Race Arena - Fall Cars

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Apr 19, 2021
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Race off, enter the arena and start drifting!

Race Arena is a 3D physics-based PvP drifting game where you and your racing rivals compete for space on the platform.

How's that? Every car leaves a trace behind that makes platform tiles disappear. One wrong turn and you're out of the racing game!

Control your ride and drift by moving a finger across the screen. Knock your racing rivals out of the arena to be the last one standing.

Be careful and do not fall! Your racing opponents are the tricky smashers trying to kick you off the io arena. Ride fast and be first to attack!

How to jump a racing car? Easy! Tap on the screen to make your car jump and fly over other players or holes in the hex arena.

Don't let the difficulties scare you – have fun, race with your enemies and become the coolest rider in the arena!

Drifting and aggressive driving are the only ways to win this car racing. Don’t hesitate to hit the gas and smash other players. Noone can catch you ridin' dirty!

Race Arena isn’t another car parking game, traffic puzzle or taxi simulator, but an exciting racing car game full of racing rivals and fun competition.

What are you waiting for? Join now and show your opponents who is the drift champion here!

Drift for the sake of speed and survival! Come on and put your foot down to become a real racing king!


Shift The Gear At The Right Time And Beat Your Rivals In Gear Race 3D! Start Shifting Right Now To Become The Gear Race 3D World Champion!

◉ Speed Up Your Car Faster Than Other Racers To Win.
◉ Upgrade Your Car Speed And Gearbox Level To Beat Better Racers Each Level.
◉ Shift The Gearbox Right Time Otherwise Your Car Engine Will Be Overheated And Explode! Upgrade Your Engine Cooler To Prevent Explosion.
◉ Challenge Boss Opponents Every 5 Levels. Remember, You Will Get Their Keys If You Win!
◉ Join Live Tournaments And Win Exclusive Cars & Earn Money.
◉ Pass The Finish Line As Fast As Possible So You Can Earn Extra Amount Of Money.

◉ Tap-only One Finger Shifting Control.
◉ Easy Yet Challenging Car Race 3d Gameplay.
◉ Attractive Graphics & Addictive Car Race 3d Gameplay
◉ No Wifi Connection Required. You Can Start Shifting Offline Anywhere Anytime.
◉ No Unnecessary Sounds And Other Weird Visual Car Race 3d Effects

Upgrade Your Car To Speed Up Faster And Gear Up At The Right Time! Progress More To Stock Up Your Garage With Most Popular Cars.

Start Your Racing Games Journey With Over 200 Levels To Play! Become A Legend Racer And Rule The Streets !

Use Nitro To Boost Your Speed If You Are Having Trouble To Beat Your Opponent! You Can Also Use Nitro & Turbo In The Beginning Of The Race In Order To Take Early Advantage Against The Other Racers.

Gear Race 3D , Published By Rollic Games , Is Exclusive For Manual Gearbox Fans And For Those Who Describe Themselves As A Pro Gear Shifter & Racer In Car Racing Games ! Challenge All Pro Car Racing Opponents Around The World, Join Tournaments With Fancy Cars.

Rollic , As A Publisher Of Biggest Titles Worldwide, Offers Unique Gameplay With Gear Race 3D. If You Are Tired With Other Boring Racing Games & Car Games , Try Gear Race ! Start Racing Now!
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Race Around The Track
Craft Your Financial Strategy To Get Out Of The Rat Race Using Real Estate, Business, The Stock Market And Master CASHFLOW – The Investing Game!
Based On The Original Board Game By Robert Kiyosaki, Hone Your Financial Strategy And Claw Your Way Out Of The Rat Race To Build Your CASHFLOW Empire And Claim Dominion Over The Realm (realm Being Your Living Room)!
Begin CASHFLOW In The Rat Race Working In A Variety Of Professions While You Implement Your Investment Strategy To Become The Next Business Or Real Estate Mogul. Avoid The Pitfalls Of Bad Deals, Friends Asking For Handouts, Lawsuits, And Getting Laid Off From Your Job. Fine-tune Your Investment Strategies Now. Your Ability To Impress The World With Your Financial Prowess Will Be Coming Soon.

- The Game Is Available Only In English.
- For A Comfortable Game, We Recommend Using A Tablet Or Device With A Screen Diagonal Of More Than 6 Inches.
( 3.91 )
Race Around The Track
Get In Gear And Take On The World’s Best, Most Fearless Street Auto Racer Pros To Become The Next Asphalt Legend—from The Creators Of Asphalt 8: Airborne. You’re Free To Pick The Dream Car You Need And Race Across Spectacular Locations Against Rival Speed Machines Around The World.
Asphalt 9: Legends Features A Top Roster Of Real Hypercars For You To Drive That Is Unlike What's Found In Any Other Game, From Renowned Legendary Car Manufacturers Like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini And W Motors, Among Many Other Brands. Hit The Fast Track And Leave Your Limits In The Dust To Become A Legend Of The Track!



Immerse Yourself In One Of The Most Hyper-realistic Arcade Car Racing Games, With Meticulously Detailed Rebel Racing Real Cars, Cool HDR Techniques, And Stunning Visual And Particle Effects That Turn Every Race Into A Real Blockbuster Race Movie. Get The Most Of This Car Street Racer Game With The Online Multiplayer Mode.



Collect Over 60 Of The World’s Best Speed Motor Machines. Each Cool Vehicle Has Been Carefully Selected Based On Its Aesthetics And The Top Driving Performance You Need In The Most Desirable Line-up Of Any Asphalt Games To Date.


Use The New Car Editor To Define The Exact Color And Material Of Your Car. All The High A-brands You Can Imagine Are Customizable! Pick The Color Of The Rims And More To Make Your Wheels Look Their Best On The Track. A Great Experience With One Of The Top Car Games To Play!


Charge Your Nitro To Unleash The Ultimate Nitro Pulse For The Ultimate Boost Of Speed You Need To Make Your Motor Break The Sound Barrier!
Drive Fiercely Like A Rebel With Your Porsche, W Motors Or Any Other Legendary Car Brand. Double-tap The Brake To Do A 360° At Any Time Of The Race To Take Down Your Multiplayer Or AI Opponents In Style And Watch The Burnout Behind You!


Start Your Street Journey In Career Mode By Completing Over 60 Seasons And 800 Events. Become A Real Asphalt Racer Legend By Racing Against Up To 7 Rival Players From All Over The World In The Online Multiplayer Mode.


Master The Innovative TouchDrive™, A New Driving Control Scheme That Streamlines Car Steering To Free Your Mind To Focus On The Arcade Fun And Fast Speed. The Streets Of Many Cities All Over The World Are Open To You In This Real Racing Game!



For The First Time In Any Of The Asphalt Games, You Can Create Your Own Online Community Of Like-minded Racer Friends With The Club Feature. Collaborate With Your Fellow Speed Freaks And Motor Heads To Race Your Best And Unlock The Best Milestone Rewards As You Drive Up The Ranks Of The Multiplayer Club Leaderboard.

The Perfect Game For Fans Of Free Arcade Racing Games, Who Love To Experience Games Of Driving Fast, Rebel Drift Racing, While Weaving Through The Traffic Of Foreign Cities, Nitro-charged Real Racing Cars, And Power Motor Competition With High-end Car Brands!

The Game Is Now Optimized For The ASUS ROG Phone 3 And ROG TwinView Dock 3. Discover A Brand-new Asphalt 9 Experience!
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Race Around The Track
Now You Can Get Entertained For Hours By Playing This Car Driving Academy. In This Car Simulator Game You Can Master Your Driving Skills And Parking Skills. You Will Drive Multiple Luxury, Turbo And Sports Cars To Get Your Driver’s Licence. Driving School Simulator Will Help You Learn Car Steering, Braking, Traffic Signals And Signs.

You Can Pick Between Multiple Car Steering Options, Manual Transmission Or Auto Transmission, Left Or Right Controls Layout. You Can Mod Your Vehicle, Change Its Colour, Wheels And Add Custom Registration Plates. Pick And Tune Cars To Your Liking.

This Driving Simulator Offers You Several Game Modes.

Start The Engine, Wear The Seat Belt And Go To The Road. Watch Out For Traffic Signals, Traffic Lanes And Rules. Follow Instructions, Learn And Become A Professional Driver. In The Rush Hour, Roads Will Be Populated With Other Vehicles, Buses, Trucks, And People Walking, So Be Careful And Watch Out For The Police. When You Reach The Finish Of Each Level, There Will Be A Marked Parking Slot. Use Your Steering Skills And Complete The Parking Simulator Game Part. It Is Even Greater Challenge Than The Driving Itself.

Join The Competition Online In A Multiplayer Mode. Play The Driving Simulator Game Against Players From All Over The World, Reach The Finish Before They Do And Park The Car. You Select Maps You Want To Compete In.

Start A Car Simulator Game On The Foot. Enter The Car And Go. You Can Free Roam And Drive The Best Sports Cars Around The City Or Country. Watch The Fuel Level Gauge And Refill Car If Needed At Gas Stations. Find Hidden Coins, Enter The Buildings At Several Locations In This Real Life Simulation. You Vehicle Will Simulate Damage If You Crash. Watch Out For Pedestrians And Drive Safely.

Driving School Features:
• Amazing 3D City Environment With AI Traffic Cars And AI Pedestrians,
• Exciting Missions,
• Great Realistic Physics,
• Car Customizations, Mods And Tuning,
• 4 Detailed Open World Maps With More Than 80 Levels,
• Free Roam Drive,
• Exit Out Of The Car And Move Around On Foot. If You Run Out Of The Gas, You Can Go On Foot To The Nearest Gas Station To Refill Your Gas Can
• Realistic Driving Mechanics, Physics And Damage System,
• Different Camera Views
• Multiplayer Driving Challenge Mode

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Race Around The Track
Welcome To Crash Of Stunt Cars On Crashy Roads On Zigzag Air Tracks Offline Car Games 2021. Play And Enjoy Mega Ramps Vertical Jumps On Unique Spiral Ramps With Mega Cars And Cluster Trucks. Just Like Sports Car Ultimate Stunt Racer Select Your Favorite Classic Sports Car And Perform Longest Jump On Mega Ramps Impossible Jumping In This Offline Car Jumping Blitz. Accept Crazy Car Hurdles And Curves Obstacles Challenge Here And Complete It Before Smashing It With Supercars In Air Sky Parking In This Risky Dangerous Stunts. In The Way You Would Have To Jump Over Impossible Hurdles And Curves And Avoid An Ultimate Clash Of Stunt Cars In Zigzag Crazy Car Stunts. As A Beginner Driver Learn Smart Driving Skills And You Don’t Need To Worry About Nitro Hot Car Endless Sky Tracks Drive As In Start Car Flip Stunt Game. Also In Advance Levels Of Stunning Car Stunts Ultimate Racer Game You Would Need To Apply To Learn Smart Driving Skills To Complete The Challenging And Thrilling Impossible Reverse Track Reverse Car Stunts Challenges.

It's Time To Show Your Professional Car Driving Skills On Mega Challenging And Thrilling Tracks. Drive Your GT Cars On Ultimate Endless Sky Stunts And Complete All The Scary Hustling Stunts Zigzag Air Tracks. This Tricky Curvy Road Paths Looks Crazy And Impossible When You Speed Your GT Racing Cars On Mega Ramp Asphalt Roads. Speed Your Super Cars And Win This Mega Ramp Race. Join The Ultimate Mega Ramp GT Car Race Over The Sky High In This New Car Racing Games. Drive Super Cars On Mega Ramps And Perform Impossible Car Stunts. In This You Have To Drive Different Type Of GT Racing Cars. Choose Your Best Stunt Car And Start Extreme Car Stunt Missions. Go And Complete Extreme GT Racing Car Stunts. In Vertical Mega Ramps And Boost Your Car With High Speed. Show Off Your Epic And Thrilling GT Racing Stunts, And Perform Risky Air Sky-high Stunts On The Impossible Tracks To Get More Points In This Less MB Size Traffic Stunt Driving Games.

Different Type Of Modes And Multiple Challenging Levels, High Speed Super Amazing Cars, Asphalt Curvy Roads Traffic Stunt Driver, Unique Spiral Ramp And Much More In This Extreme Racing Mega Ramp Game. Fasten Your Seat Belt, Get Into Your Mega Ramp Stunt GT Racing And Start The Extreme Car Impossible Tricky Endless Sky Stunts In This Driving Simulator. Drive Your Own Sports, Racing, Classic And Speedy Cars In All Modes And Become The Master Hero Driver Of Mega Ramp Extreme Stunts. Drive GT Cars On Full Speed And Take High Jump And Perform Vertical Ramp Stunts. Jump Into Ramp Games And Be Prepared Yourself For The Furthermost Dangerous Tracks Of Ramp Car Games. Car Racing Mega Ramp: Ultimate Race 2021 Amazing Fast Speed GT Ramp Stunts Game. Enjoy The Realistic Ramp Car Controls To Ensure The Real Experience Of Mega Ramp Games. Car Racing Mega Ramp: Ultimate Race 2021 Is A Car Stunt Simulator Game That Takes Physics To An Extreme Level: Crashes, Jumps, Drifts And Lots Of Other Fun Racing Car Tricks.

Dare Yourself To Face The Extreme Mega Ramp Hurdles

Car Racing Mega Ramp: Ultimate Race 2021 Top Features:

Impossible Parkour-like Stunt
Car Racing Mega Ramp
Ultimate Races
Different Type Of Challenging Mode
GT Racing Super Cars
Realistic Driving Controls
Challenging Tracks And Game Mode
Real Racing Tracks For Fast Car
High-Quality Graphics Of Top Speed Car Games
Multiple Sports Cars In This Impossible Track’s Car Racing Games
( 5 )
Race Around The Track