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Mar 31, 2021
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Ludo is fun to play a multiplayer board game that can be played between 2, 3 or 4 players. It is the most popular and fun game to play with family and friends. Ludo is a mind refreshing game with its lucky dice rolls and strategical gameplay. This interesting 2D Ludo game has been around us for a long time as the best game to play in our spare time.

How the Ludo game works:
Ludo game starts with four tokens placed in each player's starting box. A dice is rolled in turns by each player during the game. The player's token will be placed on the starting point when a 6 is rolled on the dice. The main goal of the game is to take all 4 tokens inside the HOME area before the other opponents.

Basic rules of Ludo game:
- A token can start to move only if the dice rolled is a 6.
- Each player gets a turn wise chance to roll the dice. And if the player rolls a 6, they will get another chance to roll the dice again.
- All the tokens must reach the center of the board to win the game.
- The token move clock-wise according to the number of rolled dice.
- Knocking out other's token will give you an extra chance to roll the dice again.

Game features:

Single Player - Play against the computer.
Local Multiplayer - Play with friends and family offline.
Play 2 to 4 players.
You can continue your game anytime.
Multi-colored dice for each player.
Real Ludo dice roll animation.
View the progress of each player in percentage.
Throw dice or roll instantly.
Shake your phone to roll the dice option.
Customize game speed yourself.
Easy single menu player selection.
Play the Ludo game in your native languages.
English, Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic & Indonesian languages are supported in this Ludo game.

Enjoy playing the best offline version of the Ludo game anytime anywhere with your friends and family. The multiplayer version of this game is coming soon, so stay tuned.

We hope you enjoy playing this Ludo.

Please send us your feedback, and we'll try to improve the game performance as per your requirements.

Thank you for playing Ludo and do check out our other games.


Take No Prisoners And Protect Your King At All Costs! This 3D Chess Game Is The Best Way To Play The Classic Chess Board Game On Android!

Chess Is A Two-player Strategy Board Game Played On A Checkered Board With 64 Squares Arranged In An 8×8 Grid. Each Player Begins With 16 Pieces: One King, One Queen, Two Rooks, Two Knights, Two Bishops, And Eight Pawns. The Objective Is To Checkmate The Opponent's King By Placing It Under An Inescapable Threat Of Capture.

Chess Features:
- 10 Play Levels (Learn On Casual And Progress To Pro)
- Helpful Tips And Highlights
- Undo Function
- Detailed Performance Stats And Ratings
- 2D View, 3D View And Automatic View
- 6 Gorgeous Themes For Boards, Pieces, And Backgrounds
- 2 Player Mode. Play Against Your Friends!
- Realistic 3D Graphics And Exciting Sound Effects
- Small Size
- Automatic Save When You Get A Phone Call Or Exit The Application
( 4.27 )
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Dominos Game Is One Of The Most Played Board Games In The World. We Worked Hard To Offer You A Free And Exceptional Game Experience. Enjoy The Clean, Easy To Use Interface, The Fast And Smooth Game Animations, And The Self Adjustable Intelligence Or Your Opponent. You Can Choose Between The Three Most Played Game Versions: All Fives, Draw Dominos And Block Dominos. This Board Game Is Also Called Muggins, Dominoes, Domino And The Tiles Are Sometimes Referred To As Bones.

To Succeed You Need Logical Reasoning And Luck. Practice Certainly Will Take You Far!

The Game Consists Of 28 Dominoes. Each Domino Is A Rectangle Divided Into Two Square Ends. Each End Has A Number Of Pips (or Spots) Ranging From 0 To 6.

The Goal Is Basically To Achieve A Certain Score. You Must Match The Same Number Of Pips On One End Of A Tile To Another Equivalent Number Of A Tile Available On The End Of A Branch On The Board. You Have To Get Rid Of All The Tiles You Hold Before Your Opponent.

Play Dominos And Have Fun Now.
( 4.49 )
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Join Millions Of Fanatical Yatzy Players. Get The Best Dice Game Ever: Yazy! It Is Simple, Fast To Learn And Offers You Guaranteed Fun!

Yatzy Is Composed Of 13 Rounds. There Are Five Dice That Can Be Rolled Up To Three Times In Each Round. At Any Moment You Can Choose One Of The 13 Category Boxes To Score The Result You Achieved. Many Of The Sets Are Poker Like, Such As 3 Of A Kind, 4 Of A Kind, Straights, Etc. Some Call It Dice Poker Game.

You Have To Score Once And Only Once In Each Category Box. You Must Think, Judge And Develop Your Skills To Progress And Improve Your Gaming Abilities. As The Game Unfolds Your Category Boxes Start To Run Out. The Objective Is To Achieve The Highest Score From These 13 Rounds.


- The Best Tutorial For The New Players
- Best, Easiest Interface You Will Find Anywhere
- 4 Playing Options *
- Customizable Dice Colors

* This Amazing Yatzy Dice Game Has 4 Playing Options:

- One Solo Game: One Column Game
- Triples Game: Longer Three Columns Game
- Play Versus Opponent: Play Against The Robot
- Local Pass And Play: Play A Friend Using The Same Device

This Is The Coolest Yatzy Dice Game Ever. Try It Now And Let Us Know What You Think! We Are Always Improving. It Is A Fantastic Family Dice Game.
( 4.65 )
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New Version Of The Multi-awarded Board Game. Now In 3D. Includes Improved AI, 3D Landscape, New Exclusive Features.

*** Carcassonne Fits That Opening Game Niche That Every Game Group Needs. -Tyler Nichols, Board Game Quest
*** Carcassonne = Great Game, Great Mechanics, Great Pieces, Great Fun! -The Board Game Family
*** Carcassonne's Recent Android Re-release And Its Fresh, New Features Are A Joy To Experience, Whether You're Playing Against Strangers Online Or Testing Friendships With Existing Pals - Pocket Gamer

Discover Or Re-discover Carcassonne, The Multi-awarded Tile-based Game In Which Players Draw And Place Their Tiles To Build A Medieval City. Place Your Cities, Roads, Abbeys Or Fields To Enlarge Your Landscape, Then Place Your Followers, The Meeples. Knights, Robbers Or Farmers... Each Meeple Will Help You Control Your Territory And Win Points.
But Be Careful, You Will Need All Your Best Strategy And Tactics To Maximum Your Points! Place Your Tiles And Your Meeples Wisely To Stop Your Opponents And Win The Game.

Thanks To The Mini Expansions ""The River"" And ""The Abbot"", You Can Embellish Your Landscape And Vary Your Game To Enjoy New Ways To Play! Double Or Even Triple Your Points Thanks To The New Buildings In The Inns & Cathedrals Expansion! And With The Traders & Builders Expansion, Score More Points With The Trading Commodities And Build Faster With The Builders! Discover The City Of Carcassonne Covered With A Blanket Of White Snow In The Winter Edition... And Look Out For The Gingerbread Man And The Bonus Points He'll Give You! Beware Of The Dragon In ""the Princess And The Dragon"" Expansion! He Could Eat Your Meeples If You're Not Cautious. And Be Kind With The Princess: She Might Prefer You To Other Meeples And Toss Them Out Of The Cities!

• Accessible and Tactical Gameplay Adapted From The Award-winning Carcassonne Board Game    
• Six Expansions:
- The River, The Inns & Cathedrals, The Traders & Builders And The Winter Edition Expansions As Well As The Princess And The Dragon Expansion Are All Available To Purchase From The Shop,
- And You Can Unlock The Abbot For Free Using Your Asmodee Account.
• Up To 6 Players! Play Against The Computer In Solo Mode, Face Off Your Friends In Pass And Play Or Challenge Players From Around The World In Online Mode
• There Is No More 3 But 4 Different Behaviors You Can Chose Before Starting A Game With AIs. They All Propose A Better Challenge Than The Previous Ones. Players Who Want To Experiment A True Challenge Will Play Against The Conqueror AI Who Is The Strongest AI Of The Game.
• Try Out The Aerial Top View To Refine Your Strategy!
• Additional Strategic Layers Compared To The Physical Version:
- Field View Which Allows You To See The Field Possession Of Each Player
- Remaining Tile List: Allows You To See The Tiles Which Are Remaining In The Draw Pile

Languages Available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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Do You Like Building Games? Crafting And Building Is A New Free Building Game. Download Now The FREE Game Of 2020!

Start Building And Show The World Your Best Game And Constructions. Crafting And Building Is A Free Game For The Whole Family: From Kids, Boys And Girls, To Adults.

The Gameplay:
Learn How To Build Your House In A Castle Or In A Mine.
Decorate Your House With Your Mates ' Furniture And Your Own Eyes. Learn More And More, And You Will Never Be Able To Build Massive Castles And Temples!

Tired Of Human Beings, Huh? Play With Your Dogs, Please! Take A Dog Or A Mouse, Take A Horse! Unlike In Other Titles, There Are No Monsters Involved In Designing And Constructing.

Play With Your Friends:
Start Exploring! You Can Visit The World That Was Built By Your Friends! Who's Got The Biggest Structure? Check If They Finished Their New Castle And Give Them A Hand, They'll Pay You Back Later! Multiplayer Is Really A Lot Of Fun!

Many Block Types:
There Are Many Square Sorts Extending From Grass Square To Precious Stone And Even Sanctuary Stone. You Have Numerous Choices With Regards To Building Your Realm.

Crafting And Building Is An Innovative Free Building Game Where You Can Play With Pets, Start An Incredible Construction And Play Multiplayer Games.


* - Perfect Game For The Whole Family: Boys And Girls Will Love It.
* - Cool Game: Search For A Hidden Cave With Your Friends, Multiplayer Mode Is Cool!
* - Build Anything: House With A Room And A Kitchen? A Castle?
* - One Of The Best Simulation Games: Begin Constructing Your House And Meet Your Neighbors.
* - Choose Your Character: Boy Or Girl? Custom Skin ?
* - Multiplayer Games: You Can Play Online And Help Your Friend To Build Their House!
* - Fun Game: Play With Villagers And Animals It Is So Fun!
* - Cool Graphics: Enjoy The Best Pixel Graphics With High Fps.
* - Free Game: Play The Game For Free!
* - Building Game: Build Your Own Constructions. Who Will Have The Best Building?
( 4.35 )
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