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Feb 15, 2021
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One4KWGT Reloaded is a collection of a lot of beautiful widgets for Kustom KWGT app. It also contains 31 beautiful wallpapers to match the widget style. You can find more unique wallpapers in our One4Wall app! Some of the widgets from here are made to match the style of those wallpapers. Be sure to check out Globals tab inside KWGT app where you can change the theme of widgets (light and dark themes) but also colors, fonts and many more.

This is not a stand alone app! One4KWGT Reloaded requires Kustom's KWGT and KWGT PRO app (paid app)! It won't work without KWGT PRO


96 widgets
31 wallpapers
8 komponents

Among others, there are iStyle widgets based on iOS design, Neo widgets based on neomorphism and Rea widgets. More widgets coming next week!

See more screenshots here:

What you need:

1. KWGT and KWGT PRO apps installed
KWGT free link:
KWGT Pro link:

2. Custom launcher like Nova, Poco, Lawnchair or similar

How to install:

1. Download One4KWGT Reloaded
2. Long tap on your homescreen and choose (Add) Widget
3. Choose KWGT Widget (Choose the size you want. You can rescale it)
4. Tap on the widget created on homescreen and choose installed One4KWGT Reloaded
5. Choose the preset from our app that you like and click save button

If the widget is not right sized use the scaling in the KWGT option to apply correct size.

Before buying, please take a look at screenshots as all presets are shown so you know what to expect! We don't accept refund requests via email, you have enough time to make a refund yourself through Google Play.

We recommend to use this widgets in combination with some of our icon packs. You can see all our apps by visiting our website:

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve One4KWGT Reloaded app, please fell free to contact us via Twitter (, Telegram group chat ( or via email (


*This Is Not A Stand Alone App. IOS Widgets Require KWGT PRO ( Not Free Version Of That App).*

IOS Like Widgets Are Now Available On Android In This Newest KWGT Pack. A Mixture Of 65 IOS Widgets And Some Different Ones Are Available Right Now With More Widgets To Come In The Near Future.

Read Limitations And Fixes Below!!

Included Are 65 Widgets With Light And Dark Versions Respectively. More Coming With Each New Update!

Currently Are Included:

Twitter Widgets
Google Widgets
Weather Widgets
Control Center Widgets
Calendar Widgets
Battery Widgets
Time Widgets
Fitness Widgets
News Widgets
Gallery Slideshow Widget
Notes Widget
Analog Clock Widgets
World Clock Widget
Nike NRC Widget
Big Calendar Widget
App Folders Widgets
Dock Widgets
More To Come!

Please Use Anything X4 Wide Grid In Your Launcher (eg. 9x4). All The Widgets Are Made Like This And Will Look The Best In This Configuration.

Also, Use Google Fit, Google Calendar In Order To Get The Best Readings For The Fitness Widget And The Calendar Widgets. If You Use Different Apps, Those Widgets Might Not Even Work!

You Can Enable/disable Widget Names For Each Widget In The "Globals" Tab, First Thing From The Top. It's A Simple ON/OFF Switch.

To Change The Feed Of Which You Want Twitter Or Instagram To Be Displayed Do The Following:
1. Copy The Profile's URL (go To His/hers Profile And Copy The Link)
2. Go To Https:// And Generate A Feed With The Link Copied Previously
3. Copy The Generated Link.
4. In The Globals Tab For The Twitter And Instagram Widgets There Is A Value Called "url". Paste Your Generated Link There. That's It.

In Order For Theanalog Clock Widget To Display Seconds Correctly You Need To Set KWGT Widget Update To Fast Or One Second In KWGT Settings.

The Nike Running Widget Takes Data From Google Fit So Use That! You Need To Set The Goal That You Want Manually. Just Tap The Widget, Go To Globals And Set Your Goal, That's It. Everything Else Works Accordingly.

Control Center Has Limitations Due To KWGT! Only Wifi And Bluetooth Will Toggle Right From The Widget. Mobile Data And Airplane Mode Will Take You To Settings. Please Understand This Is A Limitation With How KWGT Works.

Fitness Widget Needs Google Fit In Order To Display Fitness Data. Other Apps Might Work, But It's Been Tested And Working With Google Fit.

For The gallery Widget You Can Change The Folder Or Path Where You Want Your Photos To Be Displayed. Also You Can Change The Frequency, Default Is 1 Minute. Global Value For Path Is Available So You Need To Change That If You Want Another Folder.

Cycle Between News By Taping On The Right And Left Side Of The Image And Open The Link To The Article By Taping On The Title.

News Widget Already Set Up For CNN News, You Can Change The Global Value "rssone" For A Different Rss Feed, But I Recommend Not Because Some Feeds Have No Images So The Widget Would Not Display A Thumnail.

Notes Widget Has Limitations Due To KWGT. You Can Add Your Own Notes By Changing The Global Values "Note 1, Note 2, Note 3". Tap On The Orange Part Of The Widget And That Will Open KWGT Editor Where You Can Change Those Values.
If You Tap On The White Part It Will Open Google Keep.

For The Dock Widget You Need To Use Nova Launcher Or Any Launcher That Supports Overlaping Of Items. For Nova Go To Homescreen Settings And Enable Widget Overlaping. Then Just Place Your Icons On Top Of The Dock Widget.

Email Me For Any Issues Or If You Want To Change Something About A Widget.
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Smart Style IOs Widgets Is Based On Latest IOS 14 Widgets And Lots Of Watch Faces Tons Of Global Setting Will Make Yours Truly.
Initial Release With 45 High Quality Unique Design Widgets And Lot More Will Come On Regular Updates.

Weekly Updates.

This Is Not A Stand Alone App. Smart Style IOS Widgets Require KWGT PRO Application ( Not Free Version Of This App

What You Need:?

KWGT Https://
Pro Key Https://

✔ Custom Launcher Like A Nova Launcher (Recommended)

Presentation Resources?

Icon Pack: Athena Dark Icon Pack

Wallpaper: Wallnut Twix Your Homescreen?

How To Install:

✔ Download Smart IOs Style Widgets And KWGT PRO Application
✔ Long Tap On Your Homescreen And Choose Widget
✔ Choose KWGT Widget
✔ Tap On The Widget And Choose Installed Smart Style IOS Widgets
✔ Choose Widget Which You Like.
✔ Enjoy!

If The Widget Is Not Right Sized Use The Scaling In The KWGT Option To Apply Correctly Size.

Please Contact Me With Any Questions/issues Before Leaving A Negative Rating.

Twitter Handle @RajjAryaa
Or Mail Me At ✉
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More Screenshots here .

Orca Is A Pack Of 100 Beautiful Widgets For KWGT And 23 Wallpapers. Widget Pack Is Frequently Updated.

This Is Not A Stand Alone App. Orca Widgets Require KWGT PRO ( Not Free Version Of This App).

What You Need:

✔ Custom Launcher ( Nova Is Recommended )

How To Install:

✔ Download Orca For KWGT And KWGT PRO Application
✔ Long Tap On Your Homescreen And Choose Widget
✔ Choose KWGT Widget
✔ Tap On The Widget And Choose Installed Orca For KWGT.
✔ Choose Widget Which You Like.
✔ Enjoy!

If The Widget Is Not Right Sized Use The Scaling In The KWGT Option To Apply Correctly Size.

Please Contact Me With Any Questions/issues Before Leaving A Negative Rating.
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From The Team Behind WatchMaker, The Largest Watchface Design Community In The World - Get Ready To Make Your Home Screen Unique With Widgetopia!

If You Got Bored Of The Same Old Look On Your Android Smartphone And Want To Do Something New Then Try This IOS 14 Launcher App.

Try The New Refreshed Look Of IOS 14 On Your Android Smartphone, With All The Widgets For IOS 14.


There Are 2000+ Pre-built Widgets Which You Can Use Right Away!


With Widgetopia, You Can Use Our Powerful Design Tools To Make Your Own Designs And Display Any Data You Need.
- 2000+ Widgets, More Each Day!
- Full Designer Tool
- Time & Date
- Digital Clock
- Analog Clock Including Seconds
- 1000 Watch Hands + Backgrounds
- Weather (current, Hourly, Daily)
- Steps
- Charts
- Countdowns
- Battery Indicator
- Use Your Own Photos
- Javascript Expressions
- Moon Phase
- Calendar + Agenda
- Activity Rings
- Progress Bars
- Import Widgets
- Themeable Widgets
- Transparent Widgets
- Custom JSON Endpoints
- Animated GIFs
- Color Widgets And Monochrome
- IPhone Style Widgets Like WidgetSmith
- Much More Coming Soon!


You Can Remix Any Widget You Like And Customize To Your Heart's Content!


All Design Tools And Widgets Are Now Unlocked For Free Users!
Lifetime Premium Is A One-off Payment Which Removes Watermarks On Widgets, Allows Editing Existing Widgets And Removes Ads.
No Subscriptions Or Hidden Fees.

Privacy Policy: Https://
Terms Of Use: Https://

Requested Access:
Calendar - Display Calendar Data On Widgets
Google Fit - Widgetopia Optionally Integrates With Google Fit. This Data Is Used To Display Your Step Count And Activity If You Select One Of Those Widget Types.
Location - Get Weather Data For Your Location
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Give Your Homescreen Some Pop With Modern Widgets And Wallpapers.

This Is Not A Standalone App. It Requires KWGT And KWGT Pro Key.

Poppins Is A Widget Pack Designed To Make Your Home Screens Look Gorgeous With A Wide Selection Of Widgets While Still Maintaining Consistency Using The Same Design Language Across All The Widgets.
- 67+ Widgets In Auto Light/dark Versions.
- Automatically Adapt Your Widgets To Your Wallpaper Color. Get Background
And Accent Colors.
- Widget Types Included - Weather, Calendar, News, Music, System Info, Apps,
Search, Clock, Fitness, Controls And More.
- Curated Collection Of Wallpapers To Match With The Widget Style.
- Fully Functional Widgets With Proper Interactions And Touch Controls.

Make Sure That Widgets Are Scaled To 100% And Preset Dimensions Match With Widget Preview For The Best Look.

Please Reach Me Out If You Need Any Help With This App To Or
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