're Not Afraid Of The Dark. You’re Ready For Photos Day Or Night With Dual Aperture Providing Day To Night Light Control — Adjusting And Optimizing Light Before You Tap The Shutter. Plus, The Galaxy S21 Plus Camera Has A Powerful Processor That Automatically Combines Multiple Frames Of The Same Low-light Moment Into One Beautiful Shot

? Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Shot Suggestion Guides You To Stunning, Pro-quality Pictures. Pulling From The Rules Of Photography Utilized By Professionals, Camera For S21 Ultra - Galaxy S10 Camera Guides You To An Ideal Photo Composition Based On Its Analysis Of Over 100 Million High-quality Photos, Which Makes You A Better Photographer. Detect Humans, Soften The Background And Adjust The Depth Of Field For Beautifully Artistic Shots, Then Change The Vibe With Filter
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Designed To Work With The LINK Series Cellular Trail Cameras, The SPYPOINT App Allows You To Receive Photos From Your Camera Directly To Your Smartphone Or Tablet. You Can Activate Your New Camera, View Your Photos, Manage And Monitor Your Trail Camera From Anywhere. Includes BUCK TRACKER Species Recognition Technology That Allows For Quick Sorting And Filtering Of All Your Photos. The App Provides A Simple And Easy Way To:

- See And Store Your Trail Camera Photos
- Check Signal Strength, Battery Level And SD Card Storage Space
- Manage Multiple Cameras And Change Their Settings
- Choose And Modify Your Photo Transmission Plan
- Set And Control Notifications
- View And Track Weather Conditions At The Location Of The Camera
- And Much More
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Camera Apps
Introducing You To The Incredible Lomography Vintage Photo Filters For Instagram ? That Will Take Your Photography To A Whole New Level.

Lomo Cam Filters Are The Perfect Option For Everyone To Enhance Their Picture Quality. The Retro Camera Filters Will Make Your Memories Eternal And Everlasting.

The Retro Filters For Pictures Will Give Your Photos A Smooth Color Enhancement To Make It Lively And Enchanting. All The Beautiful Cam Effects Can Be Availed Without Spending A Single Penny, Which Includes Lomography, Hipstamatic, Photo Filters, Retro Camera Photo Effects, And Much More.

Camera Filters And Effects ? Also Known As Pop Photography, Contained Filters And Styles, Which Weren’t Popular In The Early Times But Now They Have Paved The Way In Shaping The New Horizons Of Photography. Along With That Vintage Camera Effect & Retro Camera Effect Can Also Add Extra Beauty To Your Images.

? live Camera Filters For Instagram - Lomograph Is The Best App Of 2021. You Can Capture As Much As ? Cinematic Photos With Our Lomograph Film Filters. There Are Also Many Other Old Camera Effects Such As:

✔️ Old Camera Film Filters
✔️ Hipstamatic Photo Editor Effect
✔️ Cinematic
✔️ Retro Analog Filters
✔️ Polaroid Image Effect
✔️ Camera Filters And Effects
✔️Camera Filters For Instagram

live Camera Filters And Lomograph Is The Best Selfie Camera App That Contains Many Filters For Pictures To Choose From. Photo Effects And Overlays Like Polaroid, Vintage, And Lomo Cam Effect Can Be Used To Add Some To Your Image Or Use The Vintage Effects To Give Your Picture A Professional Look. Lomo Art Will Give Your Images A Special Look That Will Depict The True Essence Of Originality.

Taking A Lomography Film In The Vintage Camera ? Will Allow You To Add Photo Effects. You Won’t Need Images To Be Washed In The Darkroom Anymore & Get Your Walgreens Photo Editor Printed In No Time. And Amazingly The Vintage Camera Photo Effects Do Not Need To Import From Any External Source.

Call It A Beauty Cam Or Camera ?, Photo Filters And Effects Allow Overlays On Images Making Them Look Lomographica ? , And Such Filters Are Also Used For As Well. You Can Enhance The Picture Quality By Adding Retro Camera Filters

These Camera Filters ? Or Lomography Filters Can Be Used On All Social Sites And Apps In Smartphones ? As Well. These Photo Overlays Will Make Your Image Look Sharper And Vigorous.

An Interface You Will Find As Easy As Pie, The Main Screen Includes Two Options To Choose From, The Camera And Gallery. All The Lomography Retro Filters In This App Have Five Different Applying Methods Which You Can Find By Swiping On A Selected Filter Screen.

Take Pictures With Your Beauty Cam Inside The App With Your Favorite Filter Without Adding Your Snap From The Gallery.

Camera Filters Includes The Following Astonishing Filters:

✔️ Darkroom
✔️ Film Filter
✔️ Hipstamatic Camera
✔️ Cinematic Camera
✔️ Polaroid Cam
✔️ Film Camera Filters
✔️ Old Retro
✔️ Glitch
✔️ Lomo Camera
✔️Effects For Instagram

So, What Are You Waiting For? Say Cheese!!
And Get Ready To Use Your Favorite Photo Filters Of A Retro Camera And Vintage Camera Photo Effects To Get Eye-catching Images. But Amongst All The Filters, The Most Popular One And Widely Used Is The Retro Camera Photo Effect Because Of Its Uniqueness And Exceptionality In Terms Of Delivering The Quality And Classy, Artistic Look.

This Application Is Not The Official App Of “Lomography” & "Instagram Filters" The Original Website. Also, We Have No Affiliation With Any Site Or Brand. All The Filters And Assets Might Be Similar To Instagram Filters But Are Custom Made By Our Professional Designers. The Lomographica Has Made Every Effort To Ensure Not To Disobey Other’s COPYRIGHTS And TRADEMARKS

Privacy Policy And Terms & Conditions
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Camera Apps
This Manual Camera DSLR App Will Turn Your Phone Into Professional Camera Like, With Fully Manual Camera Control On ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure, Manual Focus And Another Features Like A Professional Camera, Which Can Bring Your Mobile Photography To The Next Level. Take The Best Capture Of Your Photo And Even Record Your Video In 4K UHD Resolution.

☆ DSLR Camera HD Professional Main Features : ☆

✓ Control Exposure
✓ Control White Balance
✓ Manual ISO *
✓ Manual Focus *
✓ Control Shutter Speed *
✓ Save RAW Photo *
✓ Real Time Filter / Color Effect
✓ 4K Camera Recording (on Supported Devices)
✓ Timelapse / Fast Motion Video
✓ Slow Motion Video *
✓ Set Video Frame Rate And Bit Rate
✓ Intervalometer / Interval Shot
✓ Geotagging
✓ Photo Stamping

* Require Android 5.0+ With Camera2API Enabled By Phone Manufacture

It's An Excellent Fast Camera App, Perform Quickly Giving Your Fast Camera Performance Which Is Able To Take Many Pictures At Some Interval In Burst Mode, Very Useful For Creating Stop Motion Or Time Lapse Video

Create Photos With Different Effects And Another Pro Hd Camera Pro Features Like Manual Exposure Lock, Manual ISO, White Balance, Hd Camera Pro Grid View, Golden Ratio Grid, Etc. And Reach The Highest Level Of Dslr Photography With This Dslr Camera Professional.

DSLR Camera Professional Additional Features :

* Burst Camera App With Configurable Delay To Create Stop Motion Or Create Time Lapse Video
* Face Detection / Facial Recognition
* Front Back Hd Camera Pro Selection, Save Raw Photo Only Using Rear Camera
* Professional Camera Hd Features: Scene Mode, Focus Mode, Burst Mode, Color Effects, White Balance, And Manual Exposure Lock, Manual ISO.
* Choose To And 4k Video Quality And Resolution.
* 4K Camera Recording (With Optional Audio Recording) Like Professional Camera Hd
* Option To Turn Off The Shutter Sound.
* GUI To Change The Orientation Without Any Pause Works In Any Direction.* Adjustable Volume Keys (image To Zoom Receive Or Change The Exposure Compensation).
* Excellent And Fast Camera / Burst Camera Hd Performance
* Remote Control (optional Audio Countdown) Timer (with Configurable Delay) Automatic Repeat Mode.
* Customable Volume Keys To Perform Quick Operation Like Dslr Camera App
* HD Camera Feature To Adjust Shutter Speed
* Manual Focus Like DSLR Camera Halide
* HD Camera Feature To Choose Manual ISO Like Procam Halide
* Manual Exposure
* Location Targeting Feature
* Remove With Multi-touch Gesture And Single-touch Control.
* Option To Lock The Photo Or 4k Video In Portrait Or Landscape Orientation.
* 4K Video Recording On Supported Device, Turn Your Phone Into 4k Camera App
* Realtime Photo Filter On Procam Halide
* Photo Grid : 4K Camera Line, Golden Ration Line
* Disable The Shutter Sound / Silent Camera Mode When Take Photo Or Record 4k Video
* Optional GPS Location Tagging (geotagging), Photos And Videos; For Photos That Compass Direction Contains.
* A Date And Time Stamp On Photos, Raw Photo, Location Coordinates And Implements A Custom Text.
* (Some) External Microphone Support.
* Manual Focus Distance; Manual ISO / Iso Dslr Photography ;
manual Camera Exposure Lock; RAW (DNG) Files On Front Back Manual Camera
* Manual ISO / Iso Manual Or Just Balance ISO ( Set Iso Manual )
* Flash Mode Feature Like Procam Halide
* Save JPG And RAW Photo For Dslr Photography
* Brightness / Exposure Setting
* Burst Camera Mode Useful For Creating Time Lapse Or Stop Motion Which Required Interval Shooting
* Unlock Phone Manual Camera Professional Capability To Record At 4k Camera On Supported Devices

All Complete Features Like Dslr Photography Packaged In Small Compact Size And Clean Interface,
Download This Professional Camera Hd And Start Record Your 4k Video

Note :

To Use All Manual Camera Features You Need Device With Android 5.0 And Up Which Is Support Camera2 API, You Will Know That Your Device Is Supported If You Can Find “enable Camera2api” Option In Setting Menu.
( 4.28 )
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