Frizzy KWGT

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Developed By : RajArya™


Mar 5, 2021
Current Version:
This is not a stand alone app. Frizzy widgets require KWGT PRO application ( not free version of this app)

What you need:

Pro key

✔ Custom launcher like a Nova launcher (Recommended)

How to install:

✔ Download Frizzy and KWGT PRO application
✔ Long tap on your homescreen and choose Widget
✔ Choose KWGT Widget
✔ Tap on the widget and choose installed Frizzy
✔ Choose widget which you like.
✔ Enjoy!

If the widget is not right sized use the scaling in the KWGT option to apply correctly size.

Please contact me with any questions/issues before leaving a negative rating.


More Screenshots here .

Orca Is A Pack Of 100 Beautiful Widgets For KWGT And 23 Wallpapers. Widget Pack Is Frequently Updated.

This Is Not A Stand Alone App. Orca Widgets Require KWGT PRO ( Not Free Version Of This App).

What You Need:

✔ Custom Launcher ( Nova Is Recommended )

How To Install:

✔ Download Orca For KWGT And KWGT PRO Application
✔ Long Tap On Your Homescreen And Choose Widget
✔ Choose KWGT Widget
✔ Tap On The Widget And Choose Installed Orca For KWGT.
✔ Choose Widget Which You Like.
✔ Enjoy!

If The Widget Is Not Right Sized Use The Scaling In The KWGT Option To Apply Correctly Size.

Please Contact Me With Any Questions/issues Before Leaving A Negative Rating.
( 4.23 )
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One4KWGT Reloaded Is A Collection Of A Lot Of Beautiful Widgets For Kustom KWGT App. It Also Contains 31 Beautiful Wallpapers To Match The Widget Style. You Can Find More Unique Wallpapers In Our One4Wall App! Some Of The Widgets From Here Are Made To Match The Style Of Those Wallpapers. Be Sure To Check Out Globals Tab Inside KWGT App Where You Can Change The Theme Of Widgets (light And Dark Themes) But Also Colors, Fonts And Many More.

This Is Not A Stand Alone App! One4KWGT Reloaded Requires Kustom's KWGT And KWGT PRO App (paid App)! It Won't Work Without KWGT PRO


96 Widgets
31 Wallpapers
8 Komponents

Among Others, There Are IStyle Widgets Based On IOS Design, Neo Widgets Based On Neomorphism And Rea Widgets. More Widgets Coming Next Week!

See More Screenshots Here: Https://

What You Need:

1. KWGT And KWGT PRO Apps Installed
KWGT Free Link: Https://
KWGT Pro Link: Https://

2. Custom Launcher Like Nova, Poco, Lawnchair Or Similar

How To Install:

1. Download One4KWGT Reloaded
2. Long Tap On Your Homescreen And Choose (Add) Widget
3. Choose KWGT Widget (Choose The Size You Want. You Can Rescale It)
4. Tap On The Widget Created On Homescreen And Choose Installed One4KWGT Reloaded
5. Choose The Preset From Our App That You Like And Click Save Button

If The Widget Is Not Right Sized Use The Scaling In The KWGT Option To Apply Correct Size.

Before Buying, Please Take A Look At Screenshots As All Presets Are Shown So You Know What To Expect! We Don't Accept Refund Requests Via Email, You Have Enough Time To Make A Refund Yourself Through Google Play.

We Recommend To Use This Widgets In Combination With Some Of Our Icon Packs. You Can See All Our Apps By Visiting Our Website:

If You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions On How To Improve One4KWGT Reloaded App, Please Fell Free To Contact Us Via Twitter (, Telegram Group Chat ( Or Via Email (
( 4.92 )
Best Widget Apps
Make Your Android Launcher Or Lockscreen Look Unique With Kustom The Most Powerful Widget Creator Ever! Use Its Awesome WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor To Create You Own Designs And Display Any Data You Need, At Once And Without Draining Your Battery As Many Others Tools Do! You Want Animations Too? Then Check Out KWGT Little Brother Kustom Live Wallpaper!

With Kustom Widget You Can Create Customized Watches Like Digital And Analog Clocks, Live Map Widget, Weather Widget, Text Widget, Sophisticated Battery Or Memory Meters, Randomly Changing Images, Music Players, World Clocks, Astronomy Widgets And Much Much More. Imagination Is The Limit.

PLEASE Do Not Use Reviews For Support/refund Questions, For Refunds Or Issues Write, For Presets Help Check Out Our Reddit Community

You Get:
- Some Skin To Start With And Some Komponent (a Widget In Kustom)
- Over ONE Thousands FREE Widgets In The Featured Section!
- Text With Custom Fonts, Colors, Sizes And Effects
- Shapes Like Ovals, Rects, Arcs, Triangles, Exagons And More
- 3D Flip Transformations, Curved And Skewed Text
- Gradients, Shadows, Tiling And Color Filters
- Zooper Like Progress Bars And Series
- Layers With Overlay Effects Like Pro Image / Photo Editors (blur, Clear, Xor, Difference, Saturation)
- Touch Actions / Hotspots On Any Object You Create
- Status Bar Notifications (text, Images Package Name And So On)
- PNG / JPG / WEBp Image And SVG (scalable Vector Graphics) Support With Builtin Picture Scaler
- Google Fitness Support (segments, Calories, Steps, Distance, Sleep)
- Complex Programming Language With Functions, Conditionals And Global Variables
- Arbitrary Change Widget Background Or Aspect Based On Touch, Time, Location, Weather, Anything!
- Dynamic Download Of Content Via HTTP (live Maps, Weather And So On)
- Native Music Utilities (current Playing Song Title, Album, Cover)
- Weather With Wind Chill, Feels Like Temperature And More
- Multiple Weather Providers Like Open Weather Map, Yr.No, Accu Weather (plugin), Darksky (plugin) And More
- RSS And Free XML / XPATH / Text Download
- Tasker Support (load Preset Via Tasker, Change Variable Via Tasker And So On)
- A Huge Amount Of Data To Display Such As: Date, Time, Battery (with Duration Estimation), Calendar, Astronomy (sunrise, Sunset, Illumination, Stardate), CPU Speed, Memory, Countdowns, WiFi And Cellular Status, Traffic Info, Next Alarm, Location, Moving Speed, Rom/device, Ip, Network Data And Much More)

Pro Will:
- Remove The ADS
- Support The Dev!
- Unlock Import From SD And All External Skins
- Recover Preset
- Save The World From Alien Invasion

- Support Site: Https://
- Reddit: Https://
- Permissions: Https://
( 4.13 )
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Give Your Homescreen Some Pop With Modern Widgets And Wallpapers.

This Is Not A Standalone App. It Requires KWGT And KWGT Pro Key.

Poppins Is A Widget Pack Designed To Make Your Home Screens Look Gorgeous With A Wide Selection Of Widgets While Still Maintaining Consistency Using The Same Design Language Across All The Widgets.
- 67+ Widgets In Auto Light/dark Versions.
- Automatically Adapt Your Widgets To Your Wallpaper Color. Get Background
And Accent Colors.
- Widget Types Included - Weather, Calendar, News, Music, System Info, Apps,
Search, Clock, Fitness, Controls And More.
- Curated Collection Of Wallpapers To Match With The Widget Style.
- Fully Functional Widgets With Proper Interactions And Touch Controls.

Make Sure That Widgets Are Scaled To 100% And Preset Dimensions Match With Widget Preview For The Best Look.

Please Reach Me Out If You Need Any Help With This App To Or
( 4.85 )
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Smart Style IOs Widgets Is Based On Latest IOS 14 Widgets And Lots Of Watch Faces Tons Of Global Setting Will Make Yours Truly.
Initial Release With 45 High Quality Unique Design Widgets And Lot More Will Come On Regular Updates.

Weekly Updates.

This Is Not A Stand Alone App. Smart Style IOS Widgets Require KWGT PRO Application ( Not Free Version Of This App

What You Need:?

KWGT Https://
Pro Key Https://

✔ Custom Launcher Like A Nova Launcher (Recommended)

Presentation Resources?

Icon Pack: Athena Dark Icon Pack

Wallpaper: Wallnut Twix Your Homescreen?

How To Install:

✔ Download Smart IOs Style Widgets And KWGT PRO Application
✔ Long Tap On Your Homescreen And Choose Widget
✔ Choose KWGT Widget
✔ Tap On The Widget And Choose Installed Smart Style IOS Widgets
✔ Choose Widget Which You Like.
✔ Enjoy!

If The Widget Is Not Right Sized Use The Scaling In The KWGT Option To Apply Correctly Size.

Please Contact Me With Any Questions/issues Before Leaving A Negative Rating.

Twitter Handle @RajjAryaa
Or Mail Me At ✉
( 4.17 )
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